8 Super Anti-Piracy Measures & Traps in Video Games! #2

Featuring: 8 Anti-Piracy Measures That Deal With Pirates in Video Games on The Easter Egg Hunter.
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A Special Thank You goes out to YouTubers Manthor and Dreamcastic for making this episode possible.

Manthor – Enter the Gungeon Anti Piracy Measure

DreamcasticChannel – Ooga Booga Anti Piracy Measure

Anti Piracy Measures

0:00 Intro
0:36 Gold Rush! Anti Piracy Measure
1:31 Cuphead Anti Piracy Measure
2:55 Ooga Booga Anti Piracy Measure
3:58 Mr Gimmick! Anti Piracy Measure
5:14 Serious Sam 3 BFE Anti Piracy Measure
6:46 Maniac Mansion Anti Piracy Measure
8:17 Enter the Gungeon Anti Piracy Measure
10:47 GTA IV Anti Piracy Measure

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  1. I’m just waiting to see developers Rick roll pirates

  2. It turns out the cuphead one is a rumour that went out of control but the song is real

  3. THe cup head one is scary, ima pirate the game just to listen to it lol

  4. Imagine if there are some games that rewards privacy

  5. Cuphead’s anti-piracy isn’t real, it’s just a creepy song left in by the developers. It’s crazy how much it blew up though

  6. 10:27 really I thought my phone shut off cause I have it set to make that sound

  7. i feel like mod the gungeon's anti-piracy can be easily avoided…

    as in… you have commands… that can give you stuff…

  8. The cup head anti piracy IS NOT REAL!

    This myth got started due to a unused sound file silently introduced in one of the updates or if it was there before

    Cup head is DRM free and is available on GOG and right now we don’t have a way to trigger it

  9. Cuphead is as CREEPY AS HELL!!!

  10. Pirated Cuphead's opening screen sounds like a rejected cave ambience of Metroid II – Return of Samus from the Gameboy.

  11. now we own enter the gungeon on switch and my brother wanted go get mod the gungeon but we already bought it on switch so he thought i'll just pirate it Ah it was funny

  12. I would just get the pirate gungeon game, I don't need a mod thing.

  13. Just gonna point this out, the Cuphead one is fake.

  14. The cuphead one is fake but the "antipiracy" music is used if you sell your soul to the devil I think

  15. In case you were wondering, the words that make the numbers, is the Konami Code

  16. Does emulating count as pirating?
    Edit: I'm talking about emulating old games like gameboy advance games or sega genesis.

  17. I make games on scratch but in the future I might start on unity and if I do every single game I make gonna have the same anti piracy thing
    1. you open the game but instead of saying made by roadrunner007 (scratch name, if I move to unity the name won't change probably) it will in huge text BRUH
    2. The intro will be replaced by never gonna let you down
    3. The title screen music will be replaced with that among us song (don't know the name of it) and the sound effects will be replaced with silver saying ITS NO USE
    4. When you get into the game the jumping and attack sound will be replaced with YEET
    5. Every 5 minutes the road runner from looney toons will run you over forcing the pirate to get to the end quickly the level quickly
    6. Check points will be deactivated
    7. The game will be much more harder with more enemies and less items
    8. At the end of level 7 a cutscene will play when the characters yeet you to outer space and it will show the text IMPOSTOR FOUND and then PIRACY IS A CRIME followed by REPORT THIS COPY TO ROADRUNNER007 and it will crash with a image of kermit the frog and the text above IT THE FROG MASTER WILL STARE INTO YOUR SOUL (okay the last bit is random).

  18. The cuphead one is fake lol how does a VERIFIED channel believe it lmao

  19. At least the pirated version of Cuphead was still playable tho

  20. The cuphead anti piracy measure isn't real. It was a fake mock up made by someone

  21. What if there was a way to pirate a game so well that you can still play the game as if you had payed but you had pirated it

  22. You'd think R* being the industry leader in gaming would come up with some new anti-piracy measures in their recent games.

  23. Well. This guy is full of shit cup head doesn't have an anti piracy thing.

  24. Enter The Gungeon has the most laughable anti-piracy measurement

  25. Idk why they care about pirating games so much. A lot of games arent worth any money at all

  26. Even though I was watching this on my non-Microsoft phone, my computer powered down, no other non-Mac computers nearby, that crash audio still gave me a double take.

  27. Isn't the cuphead anti-piracy fake?
    Correct me if i am wrong and send a link to proof if you have any

  28. house on the haunted hill piracy check is also good

  29. How do you get a known pirate copy of Enter the Gungeon when the game (on Steam) is semi-DRM free?

  30. The Enter the gungeon anti piracy one is pretty damn funny

  31. I own a copy of Maniac Mansion on the "Classic Collection" Adventure CD-ROM. The massive, steel security door always puzzled me because it was always open, and aside from selecting it, I couldn't interact with the door or the keypad in any way. I only later found out about the self-destruct sequence much later on. Funny enough, the same thing happens during several game over events, like draining the pool without refilling it or turning all power to the house off.

  32. Great video! But the Earthbound one that you mentioned at #4 (before talking about the Mr. Gimmick one) is actually a little worse than you said. It also generates significantly more enemy sprites than you would normally run into, to the point of being extremely annoying, extremely difficult to beat, and making the game lag. Then it lets you fight half of the final boss fight (which is pretty difficult and lengthy) before it crashes and deletes your save file.

  33. I have a Dreamcast, it had some great games… Several of which I had to buy pirated copies of games because several of the legit games I bought wouldn't play because it said they were pirated.

  34. I really wish you could see comments on the “You are a pirate” music video because I’m sure for the people who know about Mod the Gungeon they probably would’ve commented; “POV: You pirated Mod the Gungeon”. I know I would.

  35. cuphead one is fake! look at Tech Rules video!

  36. The Cuphead anti piracy has been Debunked by the Developers so you might wanna update bout that Easter Egg Hunter

    It was all BS for the community , there is no anti piracy for cuphead

  37. Ahoy, Me Hearties! I have just released my 3rd Anti Piracy Measures in Video Games episode and if you would like to watch it, here is a link.
    7 Super Anti-Piracy Measures & Traps in Video Games!


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