AWE, POOR PETRIFIED BABES! / Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse / Jaltoid Games

Let’s play on Steam PC by Dalton and Emi of Jaltoid with commentary and gameplay.
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  1. I LOVE how openly bisexual Emi always is aaaaaaAAAAaaAA I love it also the BABES in this are fucking A++

  2. i'm very jealous you get to dance with the babes ;((((

  3. S H E I S S I X T E E N Y E A R S O L D

  4. Did anyone order the dark magic with the side of ham stink

  5. I T S O V E R N I N E T H O U S A N D
    T H I C C

  6. Ok i have a question are they both male or is one of them a female

  7. are you ready kids eye eye captain i can’t hear you eye eye captain 12:17

  8. 0:46 If you appreciate that, in Risky's Revenge (the game before this one) she adjusts her top.

  9. Anyone else here to relive a simpler time before the rona

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