4 NEW PS4 GAMES JUST REVEALED! Awesome Pirate RPG + Action RPGs!

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  1. Video look great! Take a look at my selection in my playlist!♥♥♥)

  2. Will the Chinese game be all thrillers no filler (will it look nice but suck) or will it rock my socks off (will it be awesome)?

  3. Bro slow down with your commentaries in the videos, its hard to follow what you're saying.

  4. I feel like playing Gwent after watching this.

  5. Maybe put the name of the games in the description lol wtf ate u talking bout sometimes 😂

  6. I just want a new Pirates of the Caribbean game for PS5. 💯🔥

  7. Man ypu need rp slow down your talking and take a psuse bereeen sentences. Everything you say runs together and its hard to follow.. you sound like a high schoolerreading a book report.

  8. Damn bruh, how do you regulate your breathing when talking like that 😂😂😂

  9. I like how a hacker with anarchistic
    tendencies was rebranded as a cyber-punk in the 1990's.
    I also find it interesting how the term has evolved since then and now any rag-tag group of up-starts can be (fill in the blank)-punk.

  10. King of seas seems like a low budget cross of pirates of the Caribbean and Assasins Creed Black flag?

  11. King of seas is not even real game on ps4 soo wtf

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