APOO LEGEND?! New Pirate Rumble Banner + April Fools Clash Arrives?!

APOO LEGEND?! New Pirate Rumble Banner + April Fools Clash Arrives?!

What’s going on my broskiis?

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  1. Things I missed:

    1. Uso-Fest; on April 1st we get a free multi that includes ONLY Usopp characters.

    2. Laboon Ship; April 1st – 19th the Laboon ship gets an upgraded effect (It will be in the Ray Shop for those who don't have it)

  2. Apoo definitely looks like he is gonna be good with 6+ kidd

  3. That’s all of them lol. Every Supernova now has Sugo Rarity. Now the real question is… can they work on a team together?

    I want to get Mad Monk though.. sadly I have to skip.

    He will be here eventually

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Clash General Franky having a similar special

  5. The supports on that April fool's unit gonna go hard

  6. Joke artwork for luffy/law/Kidd? I really hope it’s their „special face“ from that scene where they looked at each other who’d chicken out first from Big Mom‘s flame attack 😂

  7. gonna be fun actually getting to hear apoo voice lines

  8. the + of Luffy law and kid better be the faces they make before they get hit or else ima be disappointed

  9. Now every worst generation has their own legend.

  10. This is such a good rumble character. I have a rumble team focused on debuffing PSY team 😂

  11. Apoo supporting blackbeard is kinda sus. Bandai looking like they know something we don't 🧐

  12. Killer supports Bege because he Is the TM character i guess

  13. Im guessing apoos support effect is only supporting worst generation pirates that he’s on a team with and also ones that he doesn’t have anything to do with. The only problem with this assumption is that he then should also be supporting Bonney.

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