APBA Baseball Game Card & Dice – 1949 Pirates 71-83 vs 1988 Pirates 85-75 Franchise Feud

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Back to APBA lets see what I remember πŸ™‚

It’s the 1949 Pittsburg Pirates…..It’s the 1988 Pittsburg Pirates
Time to play Franchise Feud

First Pitch is next πŸ™‚


  1. WOw that was a fun one… I really enjoyed your love of teh 49 Pirates bull pen… this game got me through staining half my deck..which made the time pass. thanks for all you do, but now I need to get out my APBA and roll… (funny, I always forget to flip charts)

  2. Thanks for the game, Al! APBA is my go-to C&D game, and Andy Van Slyke is my all-time favorite player.

  3. Hopp should be on the Pirates and Marv Rackley should be on the Dodgers. Both started the season with those teams and also ended the season on both teams. They were traded for each other mid season. However the trade was voided and both returned to their original teams.

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