10 Super Anti-Piracy Measures & Traps in Video Games! #1

Featuring: 10 Anti-Piracy Measures That Deal With Pirates in Video Games on The Easter Egg Hunter.
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Thank You to these YouTubers for providing their Original Videos

Alpha Protocol Anti-Piracy (Original Video)

YouTuber fusoya1 –

Just Shapes & Beats Piracy Screen (Original Video)

YouTuber Jackscape –

Secret of Monkey Island Dial A Pirate Code Wheel

Anti Piracy Measures (Spoilers)

0:00 Intro
0:39 La Abadia Del Crimen Anti Piracy Measure
1:36 Stunts Anti Piracy Measure
2:51 Zelda Spirit Tracks Anti Piracy Measure
3:59 Dragonquest V Anti Piracy Measure
4:57 Zac Mckracken Anti Piracy Measure
5:59 Spear of Destiny Anti Piracy Measure
7:06 Alpha Protocol Anti Piracy Measure
9:09 Final Fantasy Ring of Fates Anti Piracy Measure
9:39 Kirby’s Dream Course Anti Piracy Measure
10:41 Just Shapes and Beats Anti Piracy Measure

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  1. That's a good thing I don't have a hacked copy of Spirit Tracks. The game itself is really hard to beat so finding out my game would be hacked would make me dissapointed

  2. Technically, piracy isn't stealing
    Stealing removes the original
    Piracy makes a copy
    It's like when your car is stolen but is there in the morning.

    (saw this somewhere)

  3. Why am I getting so many piracy videos when I’ve never pirated anything in my life? I mean, I’m not complaining, I’m just confused lmao

  4. every copy of La abadia del crimen is personalized

  5. I like how many of these are practically just "lad use the manual" imagine if a kid just read it and threw it away

  6. I feel like the last one may be the worst. I have never pirated, but just watching this video! He's not mad, he's nice! It kind of makes you feel more guilty! It's like when a parent is disappointed instead of angry! Ah!

  7. The Alpha protocol one just sound like someone humping bruh

  8. 9:38
    God also put a anti-piracy copy the same as the game on the screen for this man as well apparently

  9. When I was 9 I was actually given a pirated version of Spirit Tracks. And hes right, I was stuck at the beginning and wondered why I couldnt progress. I didn't even know piracy was a thing at the time.

  10. 2019: What an interesting video

  11. how to make a pirate instantly stop playing your game:

    step 1: get a viral social media account
    step 2: announce your game to the public
    step 3: add the anti-piracy measures equivalent to jumpscaring the pirate at any moment during the game and deleting the save data, whether it be during the opening cutscene, or the final boss

  12. Fusoya says “Hi!” and Jackscape says “You’re welcome”

  13. Wow Jsab is great agnaist that and its wholesome it dosent like punish you like nintendo (( nintendo fanmades are creepy )) me like it

  14. Dragon Quests ship that never finds land is brilliant. Best one here. I remember having pirated 90's titles like Wolf3D and Doom. Anytime you'd download from online then it was through BBS. Bulletin Boards had pirated copies bundled with Key Files that beat the locks. That or you'd go through the code and try and do it yourself. Good old days.

  15. Everyones just here because of the Mario Party DS anti piracy thing

  16. my friend is a serious pirateer and has solved the problem what makes sure it dosent detect it as a pirated copy

  17. Why does Stunts actually look really fun imma go play it now

  18. I didn‘t think an anti-piracy message could be so nice. Beserk studios, great job! I‘m gonna play your game now. Legally, of course

  19. Pirata pirata pirata pirata pirata pirata pirata pirata…

  20. Someone: Makes a fanmade piracy protection screen for Mario Parry DS

    Everyone on any piracy video that has ever existed: *Piracy is no Party*

  21. Other companies’ anti piracy:
    Trying to make the game creepier and more frustrating as you play
    Just Shapes and Beats:
    -Oh you pirated it. Well whatever have fun i guess

  22. So are these legitimate anti piracy or fan made ones? Because all of the ones ive seen on youtube are fake (albeit very cool nonetheless)

  23. Marip party ds: PIRACY IS NO PARTY

    Spirit tracks: Pig

  24. I have banijo kazooie but I don’t have a n64 so sense I payed for it it’s ok to emulate it right?

  25. now easter egg hunter be like:
    S T O N K S

  26. i remember i having spirit tracks with being hacks but 😏 i dont know why it's work like perfectly with me 😂😂

  27. Because as we all know
    Piracy is no party

  28. I would releasea game and have a "pirated" version be the demo.

  29. I love how every comment here is less than one hour ago (except the top comment)

  30. I'd make my game have the first part work normally. After that, the game would tell you to buy it but appear to give you the option to continue anyways. A couple seconds into the next part it would close and open tabs to buy the game and a rick roll.

  31. If the Pokémon ds games had an anti-piracy measure, it would be 100 times easier to find an authentic copy

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