10 Pirate-Themed Video Games To Shiver Your Timbers

The video game landscape is choc-full of soldiers, space aliens, and medieval adventurers, but the titles that celebrate what it’s like to lead the pirate’s life seem to be few and far between. With that in mind, we thought it was about time that we pillaged the archives and drew your attention to some of the finest sea-faring video games from years past. Here are 10 Pirate-Themed Video Games To Shiver Your Timbers

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: Cat Elliot (@cat_elliott_)
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

#AssassinsCreedBlackFlag #SeaOfThieves #PiratesOfTheCaribbean


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  1. No Uncharted Waters for the snes? That game was so good

  2. Pirates were murders and rapists, not something to praise or romanticize!

  3. The fact that Overboard! on the PS1 isn't on this list is a travesty.

  4. 12:27 You should have mentioned that the remake allows you to change to the older visual style at almost any point of the game.

  5. All together now: "This is the story of Captain Jack Sparrow"

  6. They should make a game where your a pirate and your wife poos on your bed and you go mental and make her walk the plank for 50 million quid

  7. when i was a kid there wasnt much gaming-wise on Mac OS 7, but i did play the hell out of secret of monkey island 1& 2 and indiana jones secret of atlantis but never beat them lol

  8. If you haven’t tried it, I really would recommend Return of the Obra Din. It sounds as boring as hell but it’s unexpectedly gripping and tough and really really good. Cheap too.

  9. This video was suggested to me by the algorithms because the intro contained the words “strap”, “on”, and “peg”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice video. You do good work. Just not everything I hoped for.

  10. I put more hours on pirates and the remake than any other game I've played. Love that game

  11. American here, I've always said Caribbean the same way you do, I think its mixed.

  12. Glad to see the channel isn't all negativity anymore

  13. although it got bad reviews and most people don’t like it I really enjoyed Risen 1 and 2! (Haven’t played the 3rd one)

  14. 劉 健傑 「Liew Jien Jie・リュ ジエンジ 」 says:

    Zelda Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass are also pirate-y games

  15. Games to play while you wait for Our Flag Means Death to be renewed

  16. I highly recommend Deadfire. Won't go into a huge tangent but it's a lot of fun with a great soundtrack, gameplay, and visuals.
    I doubt it was Rare's choice to release it in that state. lol.

  17. Sea Dogs 2 was an underrated pirate RPG. Under the name of Pirates of the Caribbean on its original Xbox release. Beautiful soundtrack, fun gameplay, decent graphics for the time, engaging story and charecters. Criminally underrated.

  18. my prediction for #1 is black flag

    edit: well shiver me timbers

  19. Honorary mention for the POTC levels in Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3?

  20. Its not a pirate game exactly but i recommend Port Royal 3…great great game

  21. No pirate game or any adventure point and click game will ever come close to the awesomeness of the Monkey Island series.

  22. My take away from this is thatmost pirate games are pretty bad lol

  23. I remember playing blackwake in beta, genuinely a fun game, dicking about at sea with your mates

  24. oh great, another episode of Ship Games For Anchors.

  25. I’m currently playing Risen 2 dark waters 😊👍

  26. I'd rather take Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End or Legend of Jack Sparrow, than many of these. But AC4: Black Flag is definitely one of the best. Many pirated themed levels in games usually work much better. Like the ones in Sly 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

  27. Sea of thieves is garbage, there is no reason to get loot as all you get is a cosmetic. Next to that, there are loads of server issues, hot reg problems, arena mode been removed.
    All you do right now is PvE and encounter players running away into the wind. Next to all this, there are lots of cheaters on PC there is even a free malicious free ESP available with 1 easy google search.
    They make money of selling new ship cosmetics and emotes, just like Fortnite.
    Their dev team has 1guy working on code 12men on animating and model making. And there is 1 manager making sure every deadline is been made. They have no idea what fun is.
    I've spend over 3k hours to PvP ruining people's day on the game. Spawn camping calling them morons untill they scuttle the ship or leave the game and make the loot sink. Spawn camping is even a banable offence in the game. I got banned several times, bit it's ok, there is no progress to make in the game.
    Don't waste your time on it 🙂

  28. I wish there was another game like Black Flag. I was excited about Skull and Bones coming out but finding out that it's just a full priced multiplayer game where you're only on the sea has put me off. I would love a good story driven pirate game on land and sea which has an online element too.

  29. What about Pirates: Legend of Black Kat? Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. PIRATES GOLD for sega genesis/megadrive, PC and amiga cd

  32. Honestly had a lot of fun with Atlas once I got myself and friends/viewers a private server. ACIV is still my favorite pirate themed game, though

  33. Love this channel!

    Like spike everyone!
    Help the lads AND LASS out.

  34. Risen 3: Titan Lords should definitely be one that would put in a top 10 who doesn't want to be a voodoo pirate that can turn into a parrot

  35. can't believe you went for "I'm the swashbuckling Peter from TJ" when "I'm Peter ARRR-stin from TJ" was RIGHT THERE

  36. Tbh sot is still the best pirate game out there. no pirate game has come close to a true pirate game. i mean black flag was alright but you couldnt just board other ships whenever you wanted to and it is still filled with typical ubisoft open world guff. dont get me wrong iloved exploring that map but after about the 15th island it starts to get boring doing the same thing over the over again. not to mention it takes a good 3 or 4 hours to get your ship and in that time you have one of the worst tail missions in the entire series.

  37. Can anyone tell me what all these games are on please since this guy isn’t really informative

  38. I wanted to play black flag until i watched videos of ship sailing. Looks like the handling is way too good, like a car.

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