2 Years of Game Dev – Making a Multiplayer Pirate Game in Unity

In this video we take a look back at the last 2 years of game dev, which I spent making a multiplayer pirate game.

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In this video we take a look back at the last 2 years of game dev, which I spent making a multiplayer pirate game. From the early beginnings of working with a console app-based server and BepuPhysics, to experimenting with shaders, water simulation, and island generation, to the more recent additions of grappling hooks, this video summarizes the entire journey so far and shows what 2 years of indie game progress (might) look like.

If you’re new to the channel, this is a great way to get up to speed on development without having to watch ALL of my existing devlogs (although the last 2 are definitely worth checking out!). Working on this project has been a wild ride so far, with lots of mistakes and lessons that I learned along the way, and I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will be like!


  1. Some of that stuff made me feel like I was there for the journey, like, "Hey, I remember that!" Even though I just binge watched a bunch of videos recently (and skipped a few) because I came looking for stuff about the very thing you say is boring and unwatchable – network code and lag compensation.

    There's really a shortage of videos on this topic, searching for how to implement "rollback netcode" just finds a bunch of videos of people trying to get devs to do it.

  2. Hey Tom, ive just found this and wow, i honestly cant wait to see how far this comes!

  3. Yikes, your progress in 2 years equals mine in 10 years.

  4. Watching this was like seeing my own project from the third person. Crazy how easy it is for a projects scope to blow up into something too big. Good luck and make sure you finish it unlike i did with mine. XD

  5. Amazing video, I respect the time frame in which youve stayed committed to this game

  6. Sea of thieves clone? Is every game with a sword Zelda?
    Ffs ships work a certain way, leave your basement and check out what a ship looks like before using your room temperature IQ to comment sea of thieves exdeeee

  7. Making games is hard enough, let alone a multiplayer game!

  8. With this big of a scale I hope it doesn't take you 5-7 years to make a single game. Good luck!

  9. Honestly sea of thieves was a huge disappointment, the concept was incredible but it was terribly executed, you had basically completed the game the moment you finished the tutorial. But this looks like everything I was hoping from sea of thieves. Thank you for making this game, its looking really good 👌

  10. I like that you make all the stuff yourself and it seems like you really take it seriously and not like many others I see on YouTube, who just make some trashy game in 2 minutes so to speak

  11. the large waves look great and feel like pirates of the caribbean

  12. I was actually planing for some time to try and make a pirate game. Also Sea If thieves is great but unfortunately I can't play it on a laptop.

  13. Not going to lie, this weirdly looks more fun than sea of thieves; very colorful and cute.

  14. Not gonna lie. The boat looks like The Sloop in sea of thieves

  15. you are a legend and a inspiration for me bro love your work. Sorry if mistaken in my English.

  16. Cool project. Made it to the end. Subbed.

  17. You should make it so the grappling hook can connect to cannons so you can get an easy board and it would look cool

  18. i was messioned in the devlog. cool. i did not mean it as an insult, it is a bit true tho. good work

  19. "It looks like sea of thieves" yeah because it's an unfinished game xD

  20. 1/5/2019 is the first time I ever played Sea Of Thieves, the same day you started work on this pirate game.

  21. i waiting to the game lauch cant i play him?

  22. Ways to make a good pirate game

    1. Full PvP server for people that just want to plunder and steal from one another
    2. A story mode for people that want an adventure involving pirating.
    3. Put a market out that players can trade with one another (in PvP servers would be interesting how they gouge each other for prices and try to nab things to have an advantage over others)
    4. A pirate crew as a guild though you can still mutiny against one another.
    5. All needed hands and roles for driving the ship. People to manage sails, the helmsman, a ship doctor, ship cook, powder monkey (cannon manage), captain who leads and distributes loot. Pirate captain starts the crew and can choose a quartermaster and first mate who has some levels of authority in the crew.
    6. Requirement to eat and drink to put challenges of carefully managing supplies before you go out to sea. Ammunition and other things are also things to limit how long you can stay out in sea and plunder.
    7. In PvP servers, players can also side with the Navy to capture and attack pirates for loot if they're better at such things.
    8. Third person
    9. Ship can be destroyed or drifted and lost in the vast sea. You can take refuge at an island and rebuild a new one if you got enough wood. This would require a shipwright and tools of course. Or get one built at a town.
    10. There will be neutral towns which you can sail to and start trading and do quests. But you can also get into fights with other pirate players (long as it's PvP server) but be warned you get attacked by the town guards as well. Just think WoW goblin towns

  23. I really hate people who think sea of thieves invented ships and pirates. I'm really interested in your game and development now!

    I'm considering making my own multiplayer pirate game, but it will be story based. I know its alot of work and will take a long time but that's my end goal at this point. I'm taking my time with it as a hobby and may have friends help develop. But you have inspired me more to keep going since you're working on something similar as an indie dev.

  24. I'm a bit late but…
    I think it would be cool to see ARK or Rust style building implemented in the game so you can make a small fortified island with a few people

  25. you should have a mechanic where tall waves put water into the ship

  26. As someone who just started unity courses to try to recreate last oasis, I appreciate these videos. I feel like you went down the same path of not being able to find a game to play and the ones that were out weren't even close to cutting it….. I have a long road ahead but this is a big motivation boost

  27. that looks so fun. im way too inconsistent to stick to a big project like that. i have tried before lol. my dream game is a tech-tree survival/exploration game, the hardest part being a sea of theives style FFT ocean simulation but adapted to work on a cube-sphere planet. I also need to figure out a reusable solution to quadtree LOD for both ocean and terrain on the cube sphere

  28. People saying your game is another game is a huge red flag

  29. 16:41
    "I was holding in laughter until you mentioned the Server-Time-OPtimization Joke. When you made the comment of "No one will find this funny", the S-T-OP joke's punchline made me question to myself: am I a nobody? As cool as stopping time in a pirate FPS would be, I cannot stop remembering the pain of working with Unity documentation pre-2021. Brackey's was an excellent Founding Father of Getting Gud at Unity University, and I would gladly give you an honorary title in my next game's Special Thanks for advancing the field of indie game development. I will like, subscribe, and superscribe in that order. "
    ~ HopScript
    ## PostScript
    *gg ez*

  30. Legends know this inspired sea of thieves

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