Anti-Piracy in Nintendo DS Games | Pokemon, Dragon Quest + more (NDS)

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In this video DidYouKnowGaming takes a look at anti-piracy measures in several Nintendo 64 titles, such as Dragon Quest V, Chrono Trigger, and Pokemon!

Special thanks to all the data miners and curious individuals who researched these anti-piracy measures on TCRF and beyond.

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  1. Nintendo shills are hard at work in this comment section lol. kiss the boots that stomp on your head harder I'm sure that will get them to reward you

  2. Wouldn't pay for a Nintendo music service but I would buy a CD of Nintendo music played at the themepark. Watched a few vlogs that tourists shot footage inside the Japanese shops, I really like the tunes they selected.

  3. So exciting seeing the Megaman BattleNetwork/Starforce series on here!! I would love to see a video on either of the series!

  4. Nintendo actively funds a lobbyists group that keeps their games from being accessed by game preservationist groups that want to protect the legacy of the artform we all love . Imagine if film studios and the music industry was like this? Countless works of art would be lost. Fuck Nintendo and everyone who defends them for this crap.

  5. piracy isnt always bad. Sometimes it gets people into a series and they buy later. Or if they couldnt at the time, they could buy the game later. Ive seen that instance before. Not everyone can afford to buy. But you alienate them doing this. Imagine not being able to progress and a kid being mad that they give up on the franchise.. where if they played it, they could have bought again later on. Also, for anything super old or beyond 10-15 years.. imo, they should not be able to block piracy. The company has sold and made money off every single copy and none are being sold and its over with. Its old and retro.. its one thing to combat piracy for a game ON SALE NOW AND RELEASED.. its another to complain and shut down rom places and people. Nintendo can release if they like on their store but limit it to those releases that cannot be had. Why take down the entire library of the other 1000 games for any system? i mean really. They cant feasibly release full libraries for every system for people to buy.

    And they can also remake it, so its a win win. I bet you this.. many that played pokemon pearl and diamond or bought pirated copies.. probably BOUGHT the new remake to replay it. And bought it at 60 bucks a pop over 40 for the ds back in the day. Again, they shouldnt be allowed to not let people experience the stuff. If thats the case then why is no one taking down or stopping distribution of the mona lisa??? Even the more recent alive artists pantings and work. They can go after physical re seller thieves but online? na, thats no place for complaining. Look at sony and xbox, they dont even care yet their sales have never been stronger.

  6. I got pkmn black 2 on launch day and I think it was already patched because I had no issues while playing

  7. Remember it’s always morally right to pirate Nintendo

  8. If they would make games and soundtracks available, they would see less piracy, simple as.

  9. Yeah lets strong-arm people into Giving Us Their Money, and if they dont then they're PiRaTeS…
    Wait a Minute

  10. If Nintendo would actually fucking rerelease old games other then NES Mario Bros just fucking MAYBE people wouldnt ‘pirate’ games they dont even make any god damn money off of any more.

  11. around 12 years ago, my dad got me and my brother a copy of dragon quest V for a plane trip to visit family. while my brother's copy worked perfectly fine, Mine got stuck on the boat. I had a pirated copy apparently, and was super confused why the game wouldnt progress properly. It wasn't until about 1 year ago, when you released a video that included the tidbit about this anti piracy measure, and it was like a shattering moment. "Thats why that fucking happened oh my god." me and my brother found it hilarious.

  12. Man. It was always so enjoyable playing ds games all through the night. Gave you a reason to live.

  13. Weird. I played Black in both Japanese and English illegitimately close to launch, and I don't remember them having such issues, but then again, that was, what, fifteen years ago?

  14. I'm glad they fixed most these issues in the roms lol thank God for hackers working hard for our gaming

  15. I love the channel, but it's funny that it starts talking about Nintendo's fight against piracy but most of the games shown are not from Nintendo 🤔

  16. As someone who owns an official Demo cartridge of FFCC: Ring of Fates I can confirm the same "Thanks for playing!" is present in it and can be seen after 20 minutes of playtime

  17. I feel like Nintendo's ridiculous motion controls over the years were there, in part, to combat piracy. Maybe I'm wrong, but does anyone actually enjoy the motion controls? Lol

  18. Pokemon not gaining exp? Umm…you've already got Lvl 1 challenge runs of the game so it's still entirely possible.

  19. Remember: it's morally right to pirate Nintendo games.

  20. Their music slaps but I am not convinced to pay for a nintendo music service

  21. Gave you a dislike because of the misleading thumbnail

  22. Nintendo: Alright buckle up we're closing the eShops
    Also Nintendo: Wtf you can't pirate these games, that's wrong!

  23. ok so i'm not the only one who calls it "The Big N" i always fear people thing i'm tryna say a slur hen i call Nintendo that

  24. The anti piracy methods shown here are kinda funny nowadays because in order to resell the games Nintendo would need to patch out those checks themselves

  25. I will never forget "DBZ: Buu's Fury" and their anti-piracy measures.
    it was essentially a free demo of the tutorial level.
    As a result i have never forgotten that gem of a game, and NEVER will.

  26. Ever since G4TV was shelved, I've looked to youtube for video game content. I know it's been years, but I'm really glad stuff like DYKG exists!

  27. “Nintendo appears to make a concerted effort to combat piracy more than the rest of its competition”

    >shutting down 3DS/Wii U eShop servers in 2023, losing 600+ games
    >N64 & Sega Genesis games exclusively through higher tier membership
    >out for 5 years, only 2 themes for the Switch interface
    >no real attempt at preserving legacy titles other than the most popular NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis titles.
    >hacked Switches have been running Majora’s Mask since release, Nintendo’s version yet to come out
    >NSO emulator controversy
    >games are still up to $70 on the eShop and up to $300 on eBay
    >no attempt to shut down wii guide, hshop, vimm’s lair, etc
    >piracy has literally never been easier with hundreds of videos and online tutorials

    But yes Nintendo is hard at work combating these pirates

  28. TLDR: So HG/SS lets whitney have her way with you first then goes nope back to the start you go.

    I had an experience with a pirated game back in the days of the DS. i found a copy of Pokemon HG on eBay for about $5 and at the time this was cheap for even a second hand game so i thought jackpot, start playing the game get first 3 badges no problems game runs great.

    I get to ecruteak city beat Morty and get my 4th badge next load up my game… save data corrupted start again. I repeat the process 3 time thinking just bad luck right nope every time i got that 4th badge and exited the game without fail the save data corrupts.
    Scratching my head and looking at the box in frustration i realise where is the Nintendo seal of approval… wait a minute why does the ink look weird here… mmmmmm… its a pirate F**K.

    This sucks because it hits with block with 2 ways you need that badge to progress any further in the game because it the badge required for surf which you need for story on the next 3 gyms (cainwood, jasmin potion, lake of rage Gyarados)

  29. luckily! most of these issues are patched by passionate fans! and let's also not forget it's always ethical to pirate nintendo games, especially with how they treat their consumers. 🙂

  30. Black and white technically can't be finished with the anti piracy measures in place. The game will crash if you open your bag, and you need to do that to use the required HM cut

  31. I remember some years ago I got a copy of Rune Factory 3 off of eBay. It was a good enough fake that I didn't know until years later when I tried to dump the ROM for my R4. But it does explain one weird issue I'd had…namely, that all the seeds were extortionately expensive, almost impossible to buy. Like, 2500G for starter seeds extortionate.

  32. Spirit Tracks gave me issues. It disables the train controls. Oh yeah you kind of need that. I really hate the fact that the D-Pad patch for Spirit Tracks is almost useless since it won't bypass piracy. You can try using the anti-piracy patch but it's incompatible with the D-Pad patch. I was eventually able to play it when hacking the game onto my 3DS somehow bypassed the piracy check.

    0:35 Press F to be sad. 0:54 I have the R4 gold card which can also be used on the 3DS even though it can't play 3DS roms. I think mine had a time bomb, so I hacked the card to disable it.

    I actually have the DS version of Chrono Trigger before I started hacking older consoles. You must recover all the energy immebally- Mega Man. ALL WE HAD TO DO, WAS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN, CJ! Tauberpa had problems with Pokémon anti-piracy. He stopped playing the game because he realized he wasn't leveling up.

  33. 0:08 ACTUALLY they do not combat it.
    The easiest and best measure would be to make everything available for a reasonable price.
    Do they do that? Or do they, at best, drip feed some of it….for huge profits.

    Take a guess.

  34. To be fair, that's not necessarily true about not being able to find Nintendo music anywhere else. You can pirate it.

  35. The way to get people on side is to actually put the older titles onto Nintendo Switch eshop or online, Saying things are no longer available unless you had the older systems means games could be lost over time.

  36. I'm so glad the ds and all of its games are free on your phone now

  37. I’m like 99% sure that it was proven that it wasn’t Nintendo doing the copyright strikes, the “Copyright Holder” or whatever for the strikes didn’t use the right company name, whenever Nintendo strikes something they use the company that it effects, usually “Nintendo of America Inc” not just “Nintendo” like the claims have

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