10 Pirate-Themed Video Games To Shiver Your Timbers

The video game landscape is choc-full of soldiers, space aliens, and medieval adventurers, but the titles that celebrate what it’s like to lead the pirate’s life seem to be few and far between. With that in mind, we thought it was about time that we pillaged the archives and drew your attention to some of the finest sea-faring video games from years past. Here are 10 Pirate-Themed Video Games To Shiver Your Timbers

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin)
Script: Cat Elliot (@cat_elliott_)
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

#AssassinsCreedBlackFlag #SeaOfThieves #PiratesOfTheCaribbean


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  1. Is every assassin’s creed after Black Flag wasn’t all that the newer ones just got better graphics and other than that they suck

  2. Hey, your content always keeps us entertained! 🎮 Have you checked out our Corsairs Legacy free story demo? It's right up your alley if you're into games like Sea of Thieves. Give it a try and share your thoughts!

  3. Corsairs 2 or Sea Dogs 2: Pirates of the Caribbean is the most hardcore epic experience you can get to shiver your timbers, your opinion is therefore invalid.

  4. Making a video about pirate games but then not knowing what a sloop is kinda destroys the videos credibility

  5. Assassins creed black flage is the best pirat simulator game agree??

  6. How’d y’all forget one of the only pirate series ? Risen trilogy was good and the pirates of Caribbean games were ok.

  7. Sadly black flag is still capped at 30fps on even the series x :///

  8. Couldn’t agree with number one more. Still play that game to this day. Over and over.

  9. Imagine a game where you can control the ship like Sea of thieves, a story like Black Flag's, and a strategy type concept like Sid Meier's Pirates, someone give us this now.

  10. Nah sorry guy, sea of thieves should be number 1. Bad list

  11. What about Naval Action. It is literally the best Pirate Sim out there. IDK Maybe you just don't know about it. But you should check it out because it is amazing.

  12. We need a black flag esc game on oddesseys world

  13. I would love an open world pirate game, but have the option to pick one of the three large European empires and move up the ranks of their royal navies.

  14. played almost all of these, someone needs to make a new pirate rpg. skull and bones looks a like a huge letdown

  15. Sea of Thieves… plenty to do but it’s pretty much a griefing simulator now.

  16. No sea dogs/age of pirates series?? Are you fucking kidding me?? That was like, the penultimate pirate game. Sailing the seas with realistic naval physics, swordfighting, crew management, quest, trading, full fleshed rpg system, land exploration, all you want from a pirate game is already there. This list is a fucking joke, lego? Fucking lego games?? Okay 😂

  17. We pronounce our vowels the roman way, brit, not the FRENCH way.

  18. 8:18 – whoever wrote "Ship-shape and Newcastle fashion" needs a pay rise! There's a man (OR WOMAN!) who knows their lore.

  19. Take a drink every time Peter says "booty".

  20. Others: Sid Meier's Pirates!Peter: Sid Meier's PIRATES!!!

  21. Has anyone ever told you that your puns are physically painful? Because your puns are physically painful.

  22. I love Pillars of Eternity 2. It accompanied me while I was slowly recovering from lung surgery. It was great to do all this exploration while being mostly stuck at home and I loved the story, the characters, the universe… It can quite slow and there's a lot of text, but I didn't mind.Lot of games I loved in this video, thank you for all this nostalgia!

  23. You do realise that Unity is actually really good right? This isn't 2014 chief, the game does work now. Try playing it yeah, because it certainly isn't "rubbish".

  24. How black flag isn’t ranked number 1 on here is insane. Literally the perfect pirate game, with a few sprinkles of assassins creed thrown in it

  25. Still upset about Armada of The Damned being cancelled.

  26. the best pirate game remains age of pirate 2 with the gentleman of fortune eras mod

  27. Honestly I would love to see a Black Flag 2.

  28. Sea of Thieves is number 1 🙂 so so much fun, met so many people I consider friends now

  29. Sea Dogs, aka Age of Pirates, aka Pirates of the Caribbean (has nothing or next to nothing to do with the movies) deserves to be on the list!

  30. Even if not technically a game, I definitely recommend a Doom mod by the name of Pirate Doom. It's basically Doom meets Monkey Island, but it's remarkably well done and as funny as it sounds.

  31. Black Flag's gameplay with Sid Meier's open ended concept would be the perfect Pirate game

  32. Wish that The Caribbean Sail got some love on here

  33. The cannons will be loaded, and so will I, arrr!

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