Aladdin II Sega Genesis pirate game no death 60fps

Best viewed in 60 fps (only available on HTML5 player). Unlike some pirate games, this one is actually quite playable, although not nearly as fun as the real Super Nintendo version.


  1. Animation needs some touching up and sound is just awfull and needs more work.. Still a great effort tho.. Alot of hrs. goes into it..

  2. It still feels kinda broken… I take it back, even thought it's kinda playable it's still a quite broken game. It's almost like they did an okayish game by mere accident

  3. You do know that this is a homebrew port of the original snes Aladin right…not being sarcastic just wasn't sure I'f you knew that from how I interpreted your comment

  4. some nice Mega Drive graphics tbh! 😀

  5. Надо же так игру испоганить.1я часть лучше

  6. I wish they pirated the original Sega Mega Drive Aladdin. Where I live you mostl can get your hads on the pirated products (especially after the era of 8 bit is outlasted), so instead of getting the original awesome Sega game I only got this shitty port.

  7. SNES game but with shit graphics and sound.

  8. This is a damm good port,even the music is not to bad .

  9. Happy music is playing during lava levels? Makes no sense. It should sound sinister. LOL!

  10. 🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌🕌
    I count 9 palaces in the 3rd level.

  11. This crap makes Hummer Team's port to the NES look even more impressive, especially in terms of controls and physics (yes, they were pretty flawed in Hummer's port too, but not to such extent, cause in this port they are just downright broken, compared to the original version and even Hummer Team's port). And they were not even tried to port the soundtrack from original version (unlike Hummer Team) and just reused music from some of their previous games.

  12. Para ser una versión pirata zafa, al menos me gustó mas que la pirata de Pockemon, han mejorado bastante.. Mas que nada en cantidad de niveles salvo ese sonido horrible que hace al juntar los diamantes lo hace super trucho jaja

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