10.2.6 Pirate Encryption CHANGE! Updated DPS Rankings & MORE World of Warcraft NEWS

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  1. To me, Druid actually seemed like one of the only classes that actually lost power this expansion. The survival of the dps specs is straight trash for pushing keys. The mana of restoration is crap and they can't balance guardian at all, its either all or nothing!

  2. Prolly should have included you have to have a 1000 M+ score to buy the 300 flightstone 441 gear

  3. i don't understand the benefit of cross-realm restrictions to mythic raiding. can someone please steelman the argument in favor of cross-realm restrictions?

  4. why am i still hoping for an Alliec Race before TWW?
    because those Dwarves are so lame!
    Maybe its finally time for Ho-Zen and Jinyu Pirate Warfare

  5. Had to show this to my stream. Looking sexy my guy. muah. lol

  6. When you mean shamans got love in DF, you mean enhancement right. Because Elemental and Resto is down badddd. Only thing ele can do atm is spread cleave. Squishy, can't bring utility without sacrificing dps and Ankh is the worst cheat death in the game.

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