10 Games that troll Pirates in amazing ways

For as long as there have been games, there have been pirates: people willing to steal from the very developers that want to entertain them. But, beyond acknowledging the simple fact that game piracy is stealing, you should also realise that game developers are clever folk. Here are 10 ingenious ways games beat the pirates.
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  1. Saw the same video concept and videos games on this list on another video uploaded earlier this week

  2. I….I've seen this already.

    Why did you replay the same mission?

  3. I'd say none of these have ever happened to me, but I have never ever pirated any game…

  4. Wolfphototech Interactive Entertainment says:

    nice list .
    note #GameJolt also has a awesome video on this subject .

  5. Spyro: Year of the Dragon is a great example of one.

  6. "Eight dollars, or… seven pounds". Christ – cheers for reminding me of Brexit's wake, GR!

  7. the. best one on this list is gaming device tycoon they were like let's just make it ironic

  8. just make two videos…. old school piracy measures and beans school piracy measures.

  9. I remember on Did You Know Gaming?, they mentioned a game best described as "raunchy" that would give you a screen asking for your personal information if you pirated the game. After that, it would upload your information along with some screenshots from your desktop to the internet for all the world to see. The only way to remove it is to publicly admit that you pirated the game. There's also the Skullgirls anti-piracy, which simply brought up a text box reading "What is the square root of a fish? Now I'm sad." It doesn't seem like much, but it was able to get one idiot to basically admit to the devs that he pirated the game by having him ask them on Twitter what the message meant.

  10. seriously only thing that works is always online and denuvo

  11. The NES's Star Tropics came with a letter that you had to get wet to reveal a code for a submarine at some point after the first level.

  12. EAs lord of the ring return of the king, when you pirate the game, you can play only sam in all of the mission and the game wont
    let you play anyone else.

  13. Hint.. Game piracy is not stealing. This have been proven in court in US/UK and other countries. Stealing is to take something physical. Game piracy is copying, the original still exist. The "stealing" mantra is a way to make copying a worse "crime" than it is. Legally piracy is "copyright infringement" (and its proven study after study that music/movie/gaming companies are not impacted by piracy. This is simple math: people have X amount a money to spend. If people copy a game that they could not afford to buy: it impact sales zero. According to studies piracy impact industry 0.5-2% of total revenue)

    So. Down vote this video for its propaganda.

  14. Who does not wanna shoot chickens in other people? Death by chickens to all!!!

  15. I love watching pirates squirm when they're blocked from playing the game in funny ways like these.

  16. but, but, but most devs these days sell half-assed games with somewhqt of a content. (Except witcher 3 and mgs)

  17. Seen a variant of this video on about 7 different list channels this week, original ideas must be getting harder to come by

  18. Monkey Island 2 has a also a wheel to unlock the game and that was a very weak protection. Buddy and me copied the wheels from both games with his dad's scanner. 😉

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