Anti Piracy Screen Games (Part 18)

Credits to all the respective creators
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  1. Interesting does anty piracy screens exist 30 years ago?

  2. Last anti piracy screen is cool

  3. Me when someone has a piracy version of INDYCAR and Formula E: Mobile Edition:
    This is a text to let you know this game has been a piracy version of this game. You have been warned. This warn could sentence you to 10 years of prison. You could even pay a fine for $100,000.000. TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE DEVICE NOW AND GET THE ORIGINAL IMMEDIATELY. Or you will face the consequences of this game crash.
    ERROR CODE: 3o25BmL2

  4. Play FormaCar in your iOS or Android! In 1.0, there are 982 cars! In 2.0, there are 143. If you choose 1.0, you’re a car lover! If you pick 2.0, it’s okay, you can become a car guy someday!🚗🚗🚗

  5. zelda's anti-piracy screen is somewhat peaceful

  6. other games: please don’t pirate games! it’s a crime!

    Nintendo: So.. you have chosen…. Death.

  7. The people who make these videos must have balls of steel to risk there future just to show us public what piracy screens look like.

  8. Someone: Man I just bought this super Mario galaxy2 it seems grea-


    the person: *dead*

  9. Glados: "Here come the test results, you are a horrible person, that's what it says, a horrible person. We weren't even testing for that."

  10. Antipiracy measures in 2058 :
    Your console will explode if you pirate our games

  11. i used pirate all my games and only a few has acted weird, but not completely shut down. This video straight cap but dont pirate.

  12. out of all of the fake ones, the ace attorney one with phoenix wright is my favorite, just straight up information and no jumpscares.

  13. Nico is a hypocrite, calling Link (or the player) a pirate he was a pirate in his younger days.

  14. This was entertaining to watch since it’s so interesting to see what different kinds of screens there are for each game… but why is there random blurring here and there? It’s quite annoying if there’s no reason to put it there😅

  15. The first one actually make my soul leap from my body lol

  16. Sega:no piracy…
    Sony:thief ig
    Nintendo:what bodies are you talking about i dont know if it’s a joke?

  17. if it is and play
    super mario galaxy 2 and I see that

  18. I would never play super mario and quit it

  19. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Nintendo: and this, this is how we do "anti-piracy". Yes, we scare the quack out of people who play pirated versions.
    (Piracy is a crime dont do it)

  20. Ok but after reading these comments i feel like not watching this video in the evening…

  21. Mario: Jumpscares the player with creepypasta Mario
    Mortal Kombat: Shao Kahn strangles Kitana and Liu Kang and says the player "You Suck!"
    Ace Attorney: lighter and softer

  22. the robot lady said ur a horrible person💀💀💀💀

  23. I really like the one where the courtroom instead of just not playing the game and just giving you a screen, it actually plays a trial for you and pretty much shames you fro it and THEN it brings up the pirating screen. Very clever.

  24. i always thought i would get a anti piracy screen but its only if you have a copyright version

  25. 0:26 Look at the background,you can see Mario without any eyes ;-; That's just creepy-

  26. james_minecraft0 *Formerly Gabriel Liam Ryan says:

    7:45 when ur trying to make a drift meme than you get pirate-banned

  27. Others: Piracy is illegal!
    Nintendo: I know where you live.

  28. Idk how many of these are real but the ace attorney one seems sooo accurate and legit. It’s nothing scary and just kind of like lets you know that you have a pirated version calmly


  30. Lyte Andronic [New Amitie is da worst] [Lion Army] says:

    Spirit tracks has an actual anti piracy measure

  31. Welp guess im spending 5 years in ferderal pri— i mean uhhh. im not a criminal. i've never been to federal prison definitely . but i am nintendo so… GIMME YOUR ORGANS

  32. 2:06 This anti piracy was actually great, not those goofy ahh black eyes ppl with eyes crying blood, the glitchy effect thingies, But this one was actually great

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