Another Top 10 Games That Trolled the Cheaters & Pirates!

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Two can play at that game, matey. Companies are getting awfully creative when it comes to protecting their IPs, and these are another batch of the best ways that companies used DRM, special errors, deliberate glitches & bugs, clever deception and brilliant irony to stop people from illegally reproducing, copying, cheating in or otherwise ruining their games! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Games That Trolled The Cheaters & Pirates!

00:28 #10. This Silly Copy Message
01:04 #9. Banhammer Time
01:47 #8. An Honest Warning
02:30 #7. Viruses
03:14 #6. A True Ear Assault
03:54 #5. Cheater Segregation
04:40 #4. Everything Explodes
05:19 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. The Spyro one is awesome. Imagine how pissy they were getting returning to the start instead of entering the last boss🤣

  2. GAME : play by my rules!!!
    GAME : 🔌😑

  3. I didn't expect spyro in this video..
    Atleast it one of my fav games

  4. Yeah cross days should be thankful they are over in Japan in America even if you pirated the game cross would still get punished for steal personal data, photos, and etc. those rules aren’t in Japan so they are fine.

  5. Honestly that Cross Days one feels like a major dick move. Yeah pirating games is bad, but I think sending out private and personal information is worse.

  6. I’m being honest, I tried getting a cracked version of Garry’s Mod. Don’t worry, I didn’t get the error. Instead, the game didn’t open. Don’t know why that happens when that wasn’t something for piracy protection. So I bought the game. A few years later, I opened the REAL Garry’s Mod and I can’t open the menu. By opening the menu, I mean that when I get into the world and I press Q, The menu doesn’t open.

  7. I pirated a lot of games but I didn't encounter this thing.

  8. I pirate games all the time, nothing has ever happened to me

  9. In Revenge of the Titans (top-down tower defense game), your money is directly tied to enemy HP, speed, and damage. Got a cheat that gives you 1 million dollars? Congrats, enjoy invincible enemies rushing your defenses with blinding speed, and one-hit kill attacks.

  10. No, invading privacy to that level is not okay, not even against pirates.

  11. For the Permanent Eye-Patch Thing, they shouldve done it on a first-person-view game… OOOOFFFFF

  12. ….. Just commenting to make the comment section complete 1k

  13. hears Spyro music
    Welp. Time to dust off the old PS1

  14. I’m more annoyed by the incorrect use of “your” at 1:08. Unless that was meant to further piss off pirates? Hmm. Not a bad idea. Burn them and prove them not worthy of proofreading!

  15. Imagine a game that trolls the pirates and cheaters with jumpscares

  16. Was the Spyro games made by the same people that made Skylanders or did the developers of Skylanders get legal rights to put Spyro in their games.

  17. Business model: Delete the save file, get the player fed up and not looking forward to buy any of the developers next games.

    It took some time for developers to realize that.

    Games should be fun, and if the player thinks cheating and having an advantage against the AI is fun then let them do it

  18. Emulator PowerISO file counts as pirated?

  19. Dumb people doesn't know which crack is good

  20. WTF THAt was it . OMG I finally found it i downloaded a pirated version of C&C red alert 2 and everyone died within 5 sec

  21. Civilization did the same thing that command and conquer did with but with Gandhi bombing you

  22. i can still easily bypass,fix,modify and reprogram this 🙂 and the pirated version of crossday
    malware program i can use this against them :😗

  23. the banjo game file thats easy to counter justbmake a copy of ur save file when thw part when u didnt cheat

  24. Hah I can't even get a game for free I'm only playing roblox………. Uff I-I m fine….. I'm a loser

  25. Ever notice how only crappy games get witty anti-piracy measures?
    Gotta make the game memorable somehow, I guess…

  26. Pirates must have an antivirus because, the game anti-piracy may give you malware

  27. I kinda wanna pirate Max Payne 3 just for the eye patch tbh. Looks pretty cool. But I ain't no criminal

  28. "Thats (not That's) all the levels of Pugsy your (not you're) allowed to play". Wow. Just….wow.

  29. I wonder if it is possible to get the eyepatch without pirating the game

  30. Now im playing alan wake pirate copy.. i have the legal game on EGS but i just cant download it(theres a reason for it) but.. i didnt get the eye patch?

  31. I want to have a talk with the person who pirated the Micheal Jackson game

  32. Rubber dildo with a pulley in the middle says:

    Whoever wrote "your allowed to play" deserves all the piracy they can get.

  33. Oh CD Projekt RED, how the mighty have fallen.

  34. These are all shit games nobody pirate anyways.

  35. Nazis STILL Hate Me (and Here's Why) says:

    Some of those tactics used by video game developers to stop pirates are in the same light as God cursing toxic human beings who try to cover up an inability to mature past ego with a facade that ends up trying to hurt others to look good in comparison. God does that by having them observe how toxic they are through the universal law that allows the observer effect to work. They can only be wrong when their brain isn't observing it so God left an waster egg for those trying to cheat at like through the conscious causing them to drown in an avalanche of emotional insecurity and depression that they can neither understand or control. So it works like this, EVERY single action is 1. never enough and 2. puts them back at square one with 3. Even more problems when they were too dumb and weak to fix the problems they already had

  36. “Your allowed to play”. It’s “you’re allowed to play”.


  38. So that's what happened to my Spyro file when I was 9 lol

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