Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag KRAKEN (Easter egg)

Another easter egg with a kraken in AC4.

Coordinates: 630,650

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  1. The kraken was a myth until the 1900s, it's the giant squid. Not the giant ship eating one people thought it was

  2. So you're telling me you can boost off objects in the water? I am just know learning this after playing this game for like 3 years

  3. thats an octopus not a kraken i watched this thinking a sinking ship kraken battle not a octopus and a whale gettin it on lol

  4. Colossal Squid! I remember this. kinda weird cause Sperm Whales hunt them

  5. Thats called a Octopus. You learn about those in the 1st grade

  6. Wow that thing……took out Moby Dick like nothing! Moby must still be alive.

  7. That sperm whale would fuck up the squid so bad… dude like 4x it's size lol

  8. you put L's photo yet you don't know the difference between a squid and kraken? And your thumbnail shows cthulu. You must definitely be high

  9. Ни*уя ты тут просмотров набрал … 😅

  10. They needed the kraken in ac valhalla cause it's apart of norse mythology

  11. Not sure if i'm right but isnt there a megalodon easter egg?

  12. This game has the Largest map in whole series

  13. That's a squad not a kraken and a kraken is much more bigger than a squad i also so this before in black flags searching for treasures under the ocean with a destroyed ship

  14. If that is a Kraken my pet fish is a Megalodon

  15. Giant Squid original from Mexico coast.. and known by the name of "Diablos Rojos" Red Devils. Not Kraken!

  16. Fun fact: these cephalopods actually exist in real life, and could very well be big enough to take down a whale, maybe even bigger than in the video. We know this because so far weve only seen juveniles of the species, and those already look massive af.

  17. Thats a giant squid read a book about animals or something

  18. Clickbait. That’s just a giant squid, not The Kraken of legend.

  19. Bro has no idea he’s got Cthulhu as the thumbnail. 💀

  20. I like how nobody in this comment section actually knows what a Squid is, yet they're all crying "clickbait!"

    Real squids can't take down Sperm Whales. Not even the Giant Squid. At best, they might be able to escape, and cause some scars.

  21. Oh man if I seen one of those up close in the ocean, I’d book it lol they’re so big. I mean games make them look small but in real life, they’re huge

  22. Soooooo. That's a squid that sperm whales eat in real life, the thumbnail you used is a Cthulu and not a kraken. Great video..

  23. Él último se parece al quien hizo a Shaggy del Live action.

  24. All this game needs is to get rid of the real world aspect and its a masterpiece

  25. Everyone that said it was just the colossal squid their right but the it’s also realistic because it’s attacking a what ever you call it so let’s call it a moby


  27. My stepbrother showed me this secret years ago and i thought it was awesome

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