10 Anti-Piracy Measures In Video Games That Were Total Genius

Oh, you pirated our game? Now all the sex scenes contain grandmas.

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  1. please include the one from Stormworks: Build and Rescue in the next video, its pretty funny

  2. To this day we still don't know the square root of a fish.

    Now I'm sad.

  3. i did that the download Geometry dash nothing happend

  4. if i could make an anti pirate screen, the title screen would be replaced with black and the main character would walk into frame and say
    "I see you got this game illegally, which is illegal"
    "im terribly sorry… NOT, but i cant let you play."
    "Now please turn off the system and report this illegal game"

  5. I always liked when developers change the language. Sure, it might not work on bilingual people, but it’s amazing to see if you don’t know more then one language.
    Extra points if you had human voice acting, with dubs included.

  6. if I ever made a game, the anti-piracy feature would have the main character being hung over a pool of blood with dark red text saying "[main character here] is dead because of YOU."
    They also wouldn't be able to save, dying or beating the game would put them in this screen

  7. totally average account with no subscribers says:

    The lobster one shows that crime indeed has

    (unoriginal joke but who gives a sh)

  8. I’m not totally sure but I don’t even think you can play Red Alert 2 anymore.

    Because the legit way would be I think to play it would be you’d have to buy the legit CD-ROM version of the game.

    The issue there is that for the life of me I don’t think allot of people even have CD-ROM drives anymore.

  9. Imagine, If You own a Pirated Copy of The Bromance Game, you’ll end up with a Ugly Fatty who date Someone Manly.

  10. The only reason I pirated game is because I'm 13 and had no job also my parents don't want me to play game

  11. If I ever had the programming skill to make a game, I'd just have every pirated copy experience an error as soon as you loaded the game. It would read: "Sorry, an error has occurred. If this error continues, call [number]."

    I would then have that number just play that audio track "stop right there criminal scum!" over and over and over again, getting more distorted each time, with creepy music playing in the background.

    As a bonus, it would also work against scammers

  12. Also in Spiro ai is raised you get sent random places

  13. If I made a game and it was pirated you would
    First be teleported to the final boss
    Second you couldn't move at all
    Third idk you just keep dying

  14. From the days of the Apple II+ where i learned to code. First, change the location of the directory track. Second, put deliberately flawed sectors on the disk. No flaws = cracked version. Third. Checksums of the code. of the checksum doesn't match the original, cracked version. Fourth. Specific timing between tracks (we are talking floppy disk here) For example, wait for a sector to appear under the read head on a certain track. Move the read head to another track and wait for another specific sector timing the event. If the timing does not match the original value, cracked copy. Fifth. Self modifying code. If you took a memory snapshot at one point in time, the code would be different than at another point in time. The code would modify itself. Sixth. Modifying the disk operating system. Games often came with their own custom loaders. This changed the parameters of the original disk operating system right down to the format of the sector headers, header sizes and encoding systems. Made the disk unreadable in the regular DOS. There was a magical program called Locksmith that was the go to tool of the pirates of the day. It could copy pretty much everything once you figured out the parameters.

  15. I am just impressed of how the game can detect such a thing. I still don't know how that can be done. The way it handles piracy is just a matter of creativity.

  16. 5:43 "Chicken rounds do no damage"
    I tore down a fucking Anime Cartel Omega base with a F U C K I N G ROOSTER MINIGUN!

  17. So what about gaming companies stealing money off paying customers??…

  18. As a developer my opinion of pirates is that I don't really care. A pirate gains a copy without paying but, you haven't lost a sale since they were never likely to spend money in the first place. Eg technically you haven't lost anything if there was nothing to gain from such users in the first place. If anything, your product gets a following and more exposure.

  19. I had a legit copy of crisis that had the chicken bullets, contacted the devs, they laugh at me, I threaten to sue… patch released

  20. man EA is cruel they love money and if you dont pay for the game you get a punishment

  21. 0:21 then you are in the very LEGAL video game industy matey.

  22. Why does my little pony porn even exist in the first place?

  23. my favorite was operation flashpoint’s “fade” system. once it kicked in the gameplay quality degraded until your character couldn’t shoot straight, walk straight, or respond to commands in a timely manner. same people that developed ARMA.

  24. If you play cracked version of Stormworks: Build and rescue, FLYING SHARKS will destroy your vehicle and eat you.

  25. Im not gonna lie i wanna try the chicken gun thing just as a chalenge i own the game though

  26. The error message in Skull Girls should have said, "What be the square root of a fish? Now I be sad."

  27. Mlp um so my comment doesn't get deleted i am going to say adult stuff i searched it up and oh my god let me say that it is not intended for kids or anyone around you at all don't play banned from equestria with friends around

  28. Imagine care about piracy when games are full with cheaters and legit players quit. Only care about money. It is what it is.

  29. i dont get one thing, how do they now its a pirated game?
    unless you launch it from an app or their site, like from steam or something, how would a game know its pirated?

  30. Without the original Half-Life, this list is wrong.

  31. Can someone explain to me how a game knows when it's pirated?

  32. I know I’m a little late to the party. But you should take a look at the Settlers 3. it’s a strategy game from Germany and if you pirated the game and you tried to produce iron for swords and so on all you got were pigs. Nice little meta gag and very funny to watch. And until today my favourite anti piracy method.

  33. With borderlands 2 when you tried to use mods it sometimes screw up your game and crash it

  34. As a completely shameless pirate, AP patching is a thing. It (as far as I know?) Basically deletes the antipiracy measures code from your rom.

  35. Honestly, i love piracy. Because if I don't have money i still can play the game's pirated/cracked version. Because we can still play the game! We can appreciate the work and maybe in the near future actually buy it for the memories or to just play.

  36. So nice to hear Jules speaking before he over the top trying to be overly funny

  37. Don't know why all games put something like this in

  38. One antipiracy measure I've experienced is also my favorite troll. In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 you can play normally through the game until Eggman's part of the final level where the floor you start at has no collision and you fall through.

  39. People defending pirating like it’s some noble thing. It isn’t. Literally 99% of those who would pirate the game. Never had any intention of buying it in the first place. And the make a better game stuff is crap too. As if you pirates it you obviously wanted to play it. How about just don’t be a piece of crap and pay for it if you want to play it.

  40. Sometimes anti-piracy measures are just comically ineffective… I remember with GTA:Vice City on the PC, if you had a pirated version it worked fine, but the weather was always cloudy or stormy… I mean yeah, it robs you of the whole, Sun-and-fun Miami Beach vibe, but really? Most people wouldn't even notice lol

  41. Metal Gear Solid had the genius idea for anti piracy by forcing players to use the CD case to find Meryl's codec if you didn't have the CD case you were fucked

  42. If i ever make a free game i will add a anti piracy measure where the tutorial is confused as how the hell you managed to pirate a free game

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