Ace Ncobo and Phumudzo Manenzhe analysis of Maart Goal


  1. Gomes is always talk of the town. He saw this but chose to ignore that foul. I hate the guy, we lost the game because of him

  2. Thank you Mr Ngcobo they normally bought referees we all know that

  3. I also saw this but there is nothing wr could Mr Gomes has spoken

  4. My take o this is that Chiefs has won their cup this weekend it is called Derby cup, lets see what happens to the end of the season

  5. thts not our problem we won the game ….because they control their mouth let them talkπŸ˜‚

  6. Ndlondlo is short if it was Mosele it would have been on the shoulder, let's look at the tussle between Sibisi and Mshini in the box how he stood firm while being pushed by Sibisi, Sibisi couldn't go shoulder to shoulder with because he is too short

  7. ace ngcobo really dsnt like chiefs…..this is a contact sport

  8. Football yes it's a contact sport but for me to be honest it's a foul Billiat comes behind Ndlondlo nd pushed him straight foul He didn't go the ball he went straight to the player

  9. Ndlondlo is too short his face was just close to billiats hand and billiat wasn't using the hand

  10. Besides the hand to the face, billiat had no intentions to play the ball he went straight to ndlondlo.

  11. We don't care 3 points in bag when the decision goes the other way we just continue like nothing happened

  12. Look at the pirates player he has bent down to the potition of Billiat'hand ,that hand is a closed hand ✊ ,he is not even trying to hold the player ,the guy didnt even appeal ,because there was nothing wrong with the play

  13. No it is a goal pirates scored two goal against sundown which was out of the line, pay back time

  14. These refs need to start getting fines or suspended as a punishment. Otherwise there is no point discussing these instances as they happen too many times like they don't care.

  15. Ey syabonga yaz inkinga wukuth abanye abant abalaz ibhola Yi foul Leya, syaz angeke kshintshe lutho ngoba ureffery uthe yigoli, nathi siyi pirates sjwayele ukuwisa abant Ku 18 wethu kungajajwa ….we understand BT abant abayeke ukulwa Uma Ku analys ibhola, leyamta ayidingi ace ngcobo umunt nje owaz Ibhola uzobona kuth ikhona foul before igoli

  16. I do understand what Mr Ace Mapholoba but why the player of the pirate he already failed to control the ball and the hard was on the chest of Biliaty

  17. SOURGRAPES EXCUSES and SHEER NONSENSE by both PHUMUDZO MANENDZHE and ACE NCOBO in a FUTILE attempt to UNDERMINE Yusuf Maart's PHENOMENAL WORLD-CLASS GOAL ; or that it happened under QUESTIONABLE circumstances .
    Phumudzo Manendze is an OPPORTUNIST who always fishes for his IMAGINED EXCUSES in DEFENCE to any LOSS for ORLANDO PIRATES .
    I LOST all CONFIDENCE on Ace Ncobo when he FAILED to convince CAF or FIFA after SAFA lodged an APPEAL after our NATIONAL TEAM was BOOTED-OUT of a CAF COMPETITION .
    Why should we believe these 2 Musketeers Ncobo and Manenzhe ? .

  18. Kahle Ngcobo ukuzama ukunabukelisa into nje engekho usonela into enhle kanje.

  19. That is not a foul if u check well biliat never take a hand to the opponent but opponent took his face to wats biliat s face,if u see the hole picture biliat was already in a front of the opponent,quiet sometime the professionals can make also wrong decisions but we understand because they are also human being

  20. This referee is bias and I don't understand why they keep on giving him durby games he is so irritating this Coloured guy is so annoying games πŸ™„ and this is not the first timeches doing this to Pirates he's so bias referees like nyanyisa

  21. Ndlondlo felt Billiat then started leaning, y'all reaching

  22. Uyaboza Ndlondlo, no need to keep the ball while in under pressure…

  23. This is embarrassing there was no foul there even pirate player ND Ndlondlo himself didn't apeal bcs they didn't apeal coz they see nothing wrong tht was spot on

  24. Billiat held his hand closser to his body, so Ndlondlo being short is not Billiat's Foult….

  25. Was it a foul or a player falling on Billiat sorry Mr Spot on this time you were not so spot on

  26. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣foul

  27. Kaizer Chiefs Fans turning on their 12th Player now πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ aksase wu Mr Spot On manje?

  28. Victor Gomes must stop officiating derbys nje

  29. There was no foul that is disgusting from Supersport analyst

  30. Where Billiat his hand should be because it was at running position and his and Ndlondlo's height makes it look like pushing at face.

  31. South african football really needs VAR and this kills the game when refs such big mistakes. Psl can afford that technology. Pls this game is life to so many people including supporters.

  32. Like Brenda fassie once said Mr Ace Ncobo too late for mama πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. Poor analysis. That guy's face is on Billiat's hand.

  34. I was not surprised, we have a crisis of referees 8n this country, ppl say nobody appeal for a foul, what a stupid thing to say, u don't blow the whistle just because ppl are appealing, even if they don't appeal, it does not give the referee to allow a play on, its a disgrace, teams are going to suffer under such referees and he is going to the World Cup Nogal, I can do better.

  35. The problem with Chiefs, Pirates and Sundowns players is that, they are going down cheaply and they always knows the referee will blow the whistle. Ace Ngcobo, Daniel Bennett, Jerome Damon, were best referees but sometimes they were failing to see similar incidents.

  36. If that's the case, we benefited and have no shame

  37. How can a reasonable person say that it was a foul when 5 categories of people think not…

    1. Ndlondlo himself never appealed
    2. The Pirates players never complained
    3. The Pirates fans kept quiet
    4. The Lineman didn't think there's an infringement
    5. The Ref himself saw nothing wrong

  38. Phumudzo is in pains…how can he say Billiat did not have intention to play the ball?The only problem there was Ndlondlo had bent down maybe because of his short height…but incidents like that are very usual…Players always shove each other whenever they try to get between each others and the ball.

  39. Ndlondlo didn't see that Billiat is coming, and there was no behind tackle, Billiat took the ball, that's all. The referee was 100%

  40. Referees judge easy fouls in dstv premiership. Just watch other leagues eg premiere league, la Liga,serie A. Besides dstv players they fall down easy,they need to be strong and protect the ball. And again the ball goes out of play easy(too much throw ins)which disturbs the flow of the game. Lazy lazy lazy players

  41. That fact that billiat played the men instead of the ball is quite poor

  42. Manenzhe is being disingenuous Ndlondlo was bundled off the ball and he didn't even protest or stay down he quickly stood and showed no signs of any pain.Throughout the game it happened ,Kwinika also put his hand on Saleng's chest,Ngcobo was bundled off the ball several times to even suggest Khama didn't go for the ball is baffling to say the least.IF it was given as a foul it would've been the softest foul ,players should learn to stood their ground in close contact situation or else players will fall down easily, guys like Messi always stand their ground that's why even opponents ended up being the ones falling down instead of him because he stays his ground .He must rewind the footage and see how quickly Ndlodlo rises,as for Khama the man went for a 50/50 challenge and came out top and fed the ball to Maart,Ndlondlo was in two minds whether to turn or look for a pass and Billiat read the situation very well he didn't go for a foul there were too many Chiefs players around Ndlondlo to be of any threat why? would Billiat go there with no intention of not winning the ball but commit when there is no danger at all

  43. Senzo should save that goal we miss you Senzo 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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