7 NEW PS4/PS5 Games Out THIS WEEK! New ACTION RPG, New Free UPDATE, New Roguelike + More New Games!

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Awesome NEW PlayStation Games Releasing this Week (MARCH 2023)


Citizen Sleeper With Free Purge Content Update

Saga of Sins

The Last Worker


Pirates Outlaws

Blade Assault

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  1. nah, this week is dope. every game doesn't HAVE to be triple a, brov.
    Also, how you gonna NOT mention the show, not to mention Chef life?

  2. I’m waiting to get dead space, colisto protocol, and re4 on sale

  3. All skips And

    Waiting for
    Beat saber sale yaha c'mon
    And finally 🙌 👏 😌 ❤️

  4. I'm more excited for this week than any remake/remaster from last gen. Give me new games!

  5. Burning SHORES begins.

    June's SF6 &, FF16
    Sept 7th: spiders man 2.

    Stellar blade.

    2024: REBIRTH
    Losts souls aside,
    Wolverine's to KH4 exclusive baby's.. superiority race Marches on…

  6. I have tried to contact Sony when the 7.00 system update went out I installed it on my ps5 fat now my 4tb ext hdd says it's corrupted but if I reboot my ps5 my ext hdd will work But the next time I turn my ps5 on its back to saying corrupted it will only work by rebooting what can I do

  7. Been playing pirates since 2016 on mobile. They sray adding stuff

  8. Can’t find Pirates Outlaws anywhere on the PS app. Not even in the Coming Soon section. Strange. Maybe I’m just missing it.

  9. Me waiting for more free games as we keep losing free games

  10. I'm a bit excited for Dredge. It looks really interesting.

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