Animal Trainer – Pirates Games (HD)

Animal Trainer – Pirates Games (HD)


  1. So fcuking emotional and yet so fcuking true…
    Brought tears to my eyes…

  2. 2:06 omg takes the emotion to the top! The bassline and vocal/lyrics are just perfection

  3. had to replay again and again and had to playlist!  ..and subscribe^^

  4. The vocals take this to another level, brilliant.

  5. Bi şarkı bu kadar iyi coverlanabilirdi!Mükemmel!

  6. Who owns the copyright to this anyway? There's a lot of piracy going on or something

  7. Weeknd's version is crap compared to this masterpiece!

  8. It's from The weeknd "Wicked games" cover by Coeur de pirate

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