10 BEST PIRATE games coming out in 2022 and 2023

Here are 10 best upcoming pirate games for 2022 and 2023. Luckily, pirates are as popular as ever. That is why many developers are taking advantage of this fact and releasing new titles soon.

The variety of genres these pirate games cover is diverse. From classic point-and-click adventures to city-builders, open-world and isometric RPGs.

Avast ye! Raise your cutlass and prepare for hefty booty ahead!

▶️ ─── Chapters ─── ◀️
0:00 Intro
0:48 SugarWinds
1:40 Salt 2: Shores of Gold
2:39 Rise of Piracy
3:35 Cursed Crew
4:30 Corsair’s Legacy
5:39 Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean
6:31 Pirate Simulator
7:18 Return to Monkey Island
8:20 Pirate Commander
9:26 Skull and Bones
11:06 Outro

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Salt 2: Shores of Gold

Rise of Piracy

Cursed Crew

Corsair’s Legacy

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean

Pirate Simulator

Return to Monkey Island

Pirate Commander

Skull and Bones

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  1. How the creator of Skull and bones could ever in their right mind think not adding hand to hand combat was a good idea is beyond me, this could of been the greatest pirate game of all time, instead i MAY check it out when it’s free or less than £5, shocking

  2. Unlike most of people i am quite waiting Skull and Bones yes its not the single player game what me and most people are waiting but but like sea of thieves pirate multiplayer game can work if done correctly so i am interested how it will turn out like.

  3. this video has so many good games, except #1. skull and bones looks like trash.

  4. Isn't skull and bones like assassins creed 4 black flag but better graphics? Quick edit lads I just realized ubisoft is making skull and bones so it's actually just ac4 black flag just better graphics and hidden blades and stuff

  5. Turns out that Skull and Bones isn't a Black Flag stand alone type game and more of a mobile game loot box fuckfest.

  6. If 9nly skull and bones was not ubisoft. Hate dealing with that company

  7. ewwww cannonballs making fireballs. And fire plumes coming out of black powder cannons ewwwwww

  8. why couldnt they just make skull and bones realistic. They doing to much

  9. We need an updated Sid Meier's Pirates!

  10. No pirate naval game will beat (assassins creed IV: black flag) it is the best game in stealth,naval ,missions,story and overall everything,my first ever assassins creed game I played was assassins creed IV:black flag,and it was the best start for my journey ,now I have 6 years worth of experience in the Xbox 360 because of assassins creed,call of duty,football(soccer),Lego games and marvel games,so in my opinion no game can out do assassins creed IV: black flag ,I am a huge assassins creed fan and I am proud of it ,tell me if I am wrong

  11. Honestly Sea of Thieves is the only proper pirate game with enough freedom, good graphics and a lot of stuff to do… It makes me sad to see that there are almost none pirate/sailing games and Wild West games except for Sea of Thieves/Black flag and Red Dead Redemption 2. RDR2 is pure gold, but even that can be boring after some time.

  12. Skull & Bones will be a bigger flop than cyberpunk.

  13. My kid is most looking forward to play ´skull and bones´ ⛵️

  14. Skull and Bones is a flat out joke.
    Corsair's legacy has enormous potential, a successor to the age of pirates / sea dogs series. Sadly, the amount of news dropped to a complete stop several months after the war in eastern Europe began.

    First time hearing about Pirate simulator, it has very interesting features.
    The rest is utter garbage, I don't understand why pirate RPG games aren't much more popular.

  15. We all had high expectations for Skull & Bones but these days is nothing but disappointments. I wasn’t expecting it to come out this year and was so eager to pre Order it without hesitation but after learning from my mistakes from the past, thank God YouTube is a thing. It’d be a Miracle to find a proper game in this generation.

  16. Can't wait for Return to Monkey Island to be released!

  17. Haha you put Skull & Bones at number 1.
    All of these games look more fun and immersive than Skull & Bones!
    Thanks for the list I didn't know about most of these 👍

  18. How do you call games that haven't been released 'the best'? Words truly have zero meaning any more and critical thinking is all but gone.

  19. Rise of Piracy sounds ok if they can pull it off…the rest …yeah, not so much. A lot of these are DOA, including Skull & Bones. Ubisoft = death sentence.

  20. non of them is the best we have not played any of them yet

  21. for such a small channel at least have enough respect for your audience not to use a text-to-speech engine







  23. Black flag is the only proper Pirate game it has everything

  24. And I thought the wild west games were laughable…………………..

  25. Tempest is better than all of these and that's only an average game IMO.

  26. Not Skull & Bones. A game with no actual land or ship boarding combat… Joke.

  27. Corsair Legacy is on Steam right now , you can check the history of the game , is made by the community who wants to play pirates game and is the continue story from the legacy of Corsair games , Age of Pirates 1/2 Abandon Ships .

  28. Shores of gold seems like a great survival game, too bad it does not have multiplayer

  29. On skull and bones release, more people will be playing black flag than skull and bones. Mark my words.

  30. i don't know why but somehow only the russian pirate games are really good

  31. well guess im playing sid meiers for another 20 years until an actual pirate game thats not garbage comes out

  32. yet another scam paid for by skull and bones. Anybody that picks a game thats been delayed for 5 years is not credible

  33. Im surprised that assassin creed 4 (also known as the BEST pirate game) is not included in the top 10 best pirate games🤨

  34. Buccaneers! is also a good pirate game on steam. Low poly, but it allows you to play as Pirates, British, French, or Spanish factions. The devs could fix some things but they're still rolling out patch and with it being only $17 it has great potential for supporters to buy and cheer the devs on to continue adding to the game.

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