10 Games that troll Pirates in amazing ways

For as long as there have been games, there have been pirates: people willing to steal from the very developers that want to entertain them. But, beyond acknowledging the simple fact that game piracy is stealing, you should also realise that game developers are clever folk. Here are 10 ingenious ways games beat the pirates.
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  2. But I played both pirated copies of Alan Wake and Dark Souls 2, and none of the mentioned glitches appeared.

  3. "What is the square route of a fish? Now I'm sad."
    And I know a Spyro game has anti piracy methods, just can't remember what they are

  4. Ever noticed how this guy sounds like Barry from Big bang theory?

  5. Pirated copies of TableTop simulator will let you chat in the game with anyone in the main lobby but, you wont be able to play multiplayer.

  6. Ez solution just find the right crack is all about crack ladies even though i never had those bugs in the most of the games of this video and for all that are going to judge me fuck off you did it too i know you did so stfu and don't try to be a saint gamer now

  7. Serious Sam 3 had a unkillble red scorpion that only was in pirated copy's

  8. Serious Sam spawned an immortal scorpion enemy that would just follow you around shooting you to death

  9. I saw Assassins Creed at the end, and I was like I probably look so badass playing that game! :3 lol

  10. i have another 1, in tasty blue if you pirate the game they will remove all ways of time and words from the game. making it impossible to get any secret levels or see they weird naming themes but you can still play and enjoy the story.

  11. Speaking of screaming stuff dark souls, did anyone else nearly jump out of their skin when they entered the Irithyll dungeon and loot a certain corpse to have it jump up and scream a bloodcurdling scream and fall over dead. I forget about it every time. If you wanna see for yourself the first one is in a cell in the room just past the first bonfire.

  12. How would we know more? Other similar videos. Youtube is awesome when… NOT ANOTHER AD, DANG IT!

    The indestructible pink scorpion mob which appears in Serious Sam is a pretty awesome example.

  13. I pirated games my whole life and i didnt got one single problem.
    Theese things happen very rarely, since there are special cracks to avoid this.

  14. there should be a first person shooter where all the guns shoot lethal seeds that sprout flowers in the wounds

  15. 7:00 LOL i remember spinning that pirate wheel so many times and just matching whatever up. pretty sure i played the wheel more than the game. the problem was i was a kid playing monkey island and never properly understood what the wheel was! Just assumed it's some cryptic message. or even just a stupid extra to play around with. only today am i finding out it was anti-piracy! my memory is really hazy.. had to look it up.

    Pretty sure my parents must have known how to use it (or i just never got far enough to notice whatever happens). crazy

  16. Lol-y didnt they do the same thing for dark souls 3

  17. Again, you forgot Elite II (Frontier) on 16-bit machines, which had the player arrested upon landing a "stolen ship" as soon as you had figured out how to 1) buy a ship, 2) navigate to another planet, and 3) land said ship on a distant planet. By that time, you had wasted several hours of learning the game and were rightly punished for not… playing a properly cracked version.
    Also, Monkey Island did not punish you after entering the game and investing a significant amount of time into the game (which would have been much more frustrating), but instead hindered you from ever entering the game if you did not have the code wheel… which was easily photocopied, although it did require a bit of assembly…

  18. ok i want to know what console batman on
    i play copy game and movie in 90s up to today
    r u ok in head

  19. if its piracy against Sony Microsoft and Nintendo good. those greedy fucks need a cheak and balance hell all greedy company's do

  20. "sky pirates"
    aaaand my brain is thinking of Ninjago


  22. one question. If they are good enough to hack the game then why don't they take off the anti piracy when they hack it

  23. pirate: ahh, this earbond game is-
    this final boss spawns
    pirate: holy shit

  24. Sorry GamesRadar, but theres a thing called "crack".

  25. Can You Really Call It A Crime… Some Player's Just Want Games That They Don't Have Enough Money To Buy!

  26. gmod gave you an error code called polygon shading not loading and if you post it on the forums the person who made it bans you for pirating

  27. some of these anti-piracy have affected legitimate customers tho

  28. All these videos are the same, just numbered different. Can plagiarism please hit YouTube channels for God damn once?

  29. Why is everyone saying "i had no problem with my pirated copy!"

    Pirates patch this kind of stuff

  30. Depending on how good you are gta5 will.make you play in drunk mode the whole time

  31. I, for example use cracks as demos or Benchmarks. For example: i didnt know if Witcher 3 would be able to run on my pc so i used a crack. Or to test if i like a game. For Example: i cracked Dark Souls 3 to test it. Now i own it on steam.

  32. Game developers are indeed clever, so clever they regularly run their games on central servers that disallow their customers to play after they're shut down

  33. I dont think this is an amazing piracy punisher but in cuphead when you launch a pirated version of the game it plays a deep pitched cuphead title screen in reverse once the song is done the game will close i think if you reverse the music the beginning says you stole many times pay the price 3 times then the title music

  34. Best trolling came from Bethesda:
    Those who pirated Fallout 5 had to play that garbage game

  35. just got one in ultimate battle simmulator haha. can play the game fine for about 10 minuets or so , then after that every battle just starts spamming nukes with YAAAAR ( pirate for " you dun messed up son " )on the screen haha.


    haha picking the wrong cracked file

  37. My game:
    1. Make every character a stupid flipaclip animation
    2. Replace every sound effect with bruh
    3. Every song is a bad recorder cover
    4. The voice acting is text-to-speech
    5. The end credits is replaced with Don't Copy That Floppy with shiteyano dancing in the background

  38. I played both ds1 and 2 pirated on the ps3, never had a black phantom

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