A complete history of pirates in games

The humble pirate has been a staple of videogames for as long as artists were able to render digital cutlasses. And with two massive pirate games in the spyglass for 2018, now seems like the perfect time to sort the hopeless lubbers from the able seamen.

Glug your grog and hoist your jolly rogers, as we set sail for the complete history of pirates in games.

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  1. Did anyone play a old pirate ship game with a grid 4 teleporting whirlpool and sea serpents I need to find it was on and website I don’t know the name of when I played it as a kid and some other games also there’s this game I played on a tan computer the game had a spawning platform and a figure you can put on the platform. The figure had cat like ears circle head and big feet. And the gameplay was Birdseye view and left to right I wish I could find these games I used to play

  2. Why there is sooo many dislikes???

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  4. La gente que no da a like es porque no entiendo de piratas. Very good.

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