Anti-Piracy in Nintendo 64 Games | Zelda, Banjo, DK64 + more (N64)

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In this video DidYouKnowGaming takes a look at anti-piracy measures in several Nintendo 64 titles, such as Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, and the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Special thanks to all the data miners and curious individuals who researched these anti-piracy measures on TCRF and beyond, including Jrra, Ferrox, and RyanDwyer.

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  1. I'm in love with the content you guys are creating

  2. Excelent video, DYKG has been really good in the last 2-3 years.

  3. datadyne HQ soundtrack has no business sounding so dope.

  4. Feedback? Segments on lesser known, weird games or controversial games would be interesting

  5. Honestly I just feel sorry for the kids whose family members got them pirated copies of games since it's cheaper and the kid had no idea until something like this happened…

  6. Its really heartwarming to see that Polygon "journalists" are still getting jobs recording gameplay for DYKG.

  7. 1:38 I'd object to that, especially the european version had a lot of crashes around that time and even switches you were supposed to shoot not working. Noclipping through wouldn't help because the crashes would get more frequent with progress. I could debate if the US version was even nastier since the crashes started on the last few levels…
    Which meant I had to enjoy the game in all its SCART Quality glory…

  8. I really like the casual chats at the ends of these extras videos, I don't want to miss them, I'd like more playstation themed videos I feel the nintendo videos online in general are disproportionate to what people are playing and what they grew up with
    Give me the sega history timeline I'm clueless and only learnt about the saturn being a thing from this channel

  9. Feedback: You guys are doing amazing!! I love all the in-depth coverage the channel has been doing. I think you guys are my top channel of 2021.

  10. I remember the things that occurred in Zelda. Back then I thought, crappy emulation was at fault. In order to handle the impassable bars, I left and reentered the scene, and then they would disappear. However by doing so, the timer would run out, so I used game genie codes to boost the time.

  11. Was that the Sherminator at the start of Jelliman?

  12. Yup I love you guy's and your voices and humor, and these are some if my favorite videos on the web! I like to go back in time if no new uploads I've missed so much since I'm newer to youtube!

  13. I tried to play through banjo tooie and it would start glitching after awhile

  14. I love this channel, I’ve always loved this channel, I’ll probably always love this channel. How’s that for feedback?

  15. Hopefully you're still looking for feedback, I'm enjoying the channel and literally anything is on the table. While I'd like more playstation franchises covered, I understand nintendo is probably your bigger source of views.

    Also, I liked did you know movies and food! I'm not sure if you're ever going to put out new content for those, but I really enjoyed those channels.
    As for gaming, again, playstation franchises (as in ones on playstation, not strictly sony)
    What about interesting implementations of internet in games over the years? Different credits scenes in games? You guys always make good content and I like all the videos you've put out.

  16. I do miss guests on the show. Still love this channel though

  17. i enjoy the channel once in a while… just the titles can be misleading some times

  18. The translations of the pokemon books are really cool

  19. I always appreciate your channel. It’s always fun to tune in and learn something new. Especially with this, I got an N64 over Christmas. So now I know what to watch for on preowned games!!

  20. This has been one of the most consistent gaming channels that I have watched over the years. I love the video style and I love that it hasn’t seen serious changes over the years and it is always something I can rely on when I want a gaming fix.

  21. Is it just you and Gregg? I always thought DYKG was like a big office of employees doing this like Rooster Teeth or IGN. Of course not as but, uh yeah you guys seem more like a legit company doing this than like a Scott the Woz or PBG.

  22. I doubt they'll see this comment but anywho, the channel overall is still at it's prime. Still learning more about my favourite games and many games I never heard of, knowing more trivia about old consoles. This channel is still bloody amazing.

  23. @DidYouknowGaming: what thing that confused me with legal emulator made by the company itself, like for example Nintendo 64 nintendo switch online, how would that properly check for anti-paracy since their is no physical ship, unless that ship is emulated, or the game might glitch since their is no ship detected, and be mistaken for a pirated copy when it is not. N64 nintendo switch online expension pack, does not have it region locked, so you can play it from a different region without an issue.

  24. Your information is interesting and your voice is soothing. Keep it up.

  25. I got a copy of Banjo Tooie that periodically deletes one of my savefiles. I had always assumed the previous owner had done some sort of hacking that triggered this as a defense measure. I was still able to beat the game by continuously copying to other savefiles as backup, but it was a constant threat that the next time I'd boot it up, the file I'd been using could be gone before I had a chance to copy it.

  26. This is why Nintendo hates emulation on PC considering it perfectly emulates their systems.

  27. I had a one pirated game, 007 Goldeneye, if you boot iit with an adapter, all settings were set at 0, meaning no sound, no music, no crosshair, and no save files. But if you use another game on the back of the adapter, say Super Mario 64, it woulb run just like the original, but you wouldn´'t be able to play SM64

  28. I was watching this without audio and without looking at the description: I legit thought Manscaped was a game.

  29. I hope they didn't waste a lot of money on anti-piracy and that played a role in Rare being purchased by Microsoft.

  30. I miss the good old days, when DYKG wasn't sponsored by Manscaped. Also, fuck Rare

  31. LOVE this channel- glad you guys are so committed to making such fun and engaging content. Keep it up 🙂

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