10 BEST PIRATE games coming out in 2022 and 2023

Here are 10 best upcoming pirate games for 2022 and 2023. Luckily, pirates are as popular as ever. That is why many developers are taking advantage of this fact and releasing new titles soon.

The variety of genres these pirate games cover is diverse. From classic point-and-click adventures to city-builders, open-world and isometric RPGs.

Avast ye! Raise your cutlass and prepare for hefty booty ahead!

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0:00 Intro
0:48 SugarWinds
1:40 Salt 2: Shores of Gold
2:39 Rise of Piracy
3:35 Cursed Crew
4:30 Corsair’s Legacy
5:39 Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean
6:31 Pirate Simulator
7:18 Return to Monkey Island
8:20 Pirate Commander
9:26 Skull and Bones
11:06 Outro

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Salt 2: Shores of Gold

Rise of Piracy

Cursed Crew

Corsair’s Legacy

Frigato: Shadows of the Caribbean

Pirate Simulator

Return to Monkey Island

Pirate Commander

Skull and Bones

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  1. Assassins Creed Black Flag is the best pirate game for me. Why don't they just make a pirate game like that? Just it will have nothing to do with assassins creed, you'll be able to use any ship you can or like and have characters and stories based mainly in the golden age of piracy. I REALLY wanna see something like that.

  2. When someone will make a briliant pirate game with UE5 , like The Pirates of The Caribbean ( Sea Dogs II ) from 2003 ?
    AC Black Flag is in second place . And the new Skull and Bones will be with amazing graphics ,but sadly only for multiplayer .

  3. good information you have any up dates on the games you showed.

  4. Pirate Simulator is a fantasy project, was announced 2 years ago in Steam, and nothing has happened since

  5. Eh screw skull and bones iv seen that get delayed soo many times and i just know its gonna flop cus its a typical ubisoft game. face it the only decent pirate game is sea of thives and even then i hate how toxic the community can be espeicly the pvp try hards.

  6. So nobody able to make a nice decent game… Ffff

  7. If skull and bones wants to have ship battles like AC4 black flag then it will be extremely arcady. Load them cannons in 2 seconds, ready for another round. Lol, pathetic as I suspect it will be. Going to look good but made for 4 year old babies with no patience at all.

  8. Out of all these games, Skull and Bones looks like the least fun to play, like after 5 minutes what else is there to do that blow up ships and forts from the sea, I can do that in Black Flag plus about 50 other things.

  9. Corsairs legacy looks the best of all the games, hope it will be as fun as Sea Dogs franchise used to be.

  10. Arrr, ye be needin to add a new one ter ye list o Pirate games me matey! Ok, thats done. HaShadow Gambit: The Cursed CrewA new stealth tactics game from the makers of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun was revealed and it has a lengthy gameplay trailer as well. While not the Assassin's Creed 4 style of pirate game I truly long for, it just oozes style. Amazing art direction!Plus, Shadow Tactics is a great game & this new one looks to be an even better one.

  11. The only mmo set in this era, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    Very low-pop, but it's the only game aside from Sea of Thieves/Buccaneers! that really gets the ship-to ship combat perfectly. Combine that with 100s of ships varieties and upgrades, build customisation, and you have what should never have really died(kind of).

  12. 50 % + dislikes … probably becose you promote ORCS (russians) games

  13. All these games sucks the best one black flag that's why we ask for a new great pirate game like black flag and they gave us a 🚣‍♂️ called ☠ and 🦴.

  14. Only me getting bad feeling when I see 17th century ships with ram? From that picture I'm sure the game is about -go there, bring this, sunk every one on the way. It's not about piracy, it's about next grind shit.

  15. what about Tortuga A Pirate's Tale ? 🤔 can't be worse than some of the first titles

  16. All Skull and Bones needed to be was just AC4 Blackflag but minus the Assassins and Templars. But considering the horrendous development and the constant ignoring of what fans wanted(i.e.Old AC set in Japan), I have 0 interest in the game ever being able to succeed.

  17. Quite a lot of pirate games, and most aren't what I seek.Pirate simulator may the pirate game for me (finally).Everything else is just a strategy game, or some mmo, very light on content/depth.

  18. skull and bones are overrated, i wish sid meier's pirates remake with skull and bones grafik

  19. Indie companies that trying to lure customers via pre-rendered gameplay.The only decent game is corsair legacy.Skull n bones lord what a joke.

  20. the only actual decent looking game is skull and bones

  21. Guess I'll just be playing Black flag for the 500 time until someone releases a decent Pirate game

  22. TTS has come a long way, but this really does detract from the connection of the uploader with the audience.

  23. I have spent a long time waiting for this game. and after seeing the poor outcome of a long anticipated game, Well they have missed out on my plunder to buy it, why didn't they listen to the community. anyway they have sunk this came quicker than the Titanic.

  24. Thanks for video it will certainly help me choose what not to buy as I like the graphics in the assassins creed creed games most of these don’t come close even Skull and Bones isn’t looking the best it could be.If the old game by Sid Miers Pirates was updated with detailed graphics using proper maps of the Caribbean would beat this lot.We will have to see.


  26. The 2018 demo version of Skull & Bones would have made a pretty decent #1. Too bad that's not the version we are getting. 🙁

  27. Why does it seem like every pirate game is an rts, some kinda top-down game, or a survival? What people want is basically Assassin's Creed Black Flag without the assassin stuff. Actually, Ubisoft could probably just take ACIV and clone it into an exclusively pirate game. My personal dream pirate game would be Black Flag in so far as sinking ships, plundering, and building a crew. Don't see any issue with exploration features like the diving bell and messages in bottles either. Add some special crewmates you can enlist around the map, maybe they have joining conditions, want a favor or letting them join you is the favor. RPG stuff could be added where you crew levels up the more you do with them, but I wouldn't make success dependant on them either. Taking down whole ships alone as Edward was fun at times. Add huge sea monsters to fights. I saw one clip of an oh shit moment from a sailing game where a huge shadow shows up from below. Dunno if that was Sea of Thieves, but it looked interesting. Most importantly, availability to all platforms.

    I haven't personally been able to play Sea of Thieves cause it seems to be Microsoft exclusive, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Anyway, sorry for the wallrant. I just want a real pirate game.

  28. Very impressive, can't wait for the Skull and Bones release, and how ubisoft will scam us 😂 btw what's the game on 0:14 ..?

  29. Skull and bones is actually the most anticipated flop of 2022. I can't believe they've already shown how much they ignore their community feedback from the 2018 showcase. Almost 5 years extra to continue making an open world adventure that their fans have wanted since black flag and they ignore all crucial feedback elements that make us actually want to really play the game. It's like asking for someone to draw you a circle and they deliver a perfectly good triangle haha. Rockstar will hopefully one day make the best pirate game of our generation

  30. theres a sample of a game on steam now Fountain of Youth. it's a survival game , you're an explorer from Ponce de Leon. it's pretty fun so far.

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