Anti-Piracy Screen Games (Part 17)

Credits to all the respective creators
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  2. Real Piracy Screens: Piracy Isn't Fun!

    Fake Piracy Screens: I'm Inside Your Home And I'm Going To Kill You.

  3. Since piracy can get you into jail for up to 5 years, this man probably will be in jail until he a tombstone

  4. Among us is free bro, or atleast the mobile port is

  5. Geometry Dash is doesn't have anti piracy screen

  6. How you can like even pirate a free game? Like its absolutely F R E E

  7. What's the point on doing it on among us tho it's a free game right?

  8. 9:10 You meant Shigeru Miyamoto or Shuntaro Furukawa will kill you (also known as Pirate, I will name him Bob)

  9. Nintendo: "ha ha ha, this making me happy."
    Rest of the gaming companies(dead and alive): "so do we."
    Sega: "can I have some of your popcorn, Nintendo?"
    Sony: "I want popcorn as well."
    Microsoft: "me too!"
    Google: "don't forget about me!"
    Microsoft: "no one asked about you, Google! Cry harder, your Stadia is not going to be successful."

  10. I mean if you would pirate Crash Bash which is a godawful Crash game, you need God's help because even I as a pirate would never pirate that piece of shit game.

  11. I love getting an anti piracy on a free game…

  12. Fun fact: The anti-piracy that happens on the 6:07 game is actually real. You will hear PIRATA PIRATA PIRATA instead of the intended Ave Maria hymn.

  13. I love watching this at 1:08 in the morning, with a red LED light on!

  14. Didn’t think Among Us had a piracy screen. Sus 🙂

  15. Froggohastakenover(READ CHANNEL DESC) says:

    I saw a anti piracy screen video,but it was Mario. And he was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA pretty sure they scared the pirates. Bc I was sure he was dying- I saw a comp of anti piracy screens,not a pirate game.

  16. Piracy is a way of life. Dont stop us!
    pirates of the carribean theme

  17. Get out of the comments we know your here hiding you clicked the video knowing what it was watch the vid

  18. But why I downloaded piracy version of geometry dash and i don't see this anti piracy message?

  19. Real anti piracy screen: an error has been detected

    Fake anti piracy screen: piracy no fun turn off your console now, we know where you live and we are going to jumpscare you with a bad png of the protagonist character with blood painted on paint

    also with a ridiculous low pitched song and written with the editor default font or a trashy pixelated font

  20. 9:06 hello! This is the police, you again pirate! This time Nintendo will fucking kill you

  21. I know these aren’t real, but only Nintendo would make a self reporting system lmao.

  22. Idk walt you’ve been acting sus lately
    Sussy baka

  23. 7:56

    Basic Anti Piracy Screen Song. I wonder what it is…

  24. Mom: buys kid a game
    Kid: inserts the game
    A few minutes later……
    Mom: looks at screen and realizes that she will go to jail because she bought it from a rip off game stop called stop game

  25. 🥹 RKO Pictures 🥹 [DO NOT HACK!] says:

    8:22 Imagine Getting Arrested For Game Piracy (Name: Anti-Hanazuki)

  26. 🥹 RKO Pictures 🥹 [DO NOT HACK!] says:

    10:45 Reminder: Never Pirate Japanese Video Games

  27. ‎‎ඞ‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎ says:

    Ah, yes, the classic "hi", everybody Created "hi"

  28. 2:43 I thought the beginning of that first note was gonna be the Seinfeld theme. Lol 😂

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