Anti-Piracy Screen Games


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  1. ZEUS NO!

    also why was Zeus also Stalin at one point xD

  2. How do games know if it's a pirated copy? Surely if you were gonna pirate a game you would pirate the version without the piracy screen

  3. anti piracy screens:hey buy the game please it's a crime 🤓🤓🤓🤓
    Fake piracy screens: I am 100 meters away from your house and rapidly approaching,you have 5 seconds to get rid of this pirated copy before we come inside your walls and slowly burn you alive pleading for mercy to the gods above only to be responded by the star's laughter,soon you give up knowing that there is no God above,and so you shall accept your fate as you slowly melt and only thing left from you is the smell of charred flesh and bones

  4. 24:39 who would waste time to pirate one of the worst games of all time

    this is a serious crime to pirated games
    please close the game and report the stollen game
    please read the manual for more information

  6. someone: pirates a game

    nintendo: we will kill your dog, steal your house, murder your family if you dont report this illegal copy

  7. 22:47 Did you watch YTP Spingebinge me millionth dollar to be inspired to do this?

  8. Tbh if an anti piracy screen will do is make the game a horror game, I would totally stop playing the game instead of just some random normal ass "piracy is bad" thing I would still pirate

    but if I discover shit like this? I would never pirate again for the rest of my life.

  9. No one:

    Peach with no torso: t-pose
    i ꙅHAll ᴙiTUAl YoUᴙ ↄoᴙqꙅɘ….

    (Transition) I shall Ritual your corpse….

  10. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  11. I’m sorrry but that nintendogs one was savage Nintendo is literally evil

  12. Anti piracy: pwease don’t piwate, we weally want ouw money
    “Anti piracy”: don’t turn around loser

  13. let me clarify:

    pirating is fun and even morally correct in some circumstances. for ex: i pirated an instrumental hip-hop beattape by using some bandcamp to mp3 converter simply because i didn't want to pay 45 fucking dollars for it (i'm broke af). another ex: a big company is fucking up peoples fan projects for their franchises, and increasing the price of their games so that consumers swing more bones for it. what do you do in that situation: YOU PIRATE IT.

    is that "wrong and illegal"? no. i support the producer getting their money and living off of their music, but i don't think some bummy wastewoman pirating an album they made is going to hurt them.

    so no, pirating is not "wrong" and it shouldn't be illegal. copyright is exploitative and the patent system is the product of capitalism warping our sense of morality and community

  14. An actual good fake piracy screen would be something like pmd's one, which actually looks like it would be from the actual game

    But these are basically: "im about to whip somebody's ass"

  15. The Nintendogs one wasn't scary it was just sad

  16. How did u get access to my account lol says:

    Congratulations u unlocked t posing corrupted peach

  17. How did u get access to my account lol says:

    is the bri’sh one a joke

  18. Theres a chance a kid was playing on his brothers Wii U and this happened and he got scared for his life

  19. Cuphead piracy games: Cuphead and mugman are angy that yo did the piracy of cuphead

  20. Fake Anti piracy: scares children to death

    Mr.watternoose from monster's inc: its free real estate

  21. Congratulations! You can now play as Unused Character
    Peach: "Aeeeoou"

  22. you recieve: a pirated video game

    i recieve: your soul

  23. What will YOU do? clicks there’s no other option.

  24. real anti piracy screens: "piracy isn't cool, don't do it!"
    fake anti piracy screens: "and then, HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD started pouring out of the character's eyes!!!!"

  25. I wish the MK wii one was a real anti piracy thing

  26. Trivia: The PSP releases of DJMAX will slowly add more and more glitches to the game if it isn't running from an actual disc.

  27. Real ones: please turn off the wii!

    Fake ones: nice piracy, one small issue…..

    Im 1728272807 km away from your home, start running

  28. Fan made Anti piracy screens be like:
    I Will Haunt Your dreams and Kill you if You don't shut that Nintendo DS

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