Anti-Piracy Screens Are Unnerving. But, why?

Anti-piracy screens were a pretty popular trend on YouTube around a year ago. I’ve been interested in them since then, and today I’ve decided to dive into why exactly they’re so unnerving. Of course this is inspired by izzzyzzz and pixels after dark.

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Videos Used:
Anti-Piracy Screen Games (the first video in the compilation):
Donkey Kong Country 3 – Error Game Screen:
Super Mario All-Stars (SNES): Anti-piracy screen regional differences (Loading Mario 2 /w 1180508F):
Baldi’s Basics Kickstarter Anti Piracy/Error Screen:
Nickelodeon Anti-Piracy Warning Screen (ULTRA RARE!):
Nintendo GameCube Anti-Piracy Error:
Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) “Secret Anti-Piracy Screen”:
Super Mario Kart Anti-Piracy Screen:

Songs Used:
Earthbound – One Fateful Night:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 8 PM:
Yume 2kki – Forest:
Yume 2kki – Flesh Paths World: Passage:
Yume 2kki – Overgrown City (City Section):

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Much like Nexpo, Scaretheater, izzzyzzz, pixels after dark, and others, I’ll be covering some extremely creepy game content! I hope you enjoy.


  1. My favorite antipiracy screen is the universe sandbox screen which just says “Arghh Matey!” And then some stuff after that telling the player to get a real version of the game


  3. If I saw the peach head all around the sky in the map I would scream and run away

  4. If these screens still existed today i bet noone would pirate games

  5. These remind me of every time the signal would go out on the tv and would just leave 7 year old me in silence with an error message that looks suspiciously like a weather warning staring me in the face

  6. Nah they should make captured special forces watch these instead of listening to stressing sounds I am freaking terrified at these things

  7. There's no way the super Mario kart one is real that is terrifying I would be traumatized for life as a kid if I witnessed this

  8. The ominous text just makes me think of this error message you'd sometimes get in Windows 98: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." Really it just means the program crashed, but it wasn't unheard of for users to call tech support (or police!) worried their computer was about to get them arrested.

  9. It somehow makes me feel like there's someone suddenly appearing near or around me that I don't realize, especially when I'm playing alone in the dark

  10. I wish I could say the baldi anti piracy screen is scarier than the fake anti piracy screens

  11. i think anti piracy screens are unnerving to let you know you have done something very, very wrong

  12. The scary Anti Piracy isn’t real. So yea 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. The spongebob one when it blinked fucking scared me for nights

  14. The spongebob one might as well asked you to send $500 worth of itunes gift cards to some random ass address in India 😂

  15. The dk country 3 is the most unsettling in my opinion

  16. Spongebob one makes me laugh but sends chills down my spine at the same time 😵‍💫

  17. around 7:38 when the narrator says "have claimed to see spongebob blink", the image of spongebob blinks (from the video) but right after that my tv screen went black for a moment which freak me out for a moment only to realise its another ad which had no signs of appearing

    L update, youtube…

  18. I think they are supposed to be creepy to scare other people away from buying pirated copies

  19. According to the wiki for baldis basics in that anti piracy screen that is not baldi that is BADSUM I just wanted to let you know.

  20. Bro the SpongeBob one is just goofy, like how the hell was I supposed to know his “license expired” or something, besides, 500$? Who has that kinda cash?

  21. imagine an anti-piracy method where after whatever (example. A logo") it just says "Developed for use only with legitamite cartridges" or something like that.

  22. The best ones are the ones that are like "hey man that aint cool" in an engaging way without being too corny or creepy. But creepypasta ones are interesting

  23. It stops being scary if you give them red pupils. 😑

  24. I feel like I watched something illegal….😳

  25. tasteless is what I would say about the creepypasta one, they just feel so cheap and trying too hard lmao

  26. lmao, they just edited it to make it seem like its blinking. i watched the fake spongebob piracy for 10 minutes, and it only blinked at the end

  27. im dissapointed that you had to cover the creppypasta ones
    the only fan made that its actually scary would be the gamecube one
    looks pretty real and the ominous gamecube theme version of it
    gives it a legit spine chill, knowing that nintendo gave the GBA Disc not found
    a creppy piano sound. adding up the fan made cube screens that shape up
    into different things gives it a legit feeling of anti piracy.

    the sonic one was great until of course, they came up with the EXE.
    creppypasta piracy arent scary at all and are mostly just try hard terror.
    nah, it's mostly try hard 4th wall and has nothing to do with the anti piracy.

  28. dont frickin do that 😭 "people who stare at spongebob for long periods of time may see him blink" and then u make him slowly close his eyes. that scared the absolute crap out of me jdjcjdjfjffk

  29. did bro really make spongebob blink after he said people who stare at the inage for too long claim to see him blink or is it just me?

  30. I’m gonna be honest, the baldi’s basics screen is real. I know of 3 ways on how to get it even though I don’t own the kickstarter demo the screen is from. 1: it can happen in baldi’s basics + by deleting your save through the games files. The text is different and says stuff like your file was deleted or corrupted and were sorry for the inconvenience. Then Method 2: get a pirated copy. And lastly method 3: get the actual demo then zip it and send it to a different computer with steam uninstalled

  31. Also durch die ganzen Piratery Spiele entstanden die Creepypasta Geschichten

  32. I like how go from a comparatively non-threatening and kid friendly reminder that video game piracy is bad to

    "it is a serious crime to pirate video games."

  33. Is that shadow sonic supposed to be sonic EXE.

  34. 2:02 yeah, that wouldn't have happened if you didn't accidentaly scrape it

  35. To be honest most anti piracy screens try too hard to do some scary shit and because of that they step out of the territory of realism making it bad

    I mean no developer would scare the people with idk dismantled mario or whatever because the pirated their game

    They would just stop them from playing the game or doing litterally anything

    Now the thing with spyro or oot anti piracy is mostly a troll as letting them play but stopping them right at the end is like „yeah enjoy your stolen copy. oh wait whats that the gate didnt open? Maybe it glitched who knows. NOPE you fool wont play our game for free hahaha.“

    What i wanna say is i dont like many anti piracy videos because they Just try some creepypasta shit which doesnt have anything to do with anti piracy

  36. Nah, the fake ones are lame. They do too much. As a kid, a scary face wouldn't have compared to the real-world implications that you may have unwittingly committed a crime. There is one thing that absolutely frightens most children to their core, and that is the potential consequence of doing something wrong. There is a reason why children have a tendency to default to denial when they get in trouble. They fear the consequences.

    Also, they lack subtlety, which a key element to actual good horror. The real screens all feature something in common – dark screen, simple text, darker/no music, and an authoritative or alarming verbiage. It's effective in a game like DK Country because of how whimsical and lighthearted everything is, only for it to turn viscerally real. They remind me a lot of the FBI warnings in old arcade machines. Those weren't necessarily creepy, but they were jarring to the average arcade goer, who were mostly children. Seeing strange warnings from the government that you can't comprehend can often be eerie to children.

    The fake screens may meet the criteria I listed, but one thing they're missing is how real the mood turns when one of the real ones would pop up. When you have a cartoon Mario with sharp teeth in the background, it's hard to take that shit seriously. The only one that kinda hits the creep factor is the SpongeBob one. That background is legitimately unsettling, but then they inserted some unintentional hilarity with the "send $500 dollars to this address," like its some fucking Nigerian prince scam.

    Note: I should mention that I do appreciate the effort that goes into making these screens. A lot of them are genuinely impressive. Calling them "lame" may have been a bit harsh, but I was just trying to articulate that they don't hit the same way the real screens do. But they are legit creepy, and I know most of them were just made for fun. I'm not trying to imply that the creators of these intended to trick anyone into thinking they were real.

  37. Fun fact it is not baldi in the baldis basics piracy screen it is his brother

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