Anti-Piracy in Nintendo DS Games | Pokemon, Dragon Quest + more (NDS)

One Hour of Nintendo Game Facts ►►

In this video DidYouKnowGaming takes a look at anti-piracy measures in several Nintendo 64 titles, such as Dragon Quest V, Chrono Trigger, and Pokemon!

Special thanks to all the data miners and curious individuals who researched these anti-piracy measures on TCRF and beyond.

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  1. wheres mario party ds with that banger piracy song smh

  2. Man I just wanna play games, they even put piracy on ROMS

  3. Nahhhhg im still gonna play my roms.
    F nintendo, they are the shadiest, greediest, and most corrupt company put of all them.
    If they want to close down their eshops that's fine, then im just gonna assume they no longer want my moneyvand want me to download pirated games.

  4. Piracy is all good and dandy if they would preserve their legacy games. I’ve been wanting to play chrono trigger for years but I don’t feel like selling my kidney to buy it from a third party seller. Honestly surprised how easily Nintendo fans “forgive” Nintendo whenever they do something dumb. All they gotta do is announce a new game and everyone loves Nintendo again.

  5. 0:31 i've heard it wasn't nintendo who took those video's down but it was someone quote well impersonating them

  6. Remember back when Nintendo got sued for anti-competitive practices back in the days of Blockbuster, and got a slap on the wrist penalty and had to basically give people coupons for future Nintendo game purchases?

    The punishment should have been that they were forbidden, for the life of the company, from using any anti-piracy measures.

  7. Nintendo doesn’t profit from the ds anymore so if you wanna play ds games today just emulate them tbh

  8. I remember when Serebii was posting information based on the pirated copy of Pokémon Black and White. Much as I like the information they provide, that was pretty damning.

  9. Putting the same gameplay video in the borders of your videos (just blurred and zoomed in) isn’t distracting at all!

    Just leave it as black space. I have no idea why this effect is used so much on YouTube videos, it’s horrible.

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  11. Forgot to mention that Kirby Planet Robobot and the Pokemon series soundtracks are on iTunes. If you have a Japanese account, you can get Mother 3 music as well.

  12. I still don't understand why they haven't released a Pokémon Super Music Collection since Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. Those were fantastic.

  13. One of my favorite anti-piracy measures was in Game Dev Tycoon. If you are playing on a pirated copy of the game, it becomes incredibly hard to make any money in it, because the better quality of the games you produce, the more times your game is pirated. The irony was apparently completely lost on a lot of pirates who outed themselves on forums to complain.

  14. Sounds like an improvement to ghost trick. Over the excessive and endless tutorial, where even the last puzzle of the game is gated behind tutorial dialogue telling you what to do

  15. So that explains why when i played Final fantasy ring of fates that the game said thanks for playing cuz it was an pirated game didn't know that

  16. Nintendo are liars and hypocrites who need to lose their support. Anyone that says using roms and emulation is piracy, but then goes and sells you roms for an emulator without telling you, is a bad guy. And as a company that prides itself on being for the children, this is extra scummy. After all their underhanded tactics, and refusal to sell people things through legal means, I don't think most of it even counts as piracy anymore by the legal definition. Nintendo can complain and threaten, but they have no power beyond that. They gave up their rights when they resorted to scamming people.

    It's safe and moral to emulate Nintendo roms, and to share the music from the games.

  17. ppl still pirate pokemon games lol on phones with emulators

  18. Is it just me or does the description make no sense?

  19. ah yes, the "thank you for playing" i remember, still finished it somehow, might have been patched too or something. apart from that, never had a problem

  20. I'm playing Chrono trigger using an R4, thank the gods they found a way tho pass over the anti piracy protections. I'm enjoying the game and I didn't want to pay 150 bucks for an original copy.

  21. Now I understand why my Oshawott wasn't gaining any exp in the R4 someone sold to my dad

  22. Me: Hey, Nintendo, where can I officially buy this game?
    Nintendo: No, we don’t support that game/console anymore. Any purchases would only benifit others monetarily and we have no intention of rereleasing it.
    Me: Oh okay, I’ll just pirate it then.
    Nintendo: What! NO! Buy an official copy!

  23. nintendo: don't pirate our games! we're taking down rom sites, as well as fangames.
    players: okay, can you rerelease your older games, or make them available via the switch eshop?
    nintendo: no, absolutely not. we won't rerelease any games, and were shutting down the 3ds eshop to boot. there's no way to buy these old games that would even be beneficial to us monetarily, you have to buy maybe-bootlegged carts second-hand off of ebay or gamestop. but don't pirate our games.

  24. lol, good riddance. I wanted an actual OST, not shitpost meme videos. That's what Twitter is for. No more GS BS!

  25. Pokémon Anti-Piracy method No. 69

    Super Forced Nuzlocke

    If a Pokémon faints, it cannot be used again, and is immediately overwritten with an empty slot in the player's roster of 6 slots. Nurse Joy nor items can help you this time, you filthy pirate!

    The game outright DELETES YOUR Pokémon the instant its HP reaches 0, especiallyif it's your last one, which should both softlock the game as well as corrupt the save file!!

  26. I hate Nintendo, Toei Animation and EA. They're the trifecta of the words "company scum".

  27. These copyright protections don't go far enough. I'd suggest something which, as you play the game, has the system work through masses of useless background code, to the point that the processor overheats, breaking both game, and system, and possibly injuring the filthy pirate.

  28. On the subject of pirates, there seems to be a lot of salty seadogs in the comments here.

  29. Anti-piracy is it's very own art. You don't want to punish the player, or else he won't buy the game afterwards and hate on your brand forever. So putting the restriction at the start, not the ending is mandatory. It also should be obvious enough to be recognized, but still should let you experience some of the game to get fixed on.
    Making it funny and creative is also a plus point because it can create additional promotion. Back in the days, Secret of Monkey Island had a very fun way by asking something in the game that could only be answered with the anti-piracy-pirate-wheel that came with the game itself. Another fun penalty, that is not bound to piracy, but very well could have been planned as that, is Link being called "Thief" by everyone if he dares to rob the shop owner in Links Awakening.

  30. Honestly, I don't even have an issue with people pirating old games, even if they are technically available through things like NSO. My issue comes when people get on Twitter and brag about how they pirated Metroid Dread three days after release because "It's not worth $60" and then proceeding to say "I don't even want the game so I'm not a potential sale." In my opinion, if you want a game enough to pirate it, you're no longer "not a potential sale." At that point it's not that you don't want it, you just don't want to pay for it.

    Like, nobody thinks you're some champion for taking paid content for free. At the end of the day, most of us can't do shit about it and I doubt Nintendo, no matter how much people may like to think so, would actually attack every single Twitter user that brags about how cool they are. So it really just makes you the asshole for rubbing in our faces that WE paid for a game and you didn't.

    Nintendo's legal team may have a finger on the trigger at all times, but sometimes people make me really wish they went harder on it.

    It's honestly hilarious how many threads I've seen where you'll have some people say it's fine to pirate brand-new games because "It won't hurt anybody and Nintendo won't even notice" and then someone else go on about how "This is us standing up to Nintendo for _ and this will show them!"

  31. Too bad it wasn't mentioned here, but the Sims 3 on the original DS also had some creative anti-piracy. If you played a pirated copy your needs would actually go down when using objects that would otherwise increase them (so basically your Sim would get hungry from eating). They actually put more effort into the anti-piracy than the rest of the game, as otherwise it's actually pretty bad, but it was amusing to see.

  32. I want to make a game that if you pirate it, the game turns into a creepypasta trying to make the player think the game is haunted.

  33. The megaman starforce is now patched is now progressive in the pirated version.

  34. How the hell do they think we can play old games

  35. Sad there’s no mention of the Michael Jackson game which plays normally but the music is drowned out by vuvuzelas.

  36. lets not forget that nintendo downloaded the original super mario rom from one of those EVIL ILLEGAL rom websites that they later took down, and sold it to us through virtual console.

  37. God, the entire reason I even managed to play pokemon platinum was because it was pirated onto an R4 card I owned

  38. From what I heard from The Yard podcast, it wasn’t Nintendo.
    It was someone acting like they were Nintendo and sent out the takedowns.

  39. I think the game not functioning up until a certain point is a good idea, it still gives the player a taste of what the game will be like whilst still acting similar to a demo. I also appreciate highly creative anti piracy measures.

  40. Honestly, that no exp in black white made for a great level cap code when used as a cheat code.

  41. Just found about these anti piracy measures after being stuck in the Dragon Quest V ship, great video

  42. I can't believe the AAI2 one, this is too funny

  43. 4:18 When you said Hey Hurry up, Touch the Train Kid….I knew that would show up!😂😂

  44. Fake anti piracy videos: o no scary anti piracy screen o no scary message
    The real anti piracy: freeze!
    No exp for you you thief

  45. What if
    When you pirate a game
    You are a pirate plays for the whole game

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