10 BIG Games That Aren’t Like Any Other Game

Some AAA/mainstream games are incredibly unique and have no imitators. Here are some of our favorite unique games.
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0:00 Intro
0:39 Ghostwire:Tokyo
1:59 Undertale
3:21 Bully
4:32 The Hitman series
6:06 Splatoon Series
7:58 Sea of Thieves
9:19 Driver San Francisco
10:12 Brothers: A tale of two sons
11:04 Shadow of the Colossus
12:24 Death Stranding
13:44 BONUS


  1. Was playing Ghostwire and am almost done with the game, but TotK came out and the level of polish is like night and day. Ghostwire has a lot of cool ideas, but somehow it just doesn't quite work as smoothly as it could. Lots of potential and I hope it gets a sequel.

  2. I like how you described how unique human is like Metal Gear series is none existance 😂

  3. The most satisfying achievement in Hitman is SASO; Silent Assassin – Suit Only. The first time I got it, it took me two hours on that level. I've only ever gotten it in about five levels across 5 games.

  4. Look up Magicka, there's nothing remotely like it in terms of typing spells and combat system

  5. Katamari is the one true game. Everything else is just Kojima's nightmare.

  6. Shadow of the colossus was boring! I rode for hours found nothing! Nothing! Didn't need any swords or bow…. An interactive screensaver…. Just aweful

  7. Playing shadow of the colossus on PS2 over and over never gets old, there's also good hidden secrets.

  8. When it comes to Bully, I've always thought of it as a modern reimagining of Skool Daze. That was one weird game too. (And I mean, really, there were many really weird and unique games on the 8bit computers.)

  9. "not going to focus on indie games", "and number 9 is Undertale"

  10. I'm really tired of hearing people say this God of war isn't a reboot series it's more like a revival since it's technically a sequel to the past games

  11. 7:41 "The usually risk-averse Nintendo"…I really still cannot get it to this day when they have ever earned this reputation. I mean yeah, their 1st party stuff is always very kid friendly, but already in the day and age of the SNES, they allowed stuff like DOOM and Mortal Kombat II to happen on their console.

    Just because their own IP's are kid friendly doesn't mean they are risk-averse……in my opinion they even are one of the greatest innovators of the video game market, with the Nintendo DS, the Wii and the Switch being prime examples for that.

  12. Hitman 3 is my absolute favorite game of all time

  13. I watch these gaming videos even though I don't own a pc or a Playstation lol

  14. Fun fact: in shadow of the colossus you can get lots of other weapons. There’s still undiscovered secrets

  15. "we are not talking about indies" proceeds to talk about undertale, dude

  16. Love most of your list, especially your bonus choices. Other titles I would submit for this list's consideration: Abe's Oddysee (first teamspeak), Okami (stop-action art manipulation of the environment affecting gameplay), Burnout (scored crash creation taken to an artform).

  17. Yesssss Someone else who loves Driver San Francisco!

  18. hmm what about Lifeline for PS2? I was having blast once using my microphone to command my squad offline in SOCOM: US Navy Seals…but Lifeline is a game I would say is a "2nd person game" you play as someone stuck in a security room on a space station and you have to guide a girl to safety using just the microphone and your "security cameras"

  19. “We’re not going to talk about Indie games”

    Uses undertale, the biggest indie game of the time.

  20. Hitman is in my top 5 favorite games of all time. I’m sad to know it will be many years down the road before they reboot it, if they ever do 😩

  21. no indie games, second in the list is undertale

  22. Hogwarts legacy gave me Bully vibes hard core.

  23. I think that Trek To Yomi shall be here too

  24. Falcón, The ONLY way to create stars is making Big pieces of junk like that… 😅

  25. The Monster Hunter series seem to have its own feel that is unique

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