1990 NLCS Game #1: Pirates at Reds

Walk vs. Rijo. Called by Jack Buck and Tim McCarver


  1. So sad what’s happened to these 2 formerly great franchises. Only thing good about them now are their past histories and ballparks, their owners Nutting of Pittsburgh and Castellini down in Cincinnati are utter fucking jokes

  2. Sabo!! Larkin!! Eric Davis!! Oh, the nostalgia. Feels like old buddies. And no one took a knee.

  3. Ended up here as I'm on a classic baseball kick from my childhood after watching the Astros win the World Series days ago. With the benefit of 2022 eyes, interesting to see how foolish Rijo looks throwing to 1st SEVEN TIMES(!!!) during Sid Bream's 3rd inning at bat to keep Bonds from stealing 2nd. And with 2 outs no less! I screamed out loud forget the runner, get the batter out! Bream ended up taking the distracted Rijo deep to tie the game. LOL.

  4. I went to this game with my Dad. Thanks for uploading it.

  5. thanks rus. i have not watched these games since 1990 when i was a sophomore in high school.

  6. Can someone explain to me why the Reds got home field advantage when the Pirates posted a better regular season record?

  7. LOVE it classic CBS sports its like a time machine……. CBS made a mistake when they fired Jack Buck in 91……Thanks

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