7 Crazy Ways Video Game Pirates Were Punished By Developers

Did you know that it takes a whole team of developers working hours on end to make just one fully working, (majorly) error-free video game? Designers build up an entire ecosystem of the game from scratch, creating scenery, characters, and storyline. Coders spend hours writing thousands of lines of code to design a smooth game, and designers ensure that graphics give as realistically immersive an experience as possible.

So, when you have video game pirates who try to cheat and hack their way through a game, developers can get very angry — and rightly so — which is why some video game developers have come up with the most hilarious and creative ways of exacting revenge.

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Living on the edge | 0:00
Total terror | 2:19
For the birds | 3:00
Manual insertion | 4:17
Memory loss | 5:15
What a shame | 6:01
Oh, the irony | 6:40

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  1. why should I pirate games, when roblox devs already made them on roblox

  2. I'm fairly sure the fnaf one is a lie, I can't find it anywhere

  3. Pirates deserve to be in cam 1C of FNaF the "Pirates cove"

  4. Is playing the pirated game illegal or making a pirated game is illegal or a pirated game is someone who made the game for them self

  5. the second one isn't actually real. the freddy jumpscare frames aren't even on the title screen

  6. The FNAF pirated jumpscare is the reason I never tried to get a fake copy.

  7. I've pirated FNAF and played it legit a ton and never noticed any difference

  8. image you download a cracked game and launch it then start to play never gonna give you up

  9. I download a crack version of arma 2 just to be a bird.

  10. Only question.
    Where can I see this fnaf piracy jumpscare?

  11. I Still Remember GTA 4 Had One Of The Most Worst And Funniest Anti-Piracy…

  12. Why don't developers just seed the first copy of their game, like 1 second after release, and then jot down the IP's of anyone downloading (to catch the common idiots who pirate without a VPN), and have the game upload their deets to FBI servers and send a SWAT team to break everything in their home and arrest them, and their entire family?

  13. whats funny is that all these things were fixed like 15 minutes after it was cracked. the people who crack these games aren't dumbasses, unlike the AAA developers.

  14. The original Civilization had protection built-in. Within 20 or so minutes in a screen would reference a page in the manual. Most likely an onscreen graphic of a technology advancement was explained in detail on that page. The question was about advancements. If you played the game enough times or guessed well you would be allowed to continue playing. If not the game simply ended. If you took the time to you could print the manual. No matter what means you had gotten your copy.

  15. For any of y’all wondering, many of these are fake.
    Edit: MANY, not all lol

  16. Literally every anti piracy screen ever:you are a criminal!I will kill you now!
    Just shapes and beats:*calmly explaining about pirated games and about how you can make up for it*

  17. FNaF was made by one person, not developerS

  18. Just to make your day worse or better idk, the game dev tycoon "Mobile Version" is a bit better and the Pirate measure doesn't work.

  19. Yarr har fiddle dee dee

    Being a pirate is alright with me

    Do what you want cause a pirate is free

    You are a pirate! 🏴‍☠

  20. There was 1 Mario piracy screen, I believe it was Mario Odyssey idk which Mario game but it was 1 of them, where it slowly goes towards a pipe and when it gets a above view Mario jump scares the fuck out of the person. It's not just ur regular Mario either, he looks like he came up from the pits of hell.

  21. Don't kopy no floppy just go to your store and buy iy

  22. Anti piracy is scary, but media companies need money to pay taxes.

  23. Oh shit this is the giraffe non binary child dude isn't it

  24. 2:30

    2 seconds of research would tell you that FNaF 1-6 were created by a single guy. that's already a huge red flag that you just grabbed stuff off the internet without looking into it.

  25. Fnaf actually dosent have a anti piracy system

  26. It’s weird how everybody treats video game pirates as if they were computer hacker masterminds, when they’re really mostly made up of people who can’t actually afford the real thing and want to experience it all the same.

  27. If id make a game id rather make your pc crash or force to full screen and crash the pc

  28. If I developed a game, this would be the anti piracy screen: First, a jumpscare. Then, voice acting from me but I distorted it, saying “You shouldn’t have done that. You will be found and put in jail if you don’t report this pirated version of this game and get the real version, ya little criminal.” Then this would appear “Do you want to be honest and not get humiliated?” “We found a picture of you on google.” Then a chicken would appear.

  29. Probably my favorite form of video game anti-piracy comes from the PS1 version of Spyro: Year of the dragon. If you are playing a pirated copy, Zoe will fill you in. Afterwards, eggs start disappearing, and if you do manage to get to the final boss fight, your save file gets cleared of all progress while a loading screen says, “The adventure continues…”

    Ah yes, the adventure does continue. Forever.

  30. "What can I say? I'm a taker"

    Marauder tank

  31. I think there’s another anti piracy where the game just won’t work and it shows the golden Freddy jumpscare every time

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