A Pirate’s Tale – Launch Trailer

A new ROBLOX game from the developers of “Before the Dawn”. A Pirate’s Tale is an open-world Pirate game set in the fictional world of the “Cursed Seas”. Battle other players, explore for lost treasure and go up against fearsome enemies on your quest to become a notorious Pirate.

It is a spiritual successor to lando64000’s original “A Pirate’s Life” game.

Tell your tale on 5/4/2018!

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  1. theres this game trailer on roblox like this im trying to find, its like some medieval pirate game where you fight monsters each round

  2. Actually one of the best roblox games. I hope the update will come soon if you are working on it. The biggest problem of the game is the lagg and the bugs

  3. I’ll be sad to see the old apt go but hopefully the new one can be even more amazing

  4. Soy latinoamericano así que no se como jugar pero lo jugue y es divertido

  5. Can't wait for the remaster!

  6. Lets hope the remaster includes a ridiculios amount of optimizations too

  7. sea of thieves i cant playing NOW I CAN PLAYINNGG IN ROBLOOOX

  8. please work on this game more, theres so many bugs and i recently started playing it again but i cant respawn when i die, please fix this atleast i love this game

  9. I literally spent an hour grinding for galleon and got fked by shark and now it’s gone
    I’m sad

  10. This is one of the best roblox games I have ever played

  11. So much potential…

    The recent patch for the 3 major game breaking bugs has got my hopes up once again, I would love to see the remake come out.

  12. All the other games are just not as good and as pro as dis one I love this game but the problem is is THAT ITS DEAD = no one plays it = IM ALWAYS BY MYSELF 🙁

  13. The best game ever and because it’s so good it laggy well not to bad but hell even cod isn’t as bad as this game this game is good enough optimised for suck a huge game

  14. Still waiting for the remake.


  15. Nostalgic am here in 2022 i check the game now is 0 active

  16. How am I only just finding this now, so amazing

  17. Man back when I played this game like crazy

  18. I have a theory that this may be connected to murch's and val's timeline :]

  19. To anyone that doesn't know, the roblox game A pirate's tale was gonna have a remake but they cancel it, I have no clue of why they cancel a potential game, I'm a old player who use to play this amazing game, sorry for some who didn't get a chance to play this legendary game, for this who play it, a pirate's tale would forever be remembered as one of the greatest pirate's game out there, rest in peace 🌺 A pirate's tale🌺

  20. i missed the old days when the game was so good and i had crew with my friend it was really fun playing this game sadly no remake 😭

  21. How many of yall excited that aurek is remaking this game

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