7 Creepy and Real Anti-Piracy Screens

Creepy anti-piracy screens aren’t that hard to find. Creepy and real however is a different story. With a flood of fan-made creepy anti-piracy screens, I decided to dig out the real and unsettling ones hidden in games.

A huge shout-out to the Easter Egg Hunter. He has covered dozens of anti-piracy screens throughout his series and many of the ones found on this list can be found in his as well.
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0:00 Intro
1:13 Cuphead Anti Piracy Screen
2:55 Ocarina of Time Anti Piracy
4:00 Serious Sam 3 Anti Piracy
4:45 Gold Rush Anti Piracy
5:46 Gimmick Anti Piracy Screen
6:50 DJMax Fever Anti Piracy
8:00 Kings Quest 6 Anti Piracy

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  1. Funny thing about Serious Sam 3 is that people actually use pirated versions with the scorpion as challenge runs.

  2. Bruh that thumbnail scared the shit outta me, plus I'm home alone and it's night time.

  3. Enjoy everyone saying they have one sub even know 5000 people sub to the channel

  4. I was going to make a game with scratch but it wouldn't work out because I needed a scratch account. Now that I've watched this, I feel like I need to remake the game but with a anti piracy feature where the hero shoots you with a ak-47 every 5 mins of gameplay. The gun shots would put blood on your screen to block you from seeing what your doing. And after 100 shots, the game would ask you "hey, do you wanna claim the pirates pack with the following: chicken hat and baby bottle sheild?" And if you clicked "yes" your avatar would have the items you just accepted to have and ur character would stop shooting you.

  5. The_impersonater-Of-The_Non-Existent says:

    The cool Easter egg of gold rush is that Jesus is actually meant to be alive and he does come down to earth which is what happened we just say it was his first and last and we sacrificed him it's more so we sacrificed our own truth, our sight to all truth and knowledge. Jerrod Wilson may actually have been Jesus…

  6. If I ever made a spongebob type game for the anti piracy screen I would just add a picture of the "red mist" and put words saying "Stop."

  7. The song is only in reverserd if you except you do take the deal with devil

  8. 3:50 the ultimate get back on an anti piracy I have ever seen. You can play the entire game… but you don't get the satisfaction of beating it.

  9. Ocarina of Time anti Piracy is not that real
    It's just a glitch

  10. 2:00 This is fake. It's been confirmed by a developer and the art director 👍

  11. if i made a game, the anti piracy screen would only happen at the final boss, before you get to actually play the boss, during the cutscene, you will just hear the lazy town song "you are a pirate" faintly during the cutscene, slowly getting louder as if something was coming toward you, and when it gets to the max volume, a giant pirate ship will just crush the main character, while the boss fight just slowly backs up and goes offscreen, a pirate comes out of the ship saying: "Hey, dont pirate our games bruh, its a serious crime, also, actually play the demo instead, dont steal it, or… you could just buy the game when you actually can afford it! okay bye." and then somehow flies away.

  12. How exactly does the game know whether or not it's been pirated?

  13. cup head acualy has no anti piracy screen

  14. "Hey boss, why am I modelling this scorpion demon creature if it's not actually gonna be in the game?"

    "Just… trust."

  15. The cup head anti piracy is not real.
    The sound file is but it never played when you pirated the game
    The game actually has no dmr at all.

  16. Anti-piracy screens always have the ability to evoke such intense feelings of guilt along with the scare factors! You just know the game was supposed to be something of great childlike joy, adventure and curiosity, but you messed up. It's YOU who made it turn into this diabolical mess it now is.

  17. For Ring Fit Adventure it should display the heart attack screen falsely 😂

  18. I wish Minecraft doesn't have anti piracy or it will be game over

  19. If i made a game the anti piracy screen would straight up replace every single image with snick the porcupine

  20. Seeing some of the fake nintendo ones are just funny to me because i have the older games pirated (not to save money but because what else would you want me to do? Search the whole world for 1 or 2 old copies each priced 500 bucks or more because they havent been sold for decades?)

  21. If I ever make a REAL game I would make the anti piracy say IM GONNA KILL U with a goofy ahh pic of a random pair of scissors.

  22. 0:000:12 opening credits

    0:16 main character introduced

    1:14 main characters friends introduced

    4:08 bad guy introduced

    5:105:52 main characters dialogue

    5:53 main characters set out on journey

    17:31 bad guys plot is introduced

    30:34 plot thickens

    39:04 first person dies

    47:58 second and third characters die

    57:26 bad guy dies

    59:59 remaining main characters die for unknown reason

  23. if i'm honest, none of these are scary

  24. Here's a cool one! In Ace Attorney Investigations 2, if you were to pirate a copy, the whole game would be translated into Borginian, the native language of a made up Ace Attorney world country named Borginia. The cool part is that the game is still fully playable! Someone should do a borginian% speedrun lol

  25. Beta Mario is the best not even lying.

  26. I got rickrolled by a splatoon anti piracy screen

    Splatted by Rick Roller

  27. Cuphead obviously a real one because the piracy theme is in the files of the game.

  28. mfw the first example in "7 Creepy and Real Anti-Piracy Screens" is fake

  29. Edwwvdiwccccdoct8omblbd2. Ci2d cinto C3 hk 3d 2d vs1xxn2suxs1

  30. I think the scariest one was the black hole one just imagine playing a game and then the screen cuts to black with the words in creepy font black hole eeeeh

  31. I searched up how to interrupt sub-zeros creeping ice with scorpion and this came up. Very good video

  32. For cup head If u pirate the game click start and then it will just load for infinity and never open

  33. The cuphead anti-piarcy screen is fake. Studio MDHR didn't put one in.

  34. Funny I remember me and my friends pirating cup head in 2017 and we didn't had that ost well piracy do crack fast so

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