6 best pirate games every captain should play before Skull and Bones

If you’re looking for some plundering fun to fill the pirate void before Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones releases then these 6 games should definitely be on your Wishlists

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  1. The best pirate game's of all time is Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas, followed by Sid Miers Pirates! and last but perhaps not least AC IV: Black Flag. Port Royale 2 was pretty good for piracy as well…. If you enjoy any of those games do NOT waste your time with Sea Of Thieves

  2. If u want storyline and funny cutscenes sid meier s pirate is best ,black flag is great too

  3. To this day, all I've wanted was Pirates! redone in a AC4: Black Flag style n look hahaha

  4. Corsairs Legacy - гра про піратів та морські битви says:

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  5. Sea of Thieves is really the only option but it still has some major flaws I wish they would adjust: the combat system, more ships and customization than just 3, more incentive than just cosmetics and gold.

  6. sea of thieves ruined pirate games for at least 5 years, it'll forever be at the bottom of my list. it's literally nothing lmao just a cash shop and water.

  7. It is old but Sid Meier's pirates is really good

  8. Buccaners – Skyward digital – a polygon pirate SP simple adventure

  9. Sot would be alot better if we could have our own town/hideout to upgrade

  10. Margaret…..MAAAARGARET. Have we got any pirate memory games?

  11. Black flags the best and will never be beaten

  12. *6 pirate games you should play instead of skull and bones

    Don’t waste your money, skull and bones is gonna be a broken meas

  13. It's a shame that up to this day the only good modern non-isometric single-player RPG about pirates is AC IV: Black Flag.

  14. Ubisoft have exhausted all its resources to invent a new game. They are just giving us new enteries of previous franchises and expanded certain events/in-game mechanics to give us RB6 extraction as well as Skull & Bones

  15. The only game on your list, that makes it on my list, is Black Flag. I've been waiting decades and since the birth of video games, for that perfect pirate game, that most likely I'll never see in my lifetime.

    1) Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry
    2) Two Worlds 2: Pirates of the Flying Fortress
    3) Sea Dogs/Pirate's of the Caribbean (series)
    4) Age of Pirates (series)
    5) Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
    6) Pirates of the Burning Sea
    7) Tortuga (series)

    P.S. I also have zero interest whatsoever in Skull & Bones or any other Pirate ship Battle Royale simulator. What an insult of a game, to all pirate fans of the world!

  16. i think you meant to say instead of skull and bones

  17. Sorry….but there are five PotC films, not four…

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