8 Pirate Games That Are Exploding On Roblox

In this video I will be showing you 8 Pirate Games That Are Exploding On Roblox! Let me know if you like it guys and comment below you most favorite Roblox Game!🙂

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  1. 1:40 that is sebee (if you don’t know sebee let’s just say he’s pro)

  2. bruh thats not raft pirates thats the turbulent seas mate

  3. the thing is it says pirates but like 3 to 2 games are not pirate related at all. so there's small clickbait here.

  4. Me finding sea adventure game that have at least 1k player other than Blox Fruit and other one piece game

  5. Wish there were more pirate ganes that weren't one piece

  6. Plsssss play pirate tale guys you wont regret it

  7. Also try neo warfare x that is my favorite naval battle game

  8. this guy literaly watches people play pirate games, names them the wrong name, and he literaly plays a one peice game, which is worse than better ones

  9. the description is very, ✨🏰royal🏰✨

  10. Honestly this vid isnt that good, because the title says pirate games and most of them are just naval wars :/

  11. Ayo guys, why are you using Sebee's video in your video, it's not yours

  12. This guy forgot the game named tradelands…

  13. I suggest tradelands, very great pirate game with a great community

  14. bruh I recognize the beat from on of RIELL's songs

  15. if you do i'll like subscribe and turn on all notifications

  16. the clip for raft pirates is a completely different game to raft pirates, and the game that that clip is about is the one gad damn game im trying to find

  17. can u mention pirates vs ninjas its a rly well made combat pirate and ninja games with lots of classes and diffrent gamemodes

  18. When you said raft pirates you were showing footage of The Turbulent Seas

  19. why you using footage of the turbulent seas whilst talking about a raft game

  20. A pirates tale is my personal favourite game of these

  21. Pilfering pirates is the best "PIRATE" game. It's realistic..

  22. "Is this considered drift" 💀
    Drift King activated

  23. You got turbulent seas and raft pirates mixed up

  24. You also got battleship of battles mixed up with the dead ahead

  25. bruh some guy stole a piece of this video
    the part in raft pirates where he says about how u can hire a crew was stolen

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