2 Years of Game Dev – Making a Multiplayer Pirate Game in Unity

In this video we take a look back at the last 2 years of game dev, which I spent making a multiplayer pirate game.

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In this video we take a look back at the last 2 years of game dev, which I spent making a multiplayer pirate game. From the early beginnings of working with a console app-based server and BepuPhysics, to experimenting with shaders, water simulation, and island generation, to the more recent additions of grappling hooks, this video summarizes the entire journey so far and shows what 2 years of indie game progress (might) look like.

If you’re new to the channel, this is a great way to get up to speed on development without having to watch ALL of my existing devlogs (although the last 2 are definitely worth checking out!). Working on this project has been a wild ride so far, with lots of mistakes and lessons that I learned along the way, and I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will be like!


  1. Which of my devlogs did you discover & watch first? Was this the first one? Let me know!

    Also I just spent 20+ hours editing this monstrosity of a video, and I'm exhausted. If you wouldn't mind smashing the like button, that'd help re-energize me 😉

  2. You've done so much work in 2 years and I hope you keep working on this awesome game. Great job Tom

  3. Tip of the day : dont make multiplayer game if you finished 0 projects (even offline ones). Ive been there. So many people dont know how much harder it is.

  4. Awesome video Tom! Great editing and video quality 👍

  5. When you look at the project long term you really see all the progress you've made! Hopefully this gives you even more motivation! Also what did you use to showcase your code in the 3d tilted view? :p

  6. Amazing project, how did you do the texture for the sky with stars (the nice one) because I am also making a game about sailing and I have problems making the night sky

  7. This is a Sea of Thieves copy this is not cool to Rare!!!11!

  8. Lets be honest, Sea of Thieves copied Tom. But anyways best video yet, great work!

  9. Do not care about these comments no, your game is getting very good and tends only to improve more over time ;p

  10. watching youre progress inspired me to start my own Unity multi-player game. Any tips for a new coder? (well except server in Unity LOL).

  11. Thx you sir, very good content, I've been since dev log 1. Keep it up!

  12. OHOOOOO BOY I love me some big progress videos 🙂 🙂 Nice stuff

  13. Anno 1503 is such a good game! And funnily enough, you mentioned this game today, the date being 15.03. LOL 😀

  14. Nice work it's incredible seeing the project develop over 2 years!
    I must say I'm fully with you on your opinion of Uni, currently there myself and I feel like a lot of it I could've taught myself and not be getting a ridiculous debt 😅

    Also wondering! Do you plan to add a weight mechanic to ships so if you fully deck your ship with cannons it moves slower or may sink?

  15. Congrats you've made loads of progress in the last 2 Years. I keep getting tempted to start my own Open world MMO RPG but watching your videos really helps in showing the obscene amount of work needed for it, Thanks

  16. I think your unity networking series was really successful (and i come from there as well). I heard you mention that you changed the code and there will be a new tutorial soonish, right?

  17. I’ve been watching your videos for since late 2019, and I just want to say that this game looks amazing. I really hope this channel picks up

  18. Always nice to see how it goes along the road 😉
    Wish you the best for your project, and keep having fun!

  19. are you going to update your multiplayer tutorial series?

  20. 4:36 Bruh. Does everyone else dislike mesh colliders so much that they're willing to spend hours placing a million box colliders in one object?!

  21. 9:08 Isn't everything? Isn't that just how virtual movement works?

  22. 13:09 thats why i go with AssetStore bro, i cant modelling 😂

    Oh ya btw, i love the fact that you reply every comment on your videos XD

  23. man I WISH I had been blessed with a foresight akin to yours… my experience with university in terms of game development was just a huge dumpster fire. Dealing with all these assignements just clogs up your timetable and you dont learn anything you could not learn elsewhere. BUT it has to be said that at least here in germany, nobody will employ you for anything without a degree.

  24. I don't know why you insist on your videos being boring! I find them extremely informative, focused in advanced topics which is something rather odd to find in youtube where most of tutorials are targeted to beginners. Keep up with the great work!

  25. Wow you made so mjch progress and now you have an amazing unfinished game I hope you keep up the motivation!!

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