At World’s End – 3 New Pirate Games

To celebrate 10 years of Disney Infinity, we return to my World’s End backdrop for 3 really fun pirate games.

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  1. Yo I was just in florida for vacation, and we watched the whole pirates series…

  2. Welcome back! This was awesome! You captured the feel of the pirates setting so well. Those are some great games, and I was reminded again how amazing that whirlpool is. The sinking ships look really cool. I'm looking forward to more videos from you!

  3. Dude…. that is Pirates of the Caribbean Part VI, VII and VIII in one Disney Infinity video! I always love when you do your magic with the logic, which is insanely good! I myself am still very sad, that I wan`t able to download your big logic toybox back in the day. Too bad .. really ;–)
    Well and thank you so so much for that big shout out, I deeply appreciate that!!!

    PS: What new mic did you get? Sounds very clear and crisp… 🙂👍

  4. Amazing Toy boxes. I love Captain Jack Sparrow and all 5 potc movies

  5. Thanks for your builds and instruction videos! I am working on recreating the train station from your Infinity War series. In the meantime, I have also launched my channel to showcase toyboxes I have created. They are basic maps with the idea that creators can take the ideas and make them their own by adding the coding for themselves. Check it out!

  6. Awesome concepts! Love the level design, but also your creativity! Can't imagine how to do something like that! 🤣 Insanely good and I am looking forward to see the 10 videos!!! 💪😎 Happy 10th anniversary!
    PS: This is how a Pirates of the Caribbean toybox should look like!

  7. So glad to see you bac k and see you creating!! Love this!!

  8. Great video. Awesome games love how it looks just an all round awesome toybox and a great addition to the 10th anniversary celebration.

  9. This is flippin awesome!!! Really enjoyed watching the ships sink too. Looks really satisfying to play, and PotC is one of my fav playsets ☠ Great work dude!!! I knew you'd add to Christmas with the Jones' eventually

  10. Great toy box design and concept. You are definitely the King of the path tool! The whirlpool is actually quite an engineering feat using the resources of the game. Just when I thought you couldn’t outdo yourself, you figured out how to sink a ship! 🤯

  11. yo pringle can I ask about how to do something I KNOW is really simple but have never found the way to get done?

  12. I also can't wait to hear about this new use for the object collector or whatever it was you used to reduce the number of paths so significantly. That looks like a huge time and memory saver.

  13. A truly epic masterpiece…. I must be honest though 🫣 I did get a little dizzy – but my mind was blown so it's all good! Can't wait to see your 10 vids also (if this is just the beginning we are in for a REAL treat! Great work as always 72Pringle!!

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