Are there Any Good Pirate Games in 2020?

I tried to play some of the popular PC Pirate Games in 2020…

Tryhard: @SquabbleHeads /
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  1. Anything less piratey

    Like if you get the reference

  2. how about you show more than one stupid fucking game the whole video?

  3. This video was beyond a waste of time minus the intro which was funny but I got baited so hard with ur intro and ur title

  4. so i was searching for sea of thieves and then instead of buying sea of thieves I bought a game called king of seas cause i was fucking stupid

  5. holy shit i almost died at the webcam mic part

  6. They've fixed alot of the things you didn't like about sea of thieves. It's actually popping off right now. People do still run, but they've added things like chainshots to take down the mast to stop people from running. Also people get large amounts of loot more often. And, if you don't like people running, you should really look into rowboats. They don't see you coming so they don't get to run. Also, the Xbox companion has been fixed alot to integrate with windows better. I used to have the same issue with it picking up my Webcam mic, now you can select your mic in the Xbox game bar to fix the issue. Nowadays you run into alot more heated fights on SoT, which is why I would love to see you give it another shot. Welyn also plays and has gotten pretty far into the game. You guys could team up.

  7. And here I am still waiting for a sucessor to AC Black Flag.

  8. Assassins creed: Black Flag will always be my favorite pirate game. Special place in my heart.

  9. Pirates of the Burning Sea still exists!!

  10. Is there anyone who knows of Pirates of the Burning Sea? It’s pretty old but still may favorite pirate/ age of sail game by far

  11. The legends of pirate online/tlopo
    (Originally from pirate of the Caribbean online/potco which was cease from existence long time ago by Disney)

  12. Black desert have pretty extensive sailing feature, can pirate if you want.

  13. What sails for your sea of thieves boat is that I would like to make a makeshift black pearl without having to spend 30 quid

  14. 4:00
    Turn all the way to the right, drop the anchor, lift it up again
    And puff you make a 90° turn faster than he did xD
    If you don't know this you r not a real pirate and you didn't deserve to catch that boat!

    And you probably could arpoon straight down to the ground coz u were near an island so you would probably hit the ground (idk if this works in SoT coz I never tried it) 🤣

  15. Subscribed! You really captured the energy of what playing Sea of Thieves is like, the fun and chaos and adventure💜

  16. This dude is NakeyJakey's younger, less successful brother… ClothedJakey.

  17. I really want a Rockstar made Pirate game 😭 just do it, you know it'll slap.

  18. Just used torrents to pirate a pirate game. Pog

  19. It sucks that 40 years later Sid Meier's Pirates is still the best pirate game.. I'd like to see a game with AC4's graphics and gameplay (with more realistic ship handling), and an authentic pirate story… Is this too much to ask for?

  20. I am just saying sea of thieves does have an arena game mode

  21. wish something like this for the switch or ps4. i want good adventure fantasy pirate game. that isnt overtop style view.

  22. Assassin’s Creed 4 is the best pirate game

  23. The video made is obvious that you had more fun in SOT

  24. That webcam mic bit was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

  25. I really want a real pirate game. There is no real pirate game. Real pirate game should be multiplayer, 3D, paid game, good graphics and it should look like POTC films and we should buy our own ship or create our own ship and adventures…

  26. Really like the look of SoT but no desire to play with the people playing the game. So no single player/pve only then hard pass.

  27. Their experience with SoT is hilarious but they are all very bad lol

  28. My favorite Pirate Game of all time is Pirates of the Burning Sea

  29. Back in 2008 there was a roblax game which was basically the original blackwake

  30. I laughed so hard whenever I heard how you sounded in game, we need a video of you recording with your webcam's mic

  31. Like- the only pirate game I enjoy is blackflag

  32. Sea of thieves has action and Adventure… Idk if you ever did world events and they make the game much more exciting. However if you want to find blood lust pirates they will probably destroy you. The arena was a thing at one point but it got taken down due to a low player base.

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