1990 NLCS Game #1: Pirates at Reds

Walk vs. Rijo. Called by Jack Buck and Tim McCarver


  1. The cookie cutter stadiums were much louder than the bullshit ass new stadiums of today. I don't care what anybody says. New isn't always better

  2. This is awesome! I attended this game, but I haven't seen the video since. This is a gem!

  3. Tim McCarver is just as annoying 27 years later as he was in 1990. It boggles the mind how much prime time color commentary he provided, his opinions masquerading as baseball strategy or fact.

  4. The last NLCS until 2000 to not feature the Braves

  5. Commentators:
    Jack Buck, Tim McCarver & James Brown (Cincinnati)
    Pat O'Brien & Whitey Herzog (New York)

  6. Umpires (Game 1) (21:06)
    HP Harry Wendelstedt (Crew Chief) (7th)
    1B John McSherry (7th)
    2B Paul Runge (7th)
    3B Dutch Rennert (6th)
    LF Jerry Crawford (4th)
    RF Gerry Davis (1st)

  7. The only commentator in sports worse than Tim McCarver is DICK Vitale. I've always felt that CBS' ownership of the NCAA tournament is proof of God's compassion [we're not stuck with DICKIE V throughout March Madness]

  8. Check out Pete's brother Dave Rose at 1:20:50 talking to James Brown about Pete following the team from prison

  9. In 1987 all of baseball was hailing Eric Davis as the next Willie Mays

  10. 31:16 I first thought Bonds played the ball horribly with his body position, but look again, and watch how the ball just makes a hard left turn!

  11. I was around 18 months old when this series occurred! I'm glad I can watch it today.

  12. 2 dislikes by Doug drebek and Andy van Slyke

  13. The Pirates had a better record than the Reds but for some dumb reason the Reds got to be the home team to start the series. Of course they always screw over the Pirates.

  14. Thanks Rus, great to see these games again.

  15. 3:25: Hey guys…I'm here for my audition for Steve Perry's spot in Journey. Is this the backstage area?

  16. thanks Rus..thisgame sure took my mind off corona 19..thanks for uploading.

  17. hope you can upload more 1990 postseason..thanks again

  18. Who knew then pat O’Brien would leave the greatest set of voice mails about 15 yrs later

  19. LOVING these old games during the covid19 months

  20. I remember this well. I am a Reds fan, and I was in the 5th grade in 1990. What a great summer to be a Reds fan. I think game 1 was on a Thursday.

  21. The future NL Central rivalry opponent till [1994 – Present].

  22. 1990…Cincinnati bastards beat the Pirates

  23. The pirates and the athletics would have been probably a great world series but the reds got hot at the right time ….And pirates starting pitcher Bob walk never looked comfortable on the mound. …

  24. Paul O'Neill one of the most underrated ball players

  25. Jim Leyland is the most stressed out person of all time

  26. A classic and sorry not to see the games back on CBS!!! the first nlcs and alcs + the world series I saw on television!!!!

  27. Great Baseball. The Reds created a enormous surprise.

  28. My dad took me to this game as my 18th bday gift.

  29. I don't like to make predictions, but..if we (Reds) manage to beat this tuff Bucs team, and the A's win their series, then I see us sweeping them in the W.S. Yup, the A's just don't measure up to the Reds..sweep!

  30. I think the Reds ground-crew needed to wet down that damn dusty infield.. impossible calls to make @ 2nd base!

  31. even though my Pirates lost the series… these are wonderful memories…

  32. Bonds has a great arm? Sid Bream would disagree.

  33. This Pirates team was very good I remember them well. They deserved at least one championship between 190-1992.

  34. Why do I like Jack Buck but not Joe Buck?

  35. Jose Lind looked like Sammy Davis Jr.'s son

  36. Bonds was more likeable early in his career when he played for my Pirates

  37. James Brown on the field for MLB with CBS lol

  38. The Reds had no business sweeping the A's in the WS

  39. From 12:06 to 12:36 Bonds, Bream and Lavalliere introduced back to back. Nobody knew at the time that 2 years later the three would be linked for life after the end of game 7 of the NLCS.

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