Anti-Piracy Measures in PC Games

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at facts about anti-piracy measures in PC games, such as Resident Evil Village, Garry’s Mod, The Witcher 2, and more.

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  1. just make retail copies more rewarding then pirated versions updating it frequently usually is a reason to get a legit copy unless its a cash grab game that will never be fixed or patched then it gets a little bit more interesting
    also what about old games i heard DRM breaks on modern systems meaning you can have an legit old copy but it wont work and piracy was the only way to get your hands on it and the developers that holds that intellectual property dont care about re releasing it or they make a worse re release then the original

  2. when games were actually an artform piracy was a big issue but now they are just another corporate scheme to part fools from their wallets i say pirate away

  3. For me, the most brutal Anti Piracy probably is Earthboun/Mother 2 where after defeating the last boss, you game freeze and then your saved progressed was erased, basically blue balling your ending

  4. Witcher with the fat granny mating with you has got to be the most comical one!

  5. in the game XIII, there is a part where you have to cross a bridge. the bridge is erased in pirated versions, so you cant cross the river/gorge.

  6. Probably ironoc hardly any pirated games today and putting anto piracy in today modern gaming would totally desteoued a already pece of sht next fke ge console now a days.

  7. With mods on Village its so strange to see Lady D's big entrance while she only wears her hat, heels, and nothing else

  8. Good thing that my bought pirated games don't have those. Warband version for those sweet sweet mods.

  9. God he was bloody right about that Amiga thing. Those home computers had to be some of the most pirated platforms ever. Just copying shit off your mates in the playground

  10. W-why the hell was the fucking test menu in Mortal Kombat 2 locked behind a BUTTON COMBINATION?!?


  11. The best way to deter piracy? Sky high system requirements and PC part prices these days.

  12. ha currently downloading a pirated copy of ffxii to play on my ps2 emulator

  13. I had a completely legitimate version of border lands two from steam that I couldn't play after I purchased it for almost six months because of the antipiracy system that wouldn't allow you to play on windows xp no matter whether or not you have a legal version.

  14. huh, strange, I never had any problems ith my pirated copy of Red Alert 2 back in the day, ok it was done by someone else, so they probably knew what they were doing ^^;;;;

  15. do people really care if others pirate a game that you paid for? because i don't and don't see why i would

  16. Geralt is into GILFS!!!🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  17. Remember piracy is only acceptable if it's not legally available in your country. Doesn't matter if you can't or don't want to pay

  18. I only bought MHW after they fixed Denuvo, what's the point of buying something I can't use if there's a working one I can get for free

  19. Serious Sam had the awesome unbeatable scorpion boss if you pirated.

  20. One thing to say, the EJB menu in MK II exists in all of Mortal Kombat games between MK 1 and ultimate MK 3, unfortunately it doesn't exist in MK 4.

  21. Garry Newman is the Secret Son of Gary Numan

  22. Mortal Kombat II free play through the audit menu was discovered well before a couple decades after release, I can assure you. On earlier versions of the arcade machine, unplugging the cabinet and plugging it back in would take the screen directly to the audit menu. This was fixed in later versions.

  23. I'm so glad these guys didn't try to point out the one that gets milked all the time when there comes the topic of piracy. GTA 4.
    literally everybody knows about GTA 4s anti-piracy measures by this point so yeah good on them for not mentioning it.

  24. I think Denuvo is being misunderstood heavily within industry and critics of denuvo, making discussion about it hard.
    MOST IMPLEMENTATIONS of Denuvo use Denuvo and some form of DRM technology. Denuvo is only anti-tamper technology, made to protect the game protection, and could just simply, if publishers so decided, be used to protect the relatively simple steam authentication of the executable. Denuvo, in itself, is just anti-tamper technology for protection of games. It can be called DRM in certain sense, but in more accurate sense it is DRM protection solution. Many times, things that get blamed on Denuvo, Might be the DRM that Denuvo is protecting, because some of those are very insane solutions indeed, and never ever have people actually cracked a denuvo protected game, kept the actual DRM that the Denuvo was protecting, and testing the game with and without denuvo – this has always included removal of the DRM denuvo protected and might have worked badly with, causing performance issues.

    TL;DR: Case of RE8 is not an exception but the norm for Denuvo protected titles. Most if not all Denuvo protected titles include publisher made or outsourced DRM/Anti Piracy technology underneath it, causing the discussion around Denuvo be more hyped up haters and other people that do not understand the technology, keeping the blame on possibly lesser bad in the grand picture.

    This is not me saying Denuvo is entirely good. But we have done bad work as community knowing about the games, layers of DRM, and which parts can be actually blamed on Denuvo, instead of whatever denuvo is protecting. Japanese PC port modder Kaldien commented in their posts to Steam forums that Denuvo is never a problem for him instead of what denuvo protects, like in case of Tales of Zestiria PC port using apparently "some Russian made virtualization based DRM" which means that the executable makes a virtualization instance for the game just to protect it from memory prodding and such.

  25. dang whats the song in this video I know I know it but I cant put my finger on it

  26. Shout out to Garry, seems like a cool guy. Still probably going to pirate gmod

  27. If you're going to stoop low enough to steal art then you deserve to be called out and chastised for it

  28. LMAO at Witcher, they did it right

    Woketevists: "everybody should pirate the game, it's more realistic that way"

  29. The first ever legitimately decent advert on YouTube! πŸ˜€

  30. i pirate all me games tv shows and movies πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ fk paying

  31. What they don't get is that the majority of people who still pirate anything today are people who would never have bought the product or people who want to test the product before buying it. Because lets be honest , we have bought expensive awful products and our money are also valuable.
    And those people who pirate are also free advertisement. They will talk about the product and someone else might actually buy that product next.
    So, people instead of being so against piracy, see how it has helped until now. A good example is the anime on the west. If you were to expect from Japan to help anime go viral in the west, we would still watch Yugioh, pokemon and Pichi Pichi Plus on TV.

    Of course, all that being said, funny anti-piracy measures are also helpful. :p

  32. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots- says:

    We laugh but there are a lot of countries where these games aren’t imported to and piracy is the only way

  33. I kinda feel that the Witcher anti piracy measure, will not stop people from pirating…it will just make really weird ships and rule34 content. XD

  34. I heard about an adventure game that was missing a key item if it detected a pirated copy. Someone was saying on a forum that he's reading a walkthrough and there should be an item on a horse/donkey/mule pouch and can't find the item. The response he got was "buy the game next time".

    And also there was the famous thing in The Settlers 2 where the blacksmith kept forging pigs so you could never get into battle because you never had proper equipment if you pirated the game.

  35. The pirated version of Serious Sam 3 has a little pink scorpion that can't be killed, and chases you throughout the level, shooting you constantly. Fun times.

  36. people want everything as fast as possible, so the company rushes a crap release, and then they complain

  37. I've pirated most games I've played (in Latin America the prices of video games are inflated way beyond comprehension, specially for consoles) and the only anti piracy method i even encountered was the drunk camera and undrivable cars from GTA IV. I mostly buy indie games because they're the ones i really care about, screw Ubisoft and Nintendo, they don't care about the customer so why should we care about their products??

  38. First / Second-hand experience with Gmod piracy. Mr Newman got REAL pissed about one of my friends creating the base code for one of the most popular hacks back in the day. (not intentionally mind you) Man went and "perma-banned" my friend and a few others for their involvement/winding him up.. It was literally just a text file with steam user names in it, they were all back in the game within two minutes.
    Gary is a bit of a petty fuck haha.

  39. 6:07 units in RA2 do not self-destruct in a nuclear explosion.
    They just die.

  40. A lot of arcade games had secret button combos (or at least were rumored to) that gave free games. There was even a magazine that printed the button combos for Street Fighter 2 that gave you free games. From what I remember, it took all the credits that was in the accounting system and registered them as active credits.

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