A Pirate Quartermaster – (Ship Management Game)

A Pirate Quartermaster:

Put yourself in the shoes of a quartermaster. Come and discover the real life of a pirate, a man who has left the tyrannical but honest world of kings and emperors in order to sail in equality and freedom.

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  1. Thanks for your presentation! I am glad you liked the experience.For those who think you have to assign the sailors to a station every watch, the sailors keep the station they had on their last working watch.About the typing part, I know it's weird for a lot of players, but for me, it was a way to make you feel the panic of a combat situation coupled with the expression of orders. It's impressive at first, but once you've mastered the orders, the behaviour of the captain and the enemy ships, it's much more accessible than you think.I made game design choices in order to raise awareness about the mentality and management of a pirate ship. A piracy mainly inspired by that of the Caribbean in the 18th century.

  2. Someone should make a game that is a mix of sid meiers pirates, Assassins creed black flag and this game all in one to make the best pirate game of all

  3. This man sounds like he snorts a pound of cocaine before making videos. Stumbling over his words every 2 second and mashing 40 of them into a sentence.

    Reviews great games too 😉

  4. The idea is cool but the typing based combat just looks really tedious and annoying.

  5. The excessive micromanagement of this game looks like a giant pain in the butt.

  6. Wow. Pirates have death and dismemberment employment insurance.

  7. seems like it has promise but:
    1) assigning the crew daily is an unnecessary pain
    2) should not have to assign crew to load and unload when in port
    3) typed commands in battle are a deal breaker.

  8. I see Nookrium trying a pirate ship management game…
    I think to myself : "Cool, maybe something to fill that "Sid Meier's Pirate game" ..
    Watch Video …..a typing micro management game with way too much emphasis on hitting orders on your keyboard.
    Wtf ….

    Got nothing against this game and the idea behind it, but I mean, come on, arent we due for a "sequel" of Sid Meier's …pffff

  9. It's "Jibe". When sailing into the wind ("reaching"), and you cross the wind, you're "tacking". The main boom slowly moves 10 to 15 degrees, from one side of the wind to the other. When sailing downwind ("running"), and you cross the wind, you're "Gybing". The main boom immediately swings 120 to 150 degrees very quickly when you cross the wind. Gybing is a routine maneuver, but it is very dangerous, and everyone on board needs to know in advance that the boom will be swinging at a very high speed. In smaller ship sailing (50' and below), an unannounced gybe is the main cause of injury (and fatality), as people tend to go in the water with severe concussions and broken bones. In a place like the San Francisco Bay where the water is cold, you have 5 to 15 minutes to rescue a sailor from the water before their limbs go numb and they can no longer assist in their own rescue. Safe piloting requires regular rehearsal and practice of sailor-overboard drills to the point of tedium.

  10. More please! I am def gonna buy this game in October. Lovin it.

  11. Everything looked good besides the combat. Geez what were they thinking. Will not be adding this to my wishlist. Thanks for showing us Nook.

  12. I'm pretty good at typing but that combat typing looks extremely tedious. What an odd game mechanic. And I'm all for micromanaging, and the realistic sailing looks interesting, but that typing thing just kills it for me.

  13. Might be cheating, but wonder how this would play using voice attack, so you repeat the orders of the captain verbally rather than typing

  14. The typing thing kills this one for me, I'm slower than Nook is, lol.

  15. Anyone can tell me where to find a "slave city" (with this dead body on ship. In second game i travel all the world and can not find such city (to slave quest) :). I suspect it is in one of cites i started game but unfortunately one nation hate me ("Raid") and can not go to these several cities :).

  16. POV : players realize. That there is a option to disable typing.

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