8 Super Anti-Piracy Measures & Traps in Video Games! #2

Featuring: 8 Anti-Piracy Measures That Deal With Pirates in Video Games on The Easter Egg Hunter.
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A Special Thank You goes out to YouTubers Manthor and Dreamcastic for making this episode possible.

Manthor – Enter the Gungeon Anti Piracy Measure

DreamcasticChannel – Ooga Booga Anti Piracy Measure

Anti Piracy Measures

0:00 Intro
0:36 Gold Rush! Anti Piracy Measure
1:31 Cuphead Anti Piracy Measure
2:55 Ooga Booga Anti Piracy Measure
3:58 Mr Gimmick! Anti Piracy Measure
5:14 Serious Sam 3 BFE Anti Piracy Measure
6:46 Maniac Mansion Anti Piracy Measure
8:17 Enter the Gungeon Anti Piracy Measure
10:47 GTA IV Anti Piracy Measure

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  1. Haha. . .I've downloaded my fair share of pirated games too back in the day. . . and I did get SOME anti piracy measures. . .

  2. I pirated Cuphead and Etg(without the mod) and nothing of that happened

  3. ive downloaded pirates of games my entire life and nothing ever happend

  4. That serious sam one was actually kinda funny ngl

  5. I'm not against piracy, because I live in a fucked up country that video games are taxed and get expensive, but I love how the devs of these games made it harder for the hackers hahaha

  6. If i could do a anti-piracy thing to a game, i'd 100% make it a rick roll

  7. I cracked enter the gungeon when i had no cash and it worked perfectly. None of that happened.

  8. i remember pirating cuphead and it doesnt sound like that

  9. The enter the gungeon one is the best one for me just because it was done by the community

  10. Meanwhile Darkwood developer Acid Wizard Studio uploaded the 1.0 version torrent in piratebay

  11. Game dev: "put anti piracy"
    Pirates: Challange accepted

  12. It's just so hard to protect games from pirates. I mean a game is "created" so there is always a way to reverse engineer it

  13. This is darn good to watch. Thankyou for your content

  14. An I the only one that wants a pirated copy of cuphead after learning that

  15. Imagine having an anti piracy in place so intense, that it swats their house.

  16. GTA IV didn't do this with me when I cracked it

  17. ngl that crashing sound for enter the gungeon legit scared me

  18. I would make the game play normally, then cut to a graphic torture scene with screams, the goal being to scar the theif

  19. The amount of people who not only openly admitted to pirating games. But also proud of it.. I'm not sure how I feel about this

  20. You can beat the mod enter the gungeon boss but your just ass at the game

  21. I got cuphead free but never heard the dont_deal_with_the_devil666.mp4

  22. My game (Pirated version) would have 7 instead of 6 characters to survive from (Fnaf Fangame) and 7th one would be me but in pirate costume and when i jumpscare the player (after 10 seconds for nothing) not only it crashes the game, they get sent to You are a pirate video, BUT ALSO AI of animatronics would be forever one more EVERYTIME you do ANYTHING in the office.

    and also i would sent them to not pirated version

  23. Man good thing I never pirated something

  24. Spyro had insane copyright protection, listing every one of them would be a video by itself.

  25. Pirate is legl in my country, but ilegal tu buy full game in store XD

  26. I am kinda glad that the people who crack the games fixes these issues for pirates XD

  27. But how does a game know it’s being pirated tho? Is the question

  28. That cuphead bit isn't actually relevant anymore

  29. Pirate the mod that protects the game from being pirated,simple job bruh

  30. I like how i got a ad for Serious Sam 4 is sort of funny

  31. Imagine if someone made a game that punishes the people that pirated it by rickrolling them.

  32. I have actually bought gta4 and whenever I install it I get that drunk effect

  33. There was one gamedemo the Developer put on Pirate Bay on purpose to be pirated. In the end it was a huge 1000 IQ brain move since then people went to buy the full game and he made insane profit off of it…

  34. I almost pirated Danganronpa V3, but then my copy arrived the next day lmao

  35. I thought Undertale had one. Really seems like a Toby Fox thing don't you think?

  36. Your channel gives me generic channel (CBR The Richest, Screen Rant, etc. ) Vibes

  37. Makes me wanna pirate cuphead, the sound tracks sounds better ngl

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