10 Super Anti-Piracy Measures & Traps in Video Games! #1

Featuring: 10 Anti-Piracy Measures That Deal With Pirates in Video Games on The Easter Egg Hunter.
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Alpha Protocol Anti-Piracy (Original Video)

YouTuber fusoya1 –

Just Shapes & Beats Piracy Screen (Original Video)

YouTuber Jackscape –

Secret of Monkey Island Dial A Pirate Code Wheel

Anti Piracy Measures (Spoilers)

0:00 Intro
0:39 La Abadia Del Crimen Anti Piracy Measure
1:36 Stunts Anti Piracy Measure
2:51 Zelda Spirit Tracks Anti Piracy Measure
3:59 Dragonquest V Anti Piracy Measure
4:57 Zac Mckracken Anti Piracy Measure
5:59 Spear of Destiny Anti Piracy Measure
7:06 Alpha Protocol Anti Piracy Measure
9:09 Final Fantasy Ring of Fates Anti Piracy Measure
9:39 Kirby’s Dream Course Anti Piracy Measure
10:41 Just Shapes and Beats Anti Piracy Measure

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2. Chill lo Fi Hip Hop

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  1. The JSAB one is pretty wholesome! 😊

  2. All I can think of is if a little kid bought a copy from a thrift store, not knowing that it was a pirated copy, and saw one of those screens.

  3. Jon Burton, founder of Traveller's Tales, has explained how he has copy protected his game Leander with a laser.

  4. Imagine hating pirates for doing the right thing.

  5. you probably will never see this message. but…
    Alpha Protocol Anti-Piracy (Original Video)
    these 2 links you have in the description are dead. sadly…his channel was terminated.

  6. My brother once pirated Dragon Quest V on Twilight, but he forgot about the anti piracy measure

  7. I love how the guy who made just shapes and beats isn't mad you priated the game

  8. How should you pirate the game to unlock all of this in DS games? Had never see a problem on a flash card or emulator.

  9. I'm sorry but Alpha Protocol's anti-piracy measure is absolutely amazing.

  10. The creepiest piracy onthis video was when a game said PIRATA PIRATA PIRATA

  11. I turned in captions and why are they in Portuguese? Im confused

  12. why do just the old games have these anti-cheat and pirate methods but not any modern game like call of duty?


  14. Gotta be honest. The anti-piracy in Alpha Protocol just reminds me of punching in the "dopefish" code in Rise of the Triad (the good one), back-in-the-day, and having the menu go "Oh," "'kay," and "Boy" at me. Good times! Programmers really knew how to have fun, back then~

  15. The first one is kinda creepy for example you don't know you have a pirated copy and when you try to progress the game just goes pirate pirate pirate

  16. it actually make copy protection even worse, the cracked versions were more disirable than the originals because you didn't have to be interrupted and having to switch on a light, refer to your manual to complete a question.

  17. First 9 games: attempt to creep out/screw over the player

    Just shapes and beats: extremely chill with the whole thing

  18. The JSAB anti piracy is really wholesome and I love it

  19. I think I remember the zelda spirit tracks one so I just downloaded a different one boom there we go xd

  20. I love how different the vibes are between the first and last game on the list.

  21. JSAB will remain one of my favourites. It's like "Hey. I did it too, so I can't be mad about it. Just support us in whatever way you can and it'll get bought by people that have money, and we'll get the money we need."

  22. So these were made to stop people from playing pirated games but ironically enough this actually makes me want to start collecting pld pirated games just for all the ways they stopped the games from working

  23. I played the hell out of Stunts. I remember that acceleration and crash if you got the questions wrong.

  24. Very interesting … I had a pirated copy of Dragon Quest 5 but I were alwaya able to sail on the dock xD

  25. none of these are accurate. i tried every game and none of these are present

  26. Stunts was my favorite game my cousin pirated the game Idk why All I know he was being a idiot I called 911 because I was freaking the fuck out luckily my cousin was sent to prison now. He died 5 years ago

  27. When I was younger I would pirate games. My parents couldn't spare the money just to buy me a video game. Thats why anti piracy screens are a scary concept to me. I was a small child, I didn't know what I was doing.

  28. First 9: You know what? *makes the game a lot harder and crashes it*
    JSAB: hey dude piracy is a crime. if u see this and you bought the game let us know.

  29. Is Portuguese the default caption language because we posted this video? Do patrons and members get English by default? 🤔🍍

  30. I dont really like the scary piracy ones,
    I much prefer the funny ones.

  31. ok, the jsab anti-piracy screen was rather calming.
    Nash said that he wasn't mad because he also pirated during his childhood, and that you can support them with words instead of money.
    but this doesn't mean that you can pirate jsab.

  32. Gaming companies going after piracy channels is as dumb as a band taking down their clips from YouTube fearing people will just watch them instead of going to their concerts!
    If some kid in the 3° world goes for a bootleg is because they can't afford the real deal and making it unavailable will just cause them to skip your franchise altogether.
    Don't know a single guy who grew up with bully and GTA who nowdays don't own at least RDR, digital Bully, and GTA trilogy!

  33. 3:00 I remember acecard released an update to patch the antipiracy the day after the game was dumped. This Antipiracy measure was very ineffective to say the least. It's actually harder to trigger the antipiracy nowadays with pretty much every flashcard out there.

  34. Interesting thing about dragon quest v, I somehow got off the boat, got through the cave and rescued the man under the boulder, thinking the anti piracy patch was working , then left and the man was back in the cave under the boulder. Went to save the game and it froze. Reloaded the save and was back at the prologue.

    Went to my cheat menu and I had the code on, but the cheats off (doh)

  35. Red book you just use red cellophane and photocopy it

  36. I bought a copy of Pokémon fire red a little bit ago and got really far and reached victory road. When I tried to send out my Charizard, what came out instead was a bad egg that crashed the game. I was playing on a hacked rom the entire time and didn’t even notice.

  37. The last one shown was pretty heartwarming. He wasn’t mad at us about pirating the game because he has done it before, and tells us that we should support the game another way if we can’t afford it. This is something really only indie gamers do, and I’m proud of them for doing that. Anti piracy screens or easter eggs don’t have to be scary, you just gotta them know they pirated the game.

  38. The last one remi'dedle of 2015 when cdpr founder Marcin Ivinsky said that he's totally fine if some people pirate the game if they can't afford it, and he went further to explain that he even started his game developing CAREER by actually downloading many pirated PC programs. That was amazing i like when developers are this relatable, I've lived my childhood in a third world country and had no choice but pirate the games, so yah.

  39. Ahoy there everyone! Just thought I would stop by and say, that I am sorry to hear many of you are not enjoying the editing on this video. I didn't think it was too bad myself it's not like I was rushing it or anything haha, but seriously I can see many of you really do not like the Text based parts, and with that I will certainly be turning that down, if not completely removing it from now on, and I certainly aim to redeem myself in the next video. Thank You for all the support. James

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