10 Reasons Why Indians Love To Pirate Video Games

In this video, Ayush & Rishav talked about 10 Reasons Why Indians Love To Pirate Video Games

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  1. I never played GTA5 i have many games from Forza 5 to battlefield 1 and 5. But 2000 rupees for a game which came decade ago? M hudaye saale ye
    ( I don't pirate because i don't wanna fk up my system)

  2. Maine to surveys krkr ke games li h gamesbolt se vo b free me lekin say original like red dead redemption 2 gta5 metro exodus dying light 2 etc

  3. Bhai 5000 literally kitno ki monthly salary hoti ha, muskil se ek potato laptop tak jugad karke 2nd hand kharidte ha aur kitnoke pas toh ha hi nahi. Ab games ha 5000 ke toh lo karlo bat. πŸ˜‚

  4. 2:03 5000 chodo. Mene parents se 500 rs bhi liye game ke liye toh udti Hui chapal ayegi muh prπŸ₯²

  5. We had lack of infrastructure previously, now a days even small town people own several games on steam, thank the fibers

  6. Not only indians but us pakistanis also

  7. Lol do you know the per capita GDP of India and per capita GPD of those countries where these games are developed and Targeter majorly. Piracy is a necessity. Otherwise watch doordarshan.

  8. Live long Fitgirl…
    Mere pass kharidne ka paisa bhi hein. Lekin kyon purchase kare agar free mein available hein.

  9. I just pirated 2😈

  10. I always buy my games, I am primarily play games on console so i have to buy games plus I also do physical copy collection…

  11. reason why indian's like pirated game ?

    indian's : free

  12. Sir gaming hardware bhi mehenga padhta hai, laptop, desktop, console etc.

  13. Agr piracy nhi hoti toh gta v 100b cross krjate 🀣

  14. Bro Tera Keya problem he hum games free khale te he tum kharido hamara to Paisa nahi he

  15. Title in English but video in Hindi πŸ’€ nothing understood

  16. I thank Xbox for giving us Xbox game pass. But buying new Xbox is so expensive.

  17. But i really purchased YouTube premium 😊

  18. I don't think india will have market for games, if we compared indonesia, malayasia, does india have esport?
    India gaming culture is in its infant stage, few of them earn.
    India pirating reason is
    1. No serious market I guess let see i don't think any top game like league have invested here.
    2. Not every citizen are willingly to invest knowing they future is dark.
    3. indian gaming culture is in infant stage, it will take few more year to grow.
    4. I don't about other, but as indian nationalist, we earn money as late as 29 if we are not forced. Because of low employment rate

  19. U know my father but log of games he is in 50's now πŸ˜…
    Me twooo

  20. Ye to lazy assassin ki awaz haiπŸ€¨πŸ˜•

  21. Mene life me kabhi game nahi kharida.πŸ˜“

  22. Game ke life ka hi 5β‚Ή nahi mile 5000β‚Ή to sapne me bhi nahi milenge.

  23. the answer is we don't want to waste our money

  24. I had a ps 4 pro and I have purchased used one for 27k i got only 1 controller and no games in 1 year I spent 3k for ps plus and another side I have purchased some games worth 35k and in that 35k cod games are 2 cost 11k and I have purchased a joystick cost 10k so total I spent 63k in a year for purchasing console,games, joystick and for new AAA title games are going above 6k so I'm spending 5.5k every month and I can't even get any coupons to apply so I have sold my ps4 and purchased a gaming pc for 125k now I can pirate a game so I can know is that game worthy for playing or not and when purchasing games i can get coupons so I can buy games at more cheap cost and there are few websites sells games almost 50% off the company's need to sell games at less cost 5k for a games is too much in India

  25. many gaming companies know that their game is been used by few use for free. But it's a good for company's, because they get free promotion also there are high chances that person who was playing it for free will get the other games launched by their company in future

  26. Being from the gaming industry I really really feel bad >_<

  27. Piracy is our fundamental right.🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  28. I'm buying YouTube premium so the experience is cool and ad free I'll try another app at the same time.

  29. My monthly income is 6000 inr
    How the f** I can afford a 5000 rs game.

  30. So starting with the first point you said games are expensive, so if something is expensive people should just steal it? In your second point you said Indians don't support it, then simply don't get it. It just doesn't make sense that if your parents stop you from something you can pirate it. I mean would your parents encourage or allow you to steal someone's intellectual property? Third point you talked about the demo version of video games, if that's the case then why don't you just buy it on Steam / Epic games, try it out and refund it? That's better than any demo build of the game.
    Think about it, each time you pirate a game thinking, "OMG I'm from a country where I can't afford it, it's overpriced etc etc" YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for a developer NOT getting paid in an industry that's already known for crunch culture and underpaid staff. So next time you get free products by stealing them because you or your parents don't see value in it, you are ensuring devs don't get paid.

  31. get the original games than pirated

  32. You can say we use pirated game but you can't say we pirated those games, most of the games pirated by Russians and other countries not india specifically.
    And right we prefer to use pirated games but this not 100% true now indian also buying games and playing.

  33. not only rich spoiled kids should enjoy life, everyone should, aaj kal paani tak k paise lagte h, theek h, kaam karke kamaoge lekin zindagi k har cheez pe paise lagte h, kya sabko kharidte hi chaloge kya? possible nahi h, ameer ghar k launde comment pe bol toh rahe h, kyoun ki unka baap lake de rha h, jyadatar game companies sirf paisa choosna janti h, lekin hum nahi rukenge, Thepiratebay ke Gottfrid Svartholm and Fedrik Neji humare heros h, jinhone apni life risk pe daake games aur movies piracy karke humari bachpan rangeen banaya h
    aur mujhe pata h, games gossip kuch bhi kahe, unke dil mai aaj bhi piracy k liye thoda respect h

    We are unstoppable, and we wont change
    We are Pirates πŸ΄β€β˜ 

  34. Games may problem hua to foreign may refund deta hai jabki India may kuch nahi deta.

  35. PPl love to pirate games because people dont want to pay for it, you dont need to tell 10 fuckin reasons for that

  36. 4 saal se upar ho gaya maine piracy ko bohot kam kardi hai especially games ki jaha tak baat ho. Ofc kuch purane games pirate karta hu jaise nfs most wanted ho gaya

  37. Bhai indians na free ka maal chate hai bass… Yehi sach baat hai… Aap jo 5k bolrahe ho game ka price, that's for new AAA released titles only. Games older than 1-2 years can be bought for 1k-2k (more or less) and these days, new games take that much time to crack it… But still here people will only download the pirated games… And will make fun of you if you buy games..

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