10 UNTHINKABLE Punishments Given For Video Game Piracy

Video game piracy is often trolled with clever tricks implemented by the game developers. Here are some funny examples.
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0:18 Number 10
1:15 Number 9
2:35 Number 8
4:07 Number 7
5:18 Number 6
6:51 Number 5
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10- Arkham Asylum

9- mirror’s edge

8 Gary’s mod

7- Cricket
Cricket Game

6- Sullgirls

5- Sims 4

4- GTA4

3- Serious Sam 3

2- Crysis Warhead

Game Dev Tycoon (via Eurogamer)


  1. almost 100k views in 3 hours wow! your amazing

  2. that gliding bug in Arkham Asylum annoyed me so much, I was a kid in High School and couldn't afford it back then but it makes so much sense now, Thank you Gameranx XD, you solved the biggest mystery of my childhood

  3. Seeing some of these makes me wonder if there's some "major, game breaking glitches" for games that are actually anti-piracy measures that haven't been revealed as such yet. Sometimes you hear about such things, major glitches that are ruining the games for some people but a lot of people in the comments of videos and articles about it have never experienced it. What if they are anti-piracy measures and because people obviously aren't coming forward about it, they haven't figured it out yet while the devs haven't outright admitted it yet?

  4. To me, piracy is like free trial if I liked the game and enjoyed it I buy the game, especially for indie developers i respect and value small teams who are working hard to give us beautiful games
    But for big companies I don't give a fuk

  5. The only time I ever ‘pirated’ games was on my Sega Dreamcast. My friend went to Japan and it was just coming out there, so he asked if I wanted him to buy one for me, and I said yes.
    Since I had a Japanese region Dreamcast, but live in the US, I wound up having to download a program called Homebrew and burning it onto a CD, which I would then insert and spin up in the Dreamcast, and it would unlock the region so I could play US games. I wound up getting a couple ROM’s off the same site to try out some games I was curious about, one of which happened to be GTA 2. I played that game a lot, and almost every GTA game since…

    As far as piracy goes, I think it’s perfectly fine for developers to troll and make stolen game copies buggy as hell. A rational person would say, “oh, my ‘free/stolen’ game doesn’t work right. Damn”, and they would just take the L, and go on with their day. I think it’s laughable when pirates will actually contact the devs to complain when the game is doing weird things. Very much a cherry on top when they get the reply, “The game’s not actually broken, but since you didn’t pay for it at all, what right do you have to complain?”. 😂

  6. I love all these different ideas you guys come up for videos!

  7. Some of the things we did as college kids was use daemons or played offline

  8. ah cricket, the watching beige paint dry of sports.

  9. Man Dem was some weak cracks I played some of those games easy and it was during their launch cycle. Never had any issues

  10. Years ago I was sad and annoyed that my pirated version of Total War: Empire was lacking features.
    Little did I know that that was finished product as intended by CA.

  11. GTA 4 screwed me over, once I completed the game, it believed i pirated the game, i had the damn DVD inside so I was drunk camera all the time. It was wild.

  12. We should also not forget that yes GTA 4 has anti-piracy feature thing but also it was the stable version of the PC PORT like up to this date the steam is still lacking & stucking.
    This same goes to RE8 where the pirated version was having better performance than the paid version.

  13. and thats why you include demos
    except when the demo is pretty bad

    no i dont mean the content in the demo is bad, i mean the demo ends at a spot where you havent yet found the parts of the game that sucks (because they either dont function properly or were planned incredibly stupid)

  14. I've pirated half of the games in this list but I haven't seen any of the described issues. sounds like bollocks

  15. Majority of games I play are pirated I only buy the games that are actually worth money, like Hogwarts Legacy. I pay for gamepass too and ubisoft and ea memberships. Problem we have is the games are sp expensive I couldn't imagine wasting money on a game like Gotham knights because I'd be pissed at how trash it is. So yeah I'm half a pirate and I don't even care, if developers put effort into games these days then I'd have effort to open my wallet. So make a great game and I'll buy it as I do for some that deserve it.

  16. Now players need to have creative ways to get back at developers who steal their money by making broken arse games. Still, not gonna lie, like the punishments. XD

  17. Falcon would've been better for this one imo

  18. I want to get trolled instead of DENUVO.

  19. Dev's: using anti piracy glitches to fight against pirates in games
    Me: who just wait for games to be available free in epic games 😉

  20. Anti piracy, is the same as jewelry store owners saying if they can't afford our jewelry they are gonna buy our diamonds

  21. This list is hilarious because I've played most of these games using pirated copies initially though I eventually bought them years later. I never once experienced any of these issues lol. In fact my first experience of these games was through sailing the seas lol. Of course those were in the days of my youth. These days I don't really see the appeal lol. I guess it's because back then I didn't have the resources to get them the legit way but as a working adult I can get whatever I want lol.

  22. I bought a copy of every pirated game i liked. Thank you, game devs, for making the childhood of a poor Anatolian kid less boring.

  23. I used to pirate games and spend 100 hours+ on each. Now I buy them and never play them

  24. big ant studios are the biggest legends – met them when i worked at EB Games

  25. I used to download a lot of games off the internet, none worked and I gave my family pc a sh*t-load of viruses… 💁‍♂💁‍♂ Fun?

  26. I think FPS pirates should have really bad recoil and accuracy so they can play but constantly lose in gun battles

  27. Hopefully the piracy detection principles / algorithm are dependable, because accidentally trolling actual customers would backfire severely.
    I like the Serious Sam scorpion, the drunken mode and the chicken mod best, though i would have like for them to be a bit more mature like the scorpion making surprise appearance, inflicting a drunk debuff if stung while attracting a horde, or the weapons to fire chickens only if you need bullets the most like being down to 10% health, possibly with them harassing you afterwards on top of it.
    This way those become more of a laugh, which I believe to be better than just being crude or cruel.

  28. I admit I once had a pirated version of Five Night At Freddy's Sister Location on my phone and everything would be fine until the fifth night as soon as I pressed the green button for Baby to go on the conveyor belt to the Scooping Room she told me to follow her instructions but how angry she didn't give the instructions. I was wondering if it wasn't a bug of the game, I even sent an email to the creator of the pirated version and for a long time I didn't play this game, only after buying the original version of the game on the phone, I finally had the instructions but to this day I still can't pass Funtime Auditorium even with her instructions.

  29. I remember there was also an MMO game that made the headlines for people somehow got to play the game before its official launch, and so the Devs also put in a high level monster to spawn near the players who were playing before launch, don't remember the game's name tho. Also sometimes the community takes it upon themselves, Nier Automata famously look terrible while running extremely poorly, and soon after launch a modder made a tool to increase the game's performance but it would crash the game if you tried to use it in a pirated version.

  30. I grew up playing pirated games, that's how I got into gaming, I didn't even know they had to be purchased, I just thought they came preloaded onto the computer when you buy it.

  31. Anyone Notice Dude Playing Blurry League of legends with a ps4 control?

  32. Why the fuck would anyone pirate a cricket game

  33. I used to play pirated games back in the days, until I started working and bought and build my own PC. Just stay away from the malwares trouble.

  34. I use to pirate games a lot in the 360 era, and I did pirate Mirrors Edge, but never had that "glitch".

  35. So when is the theft of game companies gonna come around?
    They used to say that shipping and the plastic/paper/cd's cost more to make and wanted a full price for it, nowadays it is 'digital' and they want $20-30 more then usual prices (and mind you that these games get cut in half, later on they start to sell them as a DLC/Expansion, SOB's), example is the new Zelda game, they charged $60 and then removed the pre-purchase and then put it back on the store for $70 after the backlash they removed it again, you hold a stick with shit on both sides and and keep showing us the one side of that stick, start to show the other side of that stick.

  36. some of these gta iv ones happens in the official game as well 🤣🤣

  37. bro you can't blame some of these pirates if you refuse to include regional pricing for your game. some games cost as much as someone's monthly wages in some ares of the world

  38. I remember when I was young kid I got this "problem" with Mirrors Edge😅 Now im adult and I own more than 1k games and I finally understand why buying games is important and not cracking them

  39. I definitely remember the batman one brought it 3 days later I was loving the feeling of being batman too much and then a few more days after that the pirated version was fixed but eh got what I needed a reason to actualy buy the game and support the devs xD

  40. Nobody understands cricket. You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!

  41. When you said "everybody can learn from their mistakes, and sometimes it takes a helping hand", I liked that.

  42. The only anti piracy that worked with me, was from Metal Gear Solid 1. When the NPC says the frequency code of Merly was written on the back of the cd case. I looked for a CD case everywhere in the game until I realise:
    "Oh! he meant the actual CD case of the game…
    … Damn! I don't have that! 😑"

  43. PS1 Spyro was pretty aggressive against pirates. Erasing some progress periodically until deleting the save file before the final boss. Harsh af

  44. Im sure this is a dumb question but how does a game tell that it was pirated?

  45. Number one makes me smile every time i see it. Every other anti-piracy measure is just to make a game unplayable and annoy the player, but this one is extremely clever (granted it could only really work with that game, but the fact that they realised that and implemented it is nothing short of brilliant).

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