1960 World Series Game 7 – New York Yankees at Pittsburgh Pirates


  1. Painful to watch being a Yankee fan but amazing none the less

  2. Vern Law kind of pitched how El Duque pitched later on for the Yankees.

  3. My grandfather was almost 20 years old at that game. Last game.

  4. The real hero of this amazing game was Hal Smith.

  5. One of the greatest games of all time. Thanks for posting.

  6. Great to see the whole game. And what a beautiful stadium Forbes Field was. CRAZY to knock it down for awful Three Rivers. Glad they replaced that dump, but should've hung onto Forbes Field all along….

  7. The greatest game of all time when including playoff context.

  8. What an amazing game this was! I'm so glad to finally see this in its entirety; no wonder many baseball historians and fans consider this Game 7 to be the greatest World Series game ever! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾ 😁😁😁😁😁

  9. I was living in Pgh as a nine year old, we were in school that day, teachers had transitor radios in every class, i rememeber Bobby Richardson, and Mickey Mantle teeing off on them the whole series, i'll never ever forget that ninth inning homer by Maz, it uplifted the whole city, noted for hills, trolleys, and steel mills, thank you 1960 Pirates.

  10. The Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played.

  11. I walked home from school that day expecting to hear that the Pirates had been massacred by the Yankees again. I was stunned to learn my mom had watched Mazeroski's home run win it.

  12. Bing Crosby (who was part ower of the Bucs in 1960) hired an audio-tv recording expert to record this final series game, as Bing was in Paris on business that day…The film sat in a attic for decades, was subsequently discovered, and is possibly the greates baseball find ever…I am assuming this is that copy, as the quality is top notch

  13. 19 Runs scored, 11 pitchers used. Game too 2:36. Try to get that in the game today

  14. Incredibly there was not a single strikeout in this game. Also the Pirates scored 8 of their 10 runs with two out.

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