1960 World Series Game 7 – New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates


  1. Man from the 1960s:I bet non of these guys will ever be in cooperstown

  2. You know how they say the weird thing about this game was there were no strikeouts? Smith defiantly goes around at 1:48:14. No doubt it's a strike out. His bat goes so far around its pointing at 3rd base. If he's called out there he doesn't hit the home run and the rest of the dramatics don't happen. Yankees almost certainly win. Just saying.

  3. Thursday, October 13, 1960

    Attendance: 36,683

    Venue: Forbes Field

    Game Duration: 2:36

  4. Umpires: HP – Bill Jackowski, 1B – Nestor Chylak, 2B – Dusty Boggess, 3B – Johnny Stevens, LF – Stan Landes, RF – Jim Honochick

  5. Starting Lineups


    1 Bobby Richardson 2B

    2 Tony Kubek SS

    3 Roger Maris RF

    4 Mickey Mantle CF

    5 Yogi Berra LF

    6 Bill Skowron 1B

    7 Johnny Blanchard C

    8 Clete Boyer 3B

    9 Bob Turley P


    1 Bill Virdon CF

    2 Dick Groat SS

    3 Bob Skinner LF

    4 Rocky Nelson 1B

    5 Roberto Clemente RF

    6 Smoky Burgess C

    7 Don Hoak 3B

    8 Bill Mazeroski 2B

    9 Vern Law P

  6. At 1:56:14. Proof of how Jim Coates (RIP) was maligned for decades because a myth grew up that he failed to cover first on Clemente's infield grounder. Had the telecast not surfaced, we'd never realize the story wasn't true.

  7. They didn't bombard you with graphics and crowd shots, just baseball. I wish they'd broadcast games like this again.

  8. How can I get permission to use a short 30 sec portion of the soundtrack of Game 7. from the 1960 World Series. I'm creating a memoir from the time I used to live across from Forbes Field.

  9. Mantle diving back to third is one of the great unknown plays in baseball history.. What a player the Mick was..

  10. Beat 'em Bucs!!! I was only 4 years old at the time, so I don't remember the game, but I've watched the highlights, and the full game any number of times.

    What's often forgotten is that the Pirates brought their bats that day, and for a while, Bobby Shantz pitched his nuts off, and quieted the offense through the middle innings. Well, that, and if it weren't for a heads up play on the bases by Mantle in the 9th, the Yankees don't tie the game, and Hal Smith is the big World Series hero.

  11. Important life lesson:

    Total runs scored:
    Yankees – 55
    Pirates – 27

    Yankees – 2
    Pirates – 0

    Innings outscoring the opposing team:
    Yankees – 16
    Pirates – 9

    Moral: It doesn't matter how it goes. It only matters how it ends.

  12. Imagine a World Series Game 7, 10-9 with a walk off home run to end the game and the series, all in 2:35 minutes!!! Today, they pack half the action in twice the game time. I feel sorry for today's baseball fans.

  13. What a game! Gotta love baseball.
    Thanks for the upload.

  14. This feels like a cartoon, a movie, almost surreal this happened.
    Game 7 of the World Series, bottom of the ninth inning tied at 9-9 and the home team hits a homerun to win the World Series in front of the home crowd to beat the heavy favorite New York Yankees. Amazing.

  15. This was not a baseball game. This was a heavy weight bloody boxing match with each side giving and taking knockout blows. Greatest Game of All Time!

  16. 24:59 if they had practiced that scenario they would have known to leave the 3rd baseman at 3rd and to get the lead man out

  17. Talk about a difference from today's game in 2021–there were no strikeouts in this entire game.

  18. Imagine a legendary World Series game (score 10-9) lasting only 2:36… This game today would be 4.5 hours. That's why baseball is in decline. BTW, only game 2 lasted over three hours, all other games less than 2:45.

  19. No audio for the final three minutes. Highly bogus.

  20. All that then no audio for the ONLY Game 7 WS walk off HR. You suck.

  21. Bob Prince (PBP) 1st half
    Mel Allen (PBP) 2nd half

  22. A little before My time, but I got to see a game in 1971 and saw Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell and the rest of the Pirates on the team then, play at Three Rivers! I was a kid, can't remember Who they were playing. A lot of legendary players on both teams in this game!

  23. Bill Mazeroski played until 1972, so I saw Him also, He was with the Pirates His whole career!

  24. Buck O'Neil said it best, "Imagine if we had seen Mickey his whole career on two good legs."

  25. Amazing how Mantle avoided the tag and got back to base in the 9th.

  26. Do you have anything from the 1992 World Series on radio

  27. Two amazing facts about this game: 1) It only took 2 hours 36 minutes to play. Today, it would easily be close to 4 hours. 2) There were no strikeouts. Zero.

  28. Ralph Terry warmed up basically the entire game. Probably completely “thrown out” by time he came in. Pitches all too high. Notice how Clemente, Mantle, Maris basically about 6’ and not jacked up at all, compared to today’s players. Burgess and Berra just tremendous clutch contact hitters.

  29. I watched and LISTENED to this entire game – all just for the last play…and it's without sound…WTF?

  30. It was nice of Bing Crosby to hang on to this little piece of baseball history in his wine cellar

  31. I've been a Yanks fan forever. I was a child when this game was played and I can't remember if I saw this game on tv . But needless to say the ending still hurts just as much today as it would have hurt any Yankees fan back in the day. Many of these players and the fans attending that game have left this world and with that being said I can say may God rest their souls. Baseball is still a wonderful game and it still brings me back to a simpler less complicated time. Go Yankees !!!⚾⚾⚾

  32. What happened to audio on Mazeroski blast. NBC choked on this one

  33. This was the last game of the original 16 MLB teams before the waves of expansion that started in 1961 eventually grew MLB to 30 teams.

  34. I just got home from school to see him hit the HR . Ugggg

  35. Hal Smith’s 3 run homer is a bigger blow than Maz’s homer. But Smith has been overlooked and not gotten credit he deserves!

  36. That man , who was my hero and I did attend a double-header in1965 to see an old-timers game, and did witness Joe

  37. This amazing game was also broadcast in color. If Bing Crosby's tv was a color tv.

  38. I was born in 1953 in St. Louis with Cardinals memories that begin in 1960. The Bill Mazeroski home run is likely my earliest baseball memory and recall its excitement. My Dad was from Warren, Ohio with family in New Castle PA so he was also happy for the Pirates, although he was an Indians fan. I have read Yankees fans have questioned why Casey Stengel did not bring in relief pitcher Luis Arroyo who had a good season and even better in 1961 as well as his pitching rotation placement using Whitey Ford in the series, and that contrbuted to his firing. I play the 1961 Yankees and the 1960 Pirates offered by the Strat-o-matic baseball game so am very familiar with these teams. The Yankees usually win a 7 game series but they are the 1961 Yankees and not the 1960 Yankees. I recognize the voice of Bob Prince since Pirates games could be heard on the radio when we visited Warren for a week each summer. This game reminds me of the 2011 world series game 6 Cardinals win over Texas, but this is a game 7. Thanks for this great find on Youtube.

  39. I was a 12 year old 7th grader when our teacher surprised us by bringing her portable black & white tv to school for this game, cuz she was tired of catching guys sneaking their transister radios into their desks during class. 63 years later I've still never seen a more thrilling game.

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