Anti-Piracy in Nintendo 64 Games | Zelda, Banjo, DK64 + more (N64)

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In this video DidYouKnowGaming takes a look at anti-piracy measures in several Nintendo 64 titles, such as Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, and the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Special thanks to all the data miners and curious individuals who researched these anti-piracy measures on TCRF and beyond, including Jrra, Ferrox, and RyanDwyer.

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  1. Manscape…>>> >>> >>> >>> ah back to what I came for

  2. I've always believed the theory that these antimeasures were in place to make pirates admit to their piracy in public. Like somebody posting on a official forum to ask "Why aren't the bars moving up when I play LoZ" and you instantly know that they've pirated the game.

  3. One of the things I find fascinating is most people didn't know about this stuff when these games were current. Emulation was something I didn't see till the later end of HighSchool back in the late 90s. And the idea of emulating the N64 was beyond what PCs could do at the time. So the only way to encounter these anti-piracy measures was to try and get a pirate copy of the game, an illegitimate cartridge pretty much.

    My question is where the heck did people find these? We didn't have online buying sites in those days. I mean there was only a few hundred websites in those days. I'm only able to think of probably some of the seedier parts of the world. In the US the only real place to find Video Games was toy stores and later retailers like Wal-Mart. Outside of that it was flea malls and yardsales selling used games.

  4. The content is good, I just wish it was as frequent as it used to be. But I can understand that rare gaming trivia is an area that can easily dry up if one has been doing this as long as you have

  5. my feedback: i really like your narration, and Greg's too.
    some of the guests i don't care about, but i could listen to your voices all day long 🙂

  6. Banjo Tooie often crashes during playtime on emulator so it's still not really that good of an option to play it.

  7. I love this channel. It's one of my most favorite channels that for whatever reason always gets kicked out of my algorithm, than I have to start watching and liking the videos i missed in hopes it gets back into the algorithm.

  8. Suddenly my experience of using a Doctor 64 back in 1999 makes sense!

  9. The DK 64 Anti piracy method is pretty genius when you realize the game will naturally freeze itself up if the console is constantly on.

  10. Dude thanks for the Ocarina of time spoilers… Gawdddddd….

  11. Does F-Zero know their music is being used to sell ball-trimmers?

  12. I think the channel is great, I love all of your videos. They're nice & relaxing, and they're one of the best things to watch when I just want to chill out. On top of that I've learned a LOT of stuff about my favorite hobby. (Also, it seems like you all actually do your research & always try to correct yourself if you ever say anything misleading, that's a huge plus.)

  13. Jet Force Gemini, my most favorite 64 game ever.

  14. Love these, but have to admit I usually only check our videos if they're about my favorite series of games

  15. Surprised ronaldihno soccer isn't mentioned here. One of the earliesy rom hacks of a n64 game

  16. The channel is doing GREAT!!! Keep up the good work guys!

  17. to think one chip could do so much as for feed back I love these videos and you and greg are fabulous keep it up tell shane I said hi

  18. people who pirate game, have no intention of buying that game before pirating it. (after pirating it, and liking it maybe)
    so nintendo isnt losing money, since that user was never goin to be a sale in the first place
    they did spend a lot of money on developing anti piracy mesures as do developers and producers today

  19. I'm not sure about other games, but ocarina of time would still actually be beatable. If not through minor glitches like clipping through walls, ACE. Since the modern fastest any% speedrun just warps to the credits straight away, it doesn't seem too outlandish to me to use ACE to prevent the preventions.

  20. piracy of nintendo games is ethical, fun and cool. Always pirate nintendo games, never pay msrp price

  21. You're pillarboxing DK64 and Banjo-Tooie. They both have widescreen options.

  22. Y'all are great. I love coming home from work and putting this on while I cook!

  23. Can you do a Region Locked on the Japanese exclusive WiiWare Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Squad games

  24. I don't know, according to what they told me many years ago, who sold, the n64 cartridges with the rear stamp, shiny are kriginal, the ones that are not pirated, they charge me these glitchs, they did not pass in those dull cartridges
    So what does it mean is the quality of such a degree it is impossible, with the hardware, to know if it is pirated or not, and these cartridges are mixed with originals, so much so that even their price is the same, there is no difference between one and the other, of the events years ago, the new ones … maybe that's where the video data is

  25. Your content has been my favorite on YT for years now but I have a hard time being interested lately in videos about piracy, rumors, hacking and memes 🙁

  26. Id love to give you feedback but Youtube doesnt like negative feedback because it 'hurts feelings'

  27. Pls do a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon video

  28. NIce Shows, nice examples. I like region locked.
    Maybe you didn't know the anti-piracy of settlers 3. The Iron-Forge is making Pigs. The Romans are the only civilisation of making iron because of their magic.
    Other Cause is the Trees are not growing up so that no lumberjack is working.

  29. love the vids man keep this shit up best part of my day if im gonna be honest

  30. Nobody's gonna say anything about how he pronounced "aluminum"? okay

  31. Thank you for making these videos, sometimes youtube fails to announce new videos, and yes, I am subscribed and with the notification bell on "All". :L

  32. "People are pirating our games, but it's okay, this anti piracy measure will only let them play 99% of the game "

  33. Now I want a pirated cart just for Afro Zelda.

  34. Please continue to do what you do. These videos help me.get through my day. I rewatch a lot of them and am always excited to see what you guys put out next. Cheers 🍻

  35. First video i've watched, it was both entertaining and interesting to find out about all this stuff from the games of my childhood. Don't know who greg is, but you seem like you've got your hat on with the videos!

  36. I love the channel! Especially your region locked series. You've introduced me to so many games I never knew existed! I do plan on getting your region locked book soon but I would love to see more content from other countries. Keep up the good work 🙂

  37. Would any of this actually happen while playing any game, or a romhack, on a flashcart?

  38. Reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the stock market.

  39. The channel is great – videos are just the right length to watch when I have a moment (15-ish minutes), the pacing is great (no empty fluff), and the content is entertaining – trivia is always fun, and you actually go deep into things.

  40. i think the content of the channel is great. i specially find the more obscure games very interesting

  41. I love the channel. The problem is there's only so much Trivia about video games. It's not DYKG fault though. Y'all are doing a phenomenal job.

  42. I think the channel is great. I watch pretty much every video as it comes out. Thank you ❤️

  43. I'm loving the channel as much as I always have! I kind of miss episodes that dove deep into a game or a series to offer trivia about it, though. This new format still feels very focussed, but I would also definitely enjoy videos that don't jump from franchise to franchise. I just like both formats!

  44. Love being reminded about balls and pubic hair when i wanna see some n64 content, keep up the good work.

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