ATLAS The Pirate Game “No-One” Is Playing | Atlas Wipe! Will It Work?

atlas the mmo from teh creators of ark is in dangerous waters a server wide wipe players leaving servers in droves and no real game plan, what has gone wrong with atlas and why is NO One Playing #atlas #grapeshot #ark
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  1. Did they delete the game and redesign it in a newer, smoother engine? No? Still the same clunky, stiff garbage movement it was before? RIP! Dead game.

  2. I haven't bought it because I just assume they're going to do the same imbalanced bullshit all over again. Guarantee if I did buy it I would see dumb shit immediately like a tribe of chinese cheaters flying around on jetpacks with lasers (or riding aquatic rexes with lasers), in high tech armor going from server to server wiping the entire game. I'm not going to just throw money at that, they need to higher admins and make an effort to enforce fair play. If players are simply duping resources and flying under the map and building under the map then it's not a competition, it's a disgrace.

  3. I rather sea of thieves or use ark mods

  4. They promised a major remake for the game in late March or April. Guess what, it hasn’t happened and probably never will

  5. I can sum up your 25 minute in 10 seconds, cheaters and exploiters will always be in this game and the dev's are shit. Dont waste your time or money on it.

  6. Fake news….. post patch servers are steady at 12k plus players.

  7. Terrible as in the worst state a game has probably ever launched in, literally the worst game I have ever seen, I cannot understand how somebody could ever support this garbage.

  8. Only reason why no one is playing Atlas. It is just ARK without dinos and technology. Just about Pirates. The Devs of Atlas never even finished ARK. Just slapped on a 30 dollar DLC before the game was released and then bumped the game to 60 dollars after official full release…when it was still a buggy mess. Even after this video was made Atlas is still a buggy mess with the same bugs that are in ARK.

  9. lol you put this up just as the updates start to flow, that's bad timing. The devs are really getting on top of everything and if you stay off the public servers and find a nice private community, you can have an amazing time. Most of the fun with this game is the time you spend with those communities, the memories you make and interesting times you have. I play on an open community, we are just starting our season 2 and it's been an incredible ride so far, yeah there's been some problems on the road but it's only gotten better over time and the two biggest private servers have hundreds of players. The server I'm in is around second for player numbers and the company I run within that server has over 50 players itself and is one of many companies. I get that you're using the term No-one loosely but its almost as much false advertising as the butthurt boys say grapeshop gave before release. Its all about the community you find, and just enjoying yourself. I don't care how many issues it has, it runs fine for everyone I play with and we have made some truly wonderful memories together. Stop letting the nitty gritty ruin your experience, just relax and enjoy.

  10. I recently picked up Atlas after the update when the game was on sale. as a long time Ark player I was rather surprised, because for the most part if they would have launched with this I think they would have done really well. the new more casual mode seems a bit more agreeable and even still i'd like more ark mechanic's removed from the game but me and a few friends got to a sloop in just 3-4 days and have been enjoying exploring and learning the game and surprisingly the community, even though small seems far more nice than ark usually is which I would mostly say is on the toxic side of the spectrum.
    Same problems ark has is still present in Atlas, though they seem less so, hit detection seems a bit better and its less leggy over all most of them times but heavy populated area's are still challenging and the combat itself is still "Clunky" but the weapons seems to be a bit more tuned around the games features to mask some of the problems. Not sure if I will stick with it but I have had more fun with it then I thought I would.

  11. No one was playing cause there was wipe beeing annoucned ? Such a shame that ppl want so badly to see how this game fail…bot honestly, game is good, very good and a lot of ppl is playing now.

  12. I would be happy if another company made ark tbh

  13. Ark is a great game, After it's many patches now it's a really good game. One of my favourites.

    Atlas is a waste of time, if you want a good pirate game then get sea of thieves. If you want a good Dino survival game get ark. Don't mix them.

  14. I don't know why it receives so much hate. Its early access and its not bad… patience guys patience. Ark was really bad too at first but now is great.. also its not exactly easy to make games like this

  15. Lots of disinformation and misleading comments. Not what I was looking for in regard to "is it dead?". Even at it's lower player base pirating is constant.
    Lots of attacks on the devs, which htey deserve, but not helping with the video… not construtive feedback. Just seems like a half hour video dedicated to passive aggressively angry you can be.
    Also, Sea of THieves has since bombed. So… advertising it at this point seems flawed.

  16. Half the idiots playing. Loads of islands.. all good.

  17. Shit they had an update an my guy had to start all over

  18. The game did not die because of bugs, we were willing to look past the bugs. The game died because they kept introducing new features that turned the game into even more of a grind than it already was.

    They would announce, hey we are going to do some shitty thing! and everyone in the Discord would say no don't do that. Then they would do it and lose 5000 players. Only to then announce yet another terrible change that the players protested.

    This game was killed intentionally. They took your money then made it shit on purpose so no one would play it so they don't have to pay for servers. It is a scam.

  19. I am playing the game, all big buggs are fixd now. I am not the only one that plays the game. There are so much plagers that do like the game

  20. You know what the ultimate dealbreaker was? sailing around for 3-4 hours to find an unclaimed (or not infested with lvl 99 crocs) island. I read a review from MONTHS later and someone wrote, its still the same sh*t.

  21. Why not make a vid about Atlas and try not to mention Ark. I dare you

  22. ARK devs haven't bothered updating the engine for the Linux version, it takes 30 minutes to just load the game, textures are missing, basic things like sunlight is missing; the game looks flat out ugly. The game runs far better under proton which demonstrates their level of laziness. As such I have no confidence that this game will ever be considered playable.

  23. …… Bugs were not the problem with Atlas…..

    Griefing was the problem

    Sadly developers have nothing they can program to stop making people assholes

  24. I dont really care if no one plays it or likes it i just want to go on the seas and pillage villages if it was on ps4

  25. So basically Jat spent 10 hours copy and paste Ark files tries to call it a new game then call himself a genius…🤣😂😆

  26. If you want a pirate game just get sea if Thieves. One of the best games out there. Atlas tried to copy it.

  27. well you used to have some sort of credibility to get early access now it seems any clown can gain it if the reach enough hype

  28. I'm so sad & angry that game is doing not well.
    I really wanted to play it but I do not have a PC.
    I was hoping to see it come on PlayStation and Xbox. But geuss Atlas isn't coming 😢😢😢😢😢😔😔😔

  29. This guy is too nice.
    The game was probably worse than fallout 76 and no mans sky at launch.
    Its the kind of crap people dont touch with a 10ft pole cause it looks like comeplte shit. Its mobile game levels of garbage. Im so glad no one is playing it, no one should play it. Many things dont deserve the right to exist.

  30. Can you not simply recycle footage throughout your video?

  31. Wait what??? Sea of thieves was riding high?? SoT was completly EMPTY at least atlas had stuff to do.

  32. I was watching a streamer when it launched and they literally had to sit there for 2 hours or more at the main menu waiting to play. I don't know if I remember correctly but I think they never got to play it because it was broken so for the whole stream they just sat there waiting and repeatedly trying to re load the game because it wouldn't work

  33. No traduces tus videos a español?

  34. What is that at 14:04 ?? Dosnt look like a bronto, transfers have been down on ark official servers with no response from WC ,plus every trailer they made looks nothing like actual gameplay 😑 I was tricked lol

  35. Now it’s coming to Xbox, it will push the users on both platforms

  36. I play Ark, but wont ever spend money with WC again if they can't even fix the damn pillar spam that is against their TOC in Ark. Hell they won't even talk about the issue. If they do not care about the first game they made they sure as hell don' care about any others. And if they think this is not already in the minds of the people that tried Atlas and saw the same types of fail all over again they are even more clueless than they appear.

  37. This game is amazing! The core build is Ark, sure, but in almost every way it is an entirely different game. Tons of people are playing it. The servers are loaded, about the same as Ark at this point. But I think most are playing in single player mode. Including me.

  38. It’s funny because everyone who plays ark including me say the games shit yet we are all still playing it😂

  39. And there’s never going to be a game that everyone likes

  40. Seriously, anyone who defends this game needs to get real.

  41. All you people want to do is kill,kill,kill!!!! Some of us want a survival game without other players destroying our work!!!

  42. Here in October and I can't really relate to this overview. Guessing that means it's come a way from where it was then?

  43. The isle is better at scaring you then ark. And the isle is better all together

  44. I have read most of the comments here and let me say …..
    This game is Fun! it's to bad that people who haven't really play'ed the game make comments based on someone else's opinion, Instead of playing the game and making up their own mind, by experiencing it for themselves. It's biggest downfall was at launch they under estimated the amount of people who were really interested and wanted to be a pirate and sail the seven seas. There were not enough servers, and the servers they did have could not handle the overwhelming amount of people joining. Also the land claim system although good, many people hogged land. it was really sad, but that is not the games fault. There were so many people in the beginning spouting things like it''s really ARK with new content, because they saw in the ini files that they used a bunch of ARK code. Not many know, or mentioned that the Engine they used has those items in it. (I am speaking of the content) (and the items that are ARK unique being use, well why not? They own it. Most people just spout nonsence and it is really just ignorance when it come to the ins and outs of what type of content is consistant with each engine and so on. There are so many people who cry … Oh that game is an ARK want a be, or they copied Ark. No they aren't coping ARK. that content, is what is available with that paticular engine. in most cases. I want to put this out here as well. I am not calling anyone ingnorant spacificly, I'm just saying most people are unknowing of the working of a game engine. (I was one once too) What's really sad is, and I've seen it a lot lately, games with a lot of potintial get sacked because of people listening to other peoples opinions, instead of seeking the truth for themselves. All I'm really trying to say is …….Just keep an open mind and find out for yourself what the truth is.
    I hope you all have a great New Year. Peace =)

  45. ATLAS are wiping again this weekend 4am Saturday UK time!!! Completely new map! :-O

  46. I play Atlas a lot and i know the entire ordeal behind this game.
    1 The devs lie,deceive and are VERY few working on the game.
    2 The game is an amazing idea,full of potential but since the owners Jessee and Jeremy i think are their names,they do not care and do not give the team any employees.
    Reason this game released in such sad shape is again because the owners quickly spent a short time to whip this cash grab out then moved the team back onto ARK.
    SOT is an awful game and couldn't release as bad as Atlas because there was NO GAME SOT has been supported because a few popular streamers like Summit and DR.D and quite likely they were paid to be there.
    3 The best thing that could ever happen to Atlas is if someone bought the game and turned it into a FULL PVE game with sectional pvp.

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